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  1. zoroaster100

    I`m back

    Those are some amazing beautiful paint jobs. Thanks for sharing them. I look forward to seeing even more of your work.
  2. zoroaster100

    Blacksting Wyvern (speed paint)

    Very nice! I especially love your highlights throughout. He looks great!
  3. zoroaster100

    Zombie dragon - Bones 4

    I love it! Especially love the contrast of the white scales with the darker undead flesh on the wings and body. Marvelous result!
  4. zoroaster100

    Blacksting - Bones 4

    That color combination turned out beautifully.
  5. zoroaster100

    Release the Kraken! CMON Immanid Kraken

    Very nice! Love the colors and patterns.
  6. zoroaster100

    Reaper Bones Shadow Dragon

    Thanks, Fencig. I did not use metallic pigment. I started with a primer coat of Brown Liner, and then a base coat of my Reaper purple (I think it is called Nightshade Purple). I then used different violets and magentas for highlighting the body and wings, going to lighter colors for higher highlights, then used bluish colors for the chest plates, back spines and horns, highlighting up to very light blues, mixing more and more white for the brighter highlights on the blues.
  7. zoroaster100

    Beelphagor (Battle series from Andrea Miniatures)

    Great shadows on the face! And very nice base.
  8. zoroaster100

    Dwarven Forge’s living snake god, Sysuul

    Thanks for the comments guys. I will try to finish this week though I may not get to really finish until this weekend. I will try to take at least one more progress shot along the way. Once I'm done I will post the finished product on the Show Off forum.
  9. zoroaster100

    Reaper Bones Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Thank you all for the comments. I was really happy with how he turned out, though as usual once I saw the photos I posted enlarged I noticed things I could improve on. But I've got many unpainted bones dragons to still paint and and will try to improve with each one.
  10. zoroaster100

    Reaper Bones Shadow Dragon

    Thanks for the comments and feedback. Much appreciated.
  11. zoroaster100

    Reaper Bones Pathfinder Red Dragon

    I painted this Pathfinder Red Dragon trying to more or less go by the artwork on the Pathfinder Rulebook.
  12. zoroaster100

    Reaper Bones Shadow Dragon

    I did a quick paint of this shadow dragon. It reminded me a bit of the dragon from Disney’s sleeping beauty.
  13. zoroaster100

    Dire Crab BONES 4

    Like the colors and the base. Nice job.
  14. zoroaster100

    Zombie Dragon (Bones 4)

    This is looking great!
  15. zoroaster100

    Dwarven Forge’s living snake god, Sysuul

    Now that I see the pics I also notice I have to work more on the underbelly and some of the scales to add more shadows, highlights and interest.