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  1. zoroaster100

    44026 Razormouth

    Love the fun bright colors on this scary little guy!
  2. zoroaster100

    Deep Gnome Heroes 44047

    Nice! Their faces look awesome! Very nice skin tones, shading and highlights.
  3. I’m working on these for an upcoming game. I did them up as a quick tabletop paint job and only really put any effort on the eyes, so I might leave them like this for now, but I find it hard to stop working on something that still needs a lot more work, so if I do more work on them I will post the follow up pics.
  4. zoroaster100

    Young Green Dragon - wizkids

    I love the shades of green you chose, and especially the way the lighter greens on the wings and dorsal fin make the whole thing so vibrant.
  5. Its all looking good. And the green bottles and bottle wraps are exceptional.
  6. zoroaster100

    706 Chaos Toad Savage

    Looking good!
  7. zoroaster100

    Dark young and ooze

    Great job! Also remember many people who see and love your work might only click on the heart/love button and may not necessarily write a comment. Doesn’t mean your work was not liked and appreciated. By the way I especially like the color choices for the dark young.
  8. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Ghast and Ghouls

    I like the purplish colors that look like congealed blood under their skin.
  9. zoroaster100

    Doing the Sea Hag Shuffle

    Nice job! I like all three!
  10. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Rockmaw

    I decided the colors were looking too drab (though that can happen when trying to make something look earth/rock like I suppose). I decided to add red stone triad colors to it to try to liven it up, but now I’m not sure if I made it too pink/organic looking for a xorn. Feedback welcome. Also here I’m showing the factory painted xorn I was trying to make it compatible with (these smaller ones are mostly factory painted though I painted the eyes on the grey ones because their eyes cane completely grey/unpainted).
  11. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 armoured goblins

    Great goblins!
  12. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Bog Skeletons

    I tried to paint these to tabletop quality for us in my game last week.
  13. zoroaster100

    Bones Kickstarter 4 Bog Skeletons

    I painted the bases and I think I’m going to call these done. Here I posted them to the Show Off board: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/87665-bones-4-bog-skeletons/
  14. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Rockmaw

    I did some work on the arms and put in darker shadows and higher highlights on the body, and did a simple “rocky” base with green stuff, grey stuff and some cheap plastic “jewels” to represent minerals the xorn discovered and is about to eat. And I primed the base with black primer.
  15. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 female frost giants

    They are coming along very nicely!