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  1. Nice job painting this set. And I love the basing.
  2. Great color choices! Looks suitably sober yet has color and life, and looks scary as a werebat should.
  3. Thank you! I haven’t had much time to paint and less time to take pics and post but hope to get back to it soon. At least I have had time to game with friends using minis and terrain, here and there, on a semi regular basis.
  4. Love this piece, the dwarf’s face, the apron, the pig’s expression, are wonderful.
  5. Beautiful work! Love the glowing sword and glowing eyes. The highlighting on the fur lined red cloth is wonderful.
  6. Love the detail, the face, the pie, the flour on the pie and on his shoe!
  7. I’m a backer already. I’m backing for a core set and a couple of expansions at minimum and may increase my pledge as things are revealed through the campaign.
  8. Love that Pehti-Mau barbarian concept art! Also love that necromancer sculpt.
  9. Beautiful work. The moonlit atmosphere is amazing.
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