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  1. Wow! Gorgeous work! Love the face and the pattern on the dress.
  2. Great work! I especially love the highlights on the leg fur.
  3. Nice work on that sail.
  4. Good job. Your paint job really brought out a strong personality in this mini.
  5. Yet another hook ogre you’ve painted with an amazing paint job. Love the shadows and highlights on the skin!
  6. I decided to try a different approach for pics of the hippocampus and liked them better so may try that with the shark.
  7. I posted the final product in Show Off here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/96750-bones-5-hippocampus-sea-horse/
  8. One of my favorites of the many wonderful things in the Dark Depths expansion.
  9. Added more reds, oranges and yellows and more highlights.
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