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  1. I love this piece. The highlights on that hood are outstanding!
  2. Nice work on both. Love the gems on the second one as well as the subtle color tones on the various rocks.
  3. Yet more work on the skin and a bit on the necklace. I’m having trouble capturing the shading and highlights on the red skin on cámara however.
  4. More work on the skin and base color for some of the jewelery.
  5. I started painting different Rising Sun oni. This one is going to be red.
  6. Nice work! I really like how the face, hair and leather are looking.
  7. Worked on the earrings, loincloth, cloth straps, and belt.
  8. Did more work on the gold, and started the belts and cloth.
  9. I’ve started to paint up the oni’s gold jewelry and shield and scabbard.
  10. Now painted the leggings and tiger pelt loincloth, and the bit of exposed sword, plus some highlights on the hair and beard and the bone amulet.
  11. Thanks Glitterwolf. Made more progress on its skin and teeth.
  12. I started this one today to take a break from the tortoise I’ve been working on (see other thread on this forum). This was one of several oni type monsters that cane with the Kickstarter game Rising Sun, which I got for the minis.
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