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  1. Love this work. Wonderful shell pattern and the scaly skin looks alive and captures an underwater feel.
  2. Nice bone and metal!
  3. Great job! A lot of great detail. I especially love the teeth.
  4. Really nice work. Great highlights. His eyes are very expressive.
  5. Wow, Glitterwolf! Amazing job on that centipede beast! Stunning color choices and execution!
  6. Beautiful paint jobs on these nice minis. What material were these printed in and on what printer?
  7. Love this! Her skin and the glow on her skin, the reflection on her horns and the dark fire in her sword are my favorite things about her but there is so much to love.
  8. Great looking eyes! Especially that central eye, it’s amazing.
  9. Awesome job! Love her skin, hair and shirt and the little goblin pet too. Really great textures and color contrasts.
  10. Great job on all of these. Hard to pick favorites with so much to love but the blue jewels are amazing, as is the last ape’s face and the orc’s hair and beard. But I love them all.
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