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  1. Love the second wave of these that you painted, as well! Love the scaly skins, the fur, the cloth.
  2. Wow, great variety of pieces but all great! The woman with the staff is my favorite but they are all wonderful.
  3. Great work on these! Love the vibrant colors! And now I’m hungry for salad!
  4. What an amazing idea for this piece, and beautiful execution of the idea!
  5. I like him! I agree all white might have been boring but you added enough color to make it interesting while still very mushroomy. Is this a metal Reaper mini or Bones?
  6. Beautiful work and the details on the book are mind blowing!
  7. These are amazing! I love them!
  8. Love it! Go for the eyes, Boo!
  9. Awesome job! Love the skin, freckles, face, dress, hair, everything!
  10. Great job! I never realized how much detail this miniature had until I saw your paint job!
  11. Love this! Beautiful work and really tells a dynamic story!
  12. I like the skin tone you chose for them. These little guys have a lot of character.
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