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  1. zoroaster100

    02574 Female Dark Elf

    Love the green poison on the blade.
  2. zoroaster100

    02060 Onastaa

    Nice work!
  3. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Ghouls & Ghast

    Great skin tones! And love the bases too.
  4. zoroaster100

    Kobolds from Bones 4

    These look wonderful!
  5. zoroaster100

    Skeleton Dragon (Bones 4)

    Looking great already!
  6. I started tackling the Stygian Barge. I first base coated the whole thing in Reaper Brown Liner. Then I added Reaper woodstain brown over most wood and bone areas. Then I’ve added different increasingly lighter mixtures of woodstain brown, Shield brown, Driftwood Brown and creamy ivory to the wood areas (not finished yet). And I’ve started painting the big rib cage and the skeletons with increasingly lighter coats of shield brown, driftwood brown, creamy ivory and yellowed bone.
  7. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    Thanks, Glitterwolf. I did more work on the wings.
  8. Nice! Looking forward to seeing this army take shape.
  9. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    I decided to try to paint the wings on the figurehead after a flying fish.
  10. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    Started painting the creature/figurehead that goes in front.
  11. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    Painted the threads on the leather canvass roof and the ram skull on the broken mast. And did some additional work on the leather and the bone vertebra on the roof.
  12. zoroaster100

    Witch #3, Shara

    I love what you did with her mask.
  13. zoroaster100

    Witch #1, Ori

    Great color choices and very nice detailed freehand.
  14. zoroaster100

    Witch #5, Geeta

    Great work on all that detail!
  15. zoroaster100

    Darcstaar vs. Kobolds

    Great project! That's a lot of painting ahead of you.
  16. zoroaster100

    Stone troll, Bones 4

    Great job on those crystals! And I really like the different color choices for the skin, with the "harder" parts looking very distinct from the "softer" parts.
  17. zoroaster100

    Sharkbelly's Star Wars Legion: Sabine Wren

    I love how her face is turning out.
  18. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    Thanks, Darcstar. I did some more work on the leather roof and the bone vertebra at the zenith of the roof.
  19. zoroaster100

    Reaper's Stygian Barge from Bones 4

    Thanks Glitterwolf. I had meant to take more photos of the earlier part of the process but looks like I forgot. Now the next part is that I’m working on the top of the canvass roof which I’m going to paint as leather. Here are the first two very thin coats over the Brown Liner base coat, first Ruddy Leather, then Ruddy Brown. I will not glue the roof on.
  20. zoroaster100

    Bones 4 Elf Necromancer

    Turned out great. I especially love the the scythe looks, and the white color scheme makes him look nicely creepy.
  21. zoroaster100

    Speed paint: Dhole from Cthulhu Wars 2

    I did a quick speed paint of my Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 2 Dhole to use as an overworm in my Pathfinder Age of Worms campaign for a game I was running this past weekend.
  22. zoroaster100

    Speed paint: Dhole from Cthulhu Wars 2

    Thanks Glitterwolf. Not a very complex paint scheme but I was happy with the result for quick tabletop use (and we had a blast with the game).
  23. zoroaster100

    Giant Manta Ray.....for 28mm game

    Awesome splash effect! Really makes this piece look like it is in motion.
  24. zoroaster100

    Dwarven Forge KS 6.66 - Hellscape

    I've decided to back this one. Now trying to see if I can keep to a budget or go all out for a Third Circle of Hell pledge. I'm set on not going for the largest pledge level. I need to save some funds for their Wildlands Kickstarter next year.