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  1. pcktlnt, I'd go Forces of Nature. You can use them in lots of different settings (comic book RPGs, heck even shadowrun has elementals). The Deep Dwellers have three awesome fishies, but I don't often go underwater in my campaigns. (Though if I got some of those, I might add an underground lake.) The hydra is a staple but I like my hydra's necks long and unwieldy. The two spider centaurs that match are cool but I wish the Spider queen's legs matched. Two griffons should be enough :)
  2. I went Vampire base, plus paint sets 1 and 3. I'm still undecided on some of the options: Chtulhu is a definite. Then I'm trying to decide between... There be dragons - I love the scaled one, the smooth one... eh. Elementals - The Stone one rocks (though the dino skeleton is kinda cheesy) Darksleet - Nice pose, but not sure if I'd rather have a bigger monster for $10. Mind your Manors - I LOVE the Gnoll archer and the Ogre, but the Ettin I could pass on. Undead Giant - It's... a big skeleton. What's not to love? Clockwork Dragon - Love the sculpt, but I have no clue where I'd work this into a campaign. I have roughly 40 to spend... unless I can tweak some more cash out of my wife. :)
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