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  1. I have a question for people, I really like the highlighting on the legs, gives a very ethereal feel to them, but the white on the bottom portion seems a bit too stark, should I mute it a bit with some more blue tint?
  2. I have not tried using the Bones line at all but have you tried using a fine grit sandpaper on the mold lines and then cleaning it up with a miliput wash before priming?
  3. was bugging me so I went back to it tonight for a bit
  4. I also had glazed the mini a bit before starting the highlighting. I wasn't happy with the sudden tone changes in the middle so I tried to bring it to a smoother transition for the color gradient.
  5. Back's been hurting but I managed to start the highlighting. Not coming out as smooth as I would like so might require some touching up work.
  6. Time to bring some of the color back after the ink
  7. Going in with a blue ink to bring the tone down a bit
  8. It has been a very long time since I really did any painting. At this point I haven't really picked up a brush in well over 7 years. It's a hobby I've missed a lot but it was hard to get back into it. However, recently my wife was really on me about getting back into something I love and got me to start working on a model just for her. So I started pulling out my old paints and some new ones and picked up one of the many Reaper figures I've stored away over the years. So bear with my rustiness as I try and put together something half way decent for my wife. Enjoy.
  9. So I'm just starting to get back to my painting after being away for quite a few years and I've come accross a bunch of dragons I bought a long time ago and are sitting without paint in my basement. So I got to thinking about them and I realized one thing. You don't see very many cool metallic dragons out there painted and presented properly. Every one wants to do the fun chromatic ones because the colors are much easier to work with but they leave the metallic ones alone. I got to thinking about cool ways to do a metallic dragon and I have a few ideas kicking around in my head but I always come back to the same main obsticle. How does one make a cool metallic dragon without it looking like a metallic construct of some kind. You could use NMM to create the impression of a metallic but I think I like the idea of actually using real metal paints for this experiment. Any one have an cool ideas on how to incorporate enough of an organic look with a metallic paint so that the figure itself doesn't look like it's a giant metal robot?
  10. I've been going nuts trying to find an old Confrontation (Rackham) miniature from a box set. It was a Lich sitting on a throne (the throne was beautiful) but I can't find a picture of it anywhere. I'm wondering if this was a very limited box set. Anyone remember the figure I'm talking about?
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