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  1. Latest update is about the Ruins vinyl clings! "Add-On Scenery for RPG Maps - Ruins - is a set of 5 sheets of ruins tokens. If you'd like to get this pack it is included in the Terrain Master pledge level, and is available as an add-on purchase in Kickstarter (and will also be available to add-on in the pledge manager survey after the campaign). This map is using half of the set. Of course, you can use it underground as well, to modify a dungeon layout. Gonna guess that this will be available retail, like their other vinyl cling sets. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-terrain-set-2-rpg-battle-map-books-with-scenery-decals/posts/4032921
  2. Hmm... Fight the BBEG or go after the treasure and let someone else do it? Decisions... Decisions... 🥯🥯🥯 Amber Aegis : Available as a .stl file from the Crimson Scales website. An advanced character, the Aegis has indirect attacks, primarily, at least at low levels, through stacking Retaliation. Retaliation allows a character to damage an enemy without making an Attack, thus useful against enemies with a high Shield, and avoiding Attacks against enemies with high Retaliation. Of course, as a major drawback, a character can only use Retaliation when the enemy Attacks first! Aegis has a high Health, to help offset damage. Aegis can also lay down Colonies. Colonies are permanent stacking abilities (eg. Retaliation 1, Heal 1, and Shield 1) that affect characters in an adjacent hex. (Heal 1 is particularly useful to remove Poison from everyone every turn!) Thus, Aegis is a good defensive character, as enemies come to the party. However, in this picture, all he's done is jump into a thorn bush so he could retrieve treasure... 💰 Demon : From Wildspire Miniature's "Monster" set. Used the demon as a proxy for the boss monster. Rebased onto cork as a lava base. He's about twice the height as a human figure, but we took his treasure, anyway!
  3. Last SG unlocked! Visit lovely Asukasa! Last 4 days! Still missing Akihabara and the Ginza districts... 😄
  4. This game's been OOP and difficult to get, though I'm still on the fence. It's part dexterity game, part strategy, and plenty of building, with a simple ruleset. Reviews on BoardGameGeek have been pretty positive -- and if you want to just build something with the kids and stick your Godzilla figure in the middle, nobody's going to stop you! About 20K away and a week to go for that last SG of the Asakusa pagoda! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/itten-games/tokyo-highway-rainbow-city
  5. Understood! I think with maps and terrain, you don't "need" as much as miniatures. Loke has been asking the backers for ideas for the SG decal sheets, and here's a draft!
  6. A second run on the Cultist Cave to retrieve the treasure! Skull Boy has had enough, fulfilling his Personal Quest to be Blessed fifteen times while attacking in a scenario. Harry Hierophanty joins the party, to recapture artifacts stolen by the cultists -- though whether or not he'll return them to the Oak Sanctuary may be a different matter! The third cultist, proxied with a Goblin Shaman, falls to a Wound delivered by the Mirefoot, himself the last party member surviving the secont run at the Cultist's Cave scenario! Neil deGrasse, and Harry Hierophanty lay exhausted. The Living Corpse is proxied by a Mushroom Man, and a Living Shield from the Wildspire Companions set serves as a shielding obstacle the party obtained on the way to the cave. First pic is the Hierophant, before his premature not-quite-demise.
  7. KS has started! Early Bird freebie: PDF of Campfire Encounters. Should be pretty creative, if they're like Loke's other Encounter supplements. I'm a sucker for Loke's "Little Books". They retail for $12, but are $5 as part of the Expansive Terrain pledge. Each page is 6" x 6". Also: 5e Level 4-6 adventure Also: GM Screen If you prefer their maps w/out a spiral, see their "Box of Adventure" and "RPG Toolkit" offerings, available retail! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-terrain-set-2-rpg-battle-map-books-with-scenery-decals
  8. In this scenario, we had to break into a cultist's lair! The Wildspire Monster set's "Goblin Shamans" make perfectly fine cultists. With the toad-fairies, mushroom druids, and rat kings, I rethemed the scenario to a nature bent, keeping the enemy stats. David Bowie, the Starslinger, retired, and Neil deGrasse sat this one out, leaving the newbies to smash the cult! Mossboy joins the party. Room pic shows Mossboy altering the lower board with difficult terrain to keep the ratmen from moving, Skullboy's ghostly summons, and Ballista Boy's target in the adjacent hex, and some copper coins showing the range of the fairie-toad attacks. Last pic shows Skullboy's summoned spirit minions. Some of these mini's are new, some used in previous scenarios. EDIT: Second pic shows the endgame, where the boys are dogpiling on the last cultist (the goblin shaman on the cloud base being attacked by the Leprous Wrath, proxied by the ghost). We're going to make a treasure run next time! 💰💰💰
  9. OnTableTop has a blurb about the campaign, coming up January 31st! Dunno if we can link other advert sites, but you can find the blurb easily. Anyway, some pics and advertext! "As well as that, Loke has also been working on a bunch of bonus books and accessories that you can throw into the mix. There is the Little Book Of Battle Mats - Destinations & Curiosities. There is also an add-on book of Scenery, the Ruins. Use this in combination with what you already have to make some great-looking tabletops worthy of intriguing investigation. There is also a new GM Screen for you to scoop up covering Terrain & Random Encounters which is going to be handy when working out what to do when your party is off on a long journey. Maybe they're also journeying to the new adventure Loke has got planned, The Pen Of Thieves? This adventure has been written by Linda Evans and should be a great way to use all of these new accessories.
  10. "The game is just $125.00 USD, and the box comes packed with all you need to dive right into the adventure including ALL unlocked Stretch Goals for the base game. There are several Stretch Goals on deck including additional Dark Portents cards, a New Landmark, New Mechanic, Extra Dice, and more! https://gamefound.com/en/projects/peg/doomguard
  11. Late reply, but the boardgame community (specifically BoardGameGeek) went through this phase as well. Game reviewers dipped into the KS pool, some with paid promotion, some not, and they've learned their lesson. Rahdo Runs Through It is at one extreme, where he was really enthusiastic about a real-time based game, Project Elite (before CMON), based on the prototypes. Then he made an apology video once the blobby miniatures came up. Undead Viking hurt his reputation or something when he didn't reveal clearly (?) a paid promotion. At the other extreme is a "reviewer" who puts out "what's good about... / what's bad about..." videos. He would make the videos ahead of time, then contact a KS creator, and ask for $1.5K to post the videos. One creator refused, he became upset, and he somehow thought boardgamers would be on his side. I'm used to reading reviews (easy to skim), so don't watch this "influencer" stuff unless it's something only a video can show (eg. tutorial for a reviewed product). I'm too old to care if people want to throw their money away, influencer, stock market tips, whatever. Then again, I'll for the hype, and have posted threads plugging KS which failed, as well. That said, go pick up that King's Pledge from Monolith. It's a great deal and the company has fulfilled multiple KS. 😮
  12. The cubes are clear plastic cubes I bought from TAP plastics 30 years ago 🙂 and finally found a use for! Amazon sells clear cubes, although, for this DIY, I think any small dice will work.
  13. Just starting this scenario, in which the party accidentally releases a bunch of demons and some Vermling Scouts who have been experimented upon. Whoopsie! Opening pic shows a lot of enemies. Playing solo, so I get "perfect information" while the game goes up in difficulty (higher level monsters). The acrylic tokens (found a set of 1000 tokens, whose colors match that of the Crimson Scale hero player mats) and condition markers show plan out the first turn -- if things turn out right! As before, I'm using the Wildspire Monster set as proxies for the Gloomhaven monsters. Skullboy (green tokens) will poison three enemies. Neil deGrasse (yellow tokens) is going to make his enhanced ranged attack against three opponents, combined with an ability that adds negative conditions. Chainguy (black tokens) will shackle the flying goblin shaman and smash him into a column. Not sure if any enemies will actually be killed, though! Skullboy can summon spirits. Spirits are similar to summons, except that you can control them, they can share a space with another figure, but they last only two rounds. Still seeing if that will work out with physical miniatures. Hooray for cotton. Neil deGrasse and Chainguy as existing party members. I'm still annoyed that GH has all this art of heavily armored figures and the armor doesn't do anything. Painted some catbois as Vermling Scouts. Some scout enemy cards have ranged attacks, so they were a good match. WIP of a goblin shaman. The enemy he's based upon has flying, so I gave him a flight stand. He's also supposed to cast sun elements, so I'm going to put a smiley sticker on him as well. 😛 Night demon and Wind demon. Enemy abilities match the figures. Wildspire Monsters doesn't have any ice-based monsters, so I'm using Mushroom Druids as generic spellcasters. For the earth demon, I'm using a forest elemental. And, for the flame demon, I'm using a wyrmling. I'm using an OOP Secret Weapon Miniatures base to indicate this guy's elite status! Good luck, heroes...!
  14. Dwarf Necromancer and Halfling armored sorcerer from the Spellblades set. I love the gravestone the Necromancer is using as a shield! Mouse hero from the Heroes set. Should tie some thread into the eye of the needle so he can throw it like a retrievable spear or something. 🐭 Both sets available retail.
  15. This probably only works for gaming, but the LITKO, acrylic dowels, and other flight stands looked too "futuristic" for me (plus I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for shipping!), so I kit-bashed together a generic fantasy spellcaster flight stand for my generic fantasy spellcasters. Basically, it's a base with a die (you can also get clear plastic cubes) then another base on top. The base on top is painted white and vitamin-pill cotton glued to the edges. If you're still painting the miniature itself, you can paint its base white. You can see the stands on the upper left, "clouds" on the upper right, WIP mini's on the lower left, and mini on the flying cloud on the lower right! Need to finish the mini's and repaint their bases white. Miniatures are from the Wildspire Monsters set, available retail.
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