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  1. Yep! SioCast. Update 21 has the details. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nextlevelminiatures/next-level-miniatures-dragons-hoard-miniatures-vol-1/posts/3309278 Note that the first three dwarven models are test prints and are not part of the campaign. The last model is the air elemental from the campaign.
  2. RAFM fubar'ed their last Cthulhu KS, running out of funds to ship. I sent them additional funds for shipping, asked for some freebies in compensation, and didn't receive them. Eventually, mini's were shipped out, but look at their previous KS comments and updates for details. I know that Reaper and Wizkids have *some* of these siege miniatures already available in plastic, trebuchet and catapult. Possibly more?
  3. Well, Siocast is a "thermoplastic resin" which means... yeah I don't know, either. ๐Ÿคช It uses injection molding like plastic, but the material has some give, like Reaper Bone's. So you can introduce undercuts and give more detail. Corvel Bell is using the to replace metal. "The Thermoplastic we (Corvus Bell, not the KS) are using is a Poliamide, not PVC, ABS nor HIPS. It's a new material with similar characteristics to PVC but achieves the definition of high quality resin." Note that the CB mold isn't your usual steel mold. Anyway, ask the KS how their stuff compares to what CB is d
  4. I think it'll hold detail better than plastic, see my previous post. I haven't asked the creator if they're specifically using SioCast, so ask them directly.
  5. First Created. Have you asked the opinion of the Reaper 3D board? The Crealty 3D is, afaik, a commonly used model, and its price is lower now that a new Crealty is out. You'll need a computer or phone to put the files onto the SD card, but that's about it?
  6. $70 for 100+ miniatures, plus a free Terrax. Some overlap with Bones KS sculpts. Company is based in Spain, and, while this is their first plastic injection molding KS, they've been producing resin miniatures in previous KS. Myself, I've backed Bones I-IV, and double-pledged for Black List Game's Fantasy I and II, so am on the fence. And have a lot of mold lines to scrape. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juegorama/the-adventurers-and-monsters-plastic-miniatures-edition If you can't get past the Reaper shrink-o-vision, see the th
  7. Had enough extra pieces so the gargoyle could have a lovely view of the dungeon from his second story apartment. ๐Ÿ˜„ The attached photo is the first quest with 1x Fantasy Core Set, and 3x Room Sets, plus a few optional Stretch Goals: Fantasy, Second Edition. I used rock-brown vinyl floor tiles (foamcore is cheaper) as "negative space" for the 1-square width perimeter, and inner passageways. Despite the vinyl tiles having no gridlines, it should be clear which areas are 1-square vs. 2-square width. I still had to tweak the sizes of the rooms to fit the standard 2x2 game tile size. I u
  8. A Villager pledge of one Fantasy Core Set, and three room sets is enough for the first quest, "First Trial" in the classic HQ quest book. Spoilers, I guess, for those who expect to play the first quest soon? ๐Ÿคช Anyway, need to paint another room to finish the quest, as well as put in HQ terrain. Archon's "Dungeons and Lasers 2" KS, btw, is still accepting Late Pledges, for the same prices KS backers received!
  9. Will post a summary later, but here's what I have now, starting with my most recent. Dungeons & Lasers Third Edition: In progress. Rapid Delivery shipments sent. Now waiting for the new stuff. Fantasy City Sites and Scenes III, for use with Fantasy RPGs: In progress. Backed $1 for the PDFs, so just an impulse purchase! Mythic Battles : Ragnarรถk : $1 to access the PM then dropped. When the supporters say the price is fair given inflation, it's overpriced. Lasting Tales: A Fantasy Miniatures Game : In progress. Their previous FS1 got hit badly by shipment problems
  10. If you don't mind another genre, for $10 PDF, you can instead pick up one of THW's "All Things Zombie" games. I'm not clear which book is the best, but I have "Fade to Black". ATZ's combat system stands out as a reaction system, where, say, a zombie comes around the corner, and your character may -- or may not! -- react to it before it can take its move. And, of course, most players have zombie and civilian miniatures for the game (although the intro scenario uses a golf cart!). As for sf, I haven't played Stargrave yet, but it seems to have a good amount of community support on L
  11. I'm fine with my collection of Anne Foerster paints. Y'know, the Reaper MSP paint line. ๐Ÿ–Œ๏ธ https://www.facebook.com/ReaperMini/posts/everyone-here-at-reaper-would-like-to-wish-anne-foerster-good-fortune-in-her-new/10158308239948057/ IIRC, From an interview with Reaper Bryan, the MSP paint line was made when Ed Pugh (?) noticed Anne was mixing her own paints from other companies, and wanted to release a Reaper paint line. Basically, she made the paints to fit her painting style. So... if you like how someone paints *and* follow their painting style, it would follow that they wo
  12. Thanks! So will the flexible resin / thermoplastic resin be done through Siocast, or a different thermoplastic resin company or whatnot? What other miniature products and projects have the company and its staff done? What's the name of your sculptor and what other projects have they done? The sculpts look great and hope the renders translate well into production. What sculpts will you be doing in your next KS? Some longertime miniature collectors already have sculpts similar to the ones in the present KS. (I actually don't have any stirges in my collection!)
  13. Yeah, it's early, but I know Tiny Furniture takes awhile to get your mini's. Also, of course, some of us haven't even started painting their Halloween miniatures. So here's a reminder to start painting! Feel free to post your Halloween miniature pics, new and classic. ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป These miniatures are Tiny Furniture's "Deadly Scarecrows" and "Halloween Pumpkins" on a Secret Weapon Miniatures "Field of Screams" base. The base is very good for Halloween diorama pictures, and the pumpkins great for Halloween basing accessories.
  14. First Created, so I'm eagerly waiting for their second KS. ๐Ÿ™‚ We're already discussing the "flexible resin" in the KS, which is "thermoplastic resin" in Dakka and Dwarven Forge. It's a plastic that can accommodate undercuts better than boardgame plastic. Speculation is that it's SioCast, though none of us seem to have asked NLM directly. ๐Ÿ™ƒ Of course, just because you use a better plastic / resin technology, doesn't mean your production miniatures automagically are better than other plastic / resin miniatures. The prices are certainly better than resin, but not as good as plastic.
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