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  1. I have the Valley of Peril maps, and the folds are holding fine, although I haven't used them super much. You can also store them flat in a larger box or something. But Big Book 3 is out in retail if you prefer spirals! I think Loke is going for a variety of formats for whichever you prefer. I find separate foldables useful to make larger maps for bigger fights and miniature skirmish games, or portability, if you're only going to use a few maps somewhere else. Spoiler for anyone interested in BBB3:
  2. "Two Boxes of Battle Maps, Pre Written Adventures, Encounter Generators, Adventure Planners & Monsters for 2 fully mapped settings! Loke Battlemats also has "Adventure Box: Valley of Peril" map set and "Untold Encounters of the Random Kind" PDF / book if you prefer retail. EDIT: Something something in the first 48 hours! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/rpg-encounter-toolboxes-the-veiled-dungeon-and-the-long-road
  3. 48 hours left. I picked up one of each Accessories 2 for $50 total and free USA shipping. Including SG's, that's about $1 per resin piece, including thorn walls, which I can't find elsewhere! Amusingly, that hitching post will be useful in my old west games, including Zombicide: Undead or Alive.
  4. Well, that got me. 🙂 Thorn walls are hard to find at a decent price (it's as if no one ever casted Wall of Wood), so it's one of each Accessory Pack 2 to reach the $50 USA free shipping! The guard tower is more than I'd like to pay, but the tower and palisade will get you some good backdrop for an outpost encounter. Many Human and Dwarf bits of the Accessory 2 packs are useful for villages. Orc bits for barbarian tribes. Amusingly, the Human hitching post can be used with your western mini's! Stuff is cast in the USA, so none of the overseas manufacturing and shipping headaches plasticrack games will have. Estimated delivery is only a few months from now, although GG had some hiccups, now cured, with their paint during a previous KS.
  5. I avoid pledging more than $1 for a CMON campaign. * Their estimated shipping costs used to be based only on a BASE game, not a base game plus SG's. * They increased shipping from $24 for a base pledge to $40 for Bloobourne, and they didn't tell you during funding. * CMON didn't tell customers they'd add VAT, until funding of Massive Darkness (?) was closed. Shipping is a Catch-22 with crowdfunding. The creator needs money upfront, but, after delays and scope changes, shipping costs change, usually for the higher. KS are still profitable (no middle men) so shipping and other increased costs come from the profit of a sale. But KS still competes with online sellers (eg. Amazon and Miniature Market) who can still provide "free" shipping. Certainly China's lockdowns have made crowdfunding riskier and more expensive, with little in return for taking that risk.
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    Thread on BGG about scale : https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2853092/scale
  7. ced1106


    That's definitely a concern for any KS company. We had a discussion on Dakka about Mythic's fulfillment. : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/804655.page SG's complete the Core Scenery bling expansion, so the $130 Companion Pledge gets you the core set, an expansion, a scenery expansion, and no doubt another set of rules and cards that will be errata'ed, just like any other miniature-laden KS game. At least the SG already unlocked those rocks I was waiting for with Mythic Battles : Pantheon... Oboy! Creepy eye totems! 😛
  8. ced1106


    fwiw, Mythic's giving away this menhir-plant thing with a Companion pledge or higher during the KS campaign. But since it's only a creature card and a miniature, you can proxy it with your Reaper Bones forest golem from Bones I, and see if anyone posts the card stats on the 'net. $400 all-in includes non-gameplay components. The terrain packs and core are the best values, so I'll stick with that. Expansions are also good for the "deluxe" mini's. Those volcanic stacks in the Boss terrain set will make good proxies for stalagmites! They'll be good for emitting noxious and poisonous vapors if the players stay in the cavern too long... 😄
  9. ced1106


    I already have enough giants and dragons from Bones and other KS, but, for $60, you get *three* giants, a female warrior on a dragon, and 30 northern wastes mini's. Including lady with a bear! All-In, including bling, is $400. Core has just under 110 mini's, including dem magnets. 😛
  10. ced1106


    I'm in. I got sucked in by the totem terrain. Man-eating plants, demon trapped in amber, stone fountain head with mysterious brown liquid. What's not to like? 😄 Core set and expansions are about the same price as Bones. Core set SG will be an expansion. Officially, the terrain sets replace standees from the core set and all expansions, but you can still use the terrain bits in other miniature games. I certainly will! 😄
  11. More pics of that dog. She went into the dry fish pond today. Also ate half a goldfish. Grr.
  12. Colored primers with pin washing for a Lasting Tales hero!
  13. I work exclusively with what's on sale ðŸĪ‘ so have similar shades in different consistencies. What I've found out is that this isn't a bad thing, since you can use thicker paints for basecoating, thinner paints as color-matching thinner, etc. Craft paints are for terrain, but I tried filling a GW pot with red craft paint (the previous paint was red and dried out, of course), and, with thinner, didn't notice any change in my painting (advanced tabletop, mostly basecoat and wash for gaming rather than display). I've also found that some color primers work fine as basecoat. (Styrelrez or however it's spelled Ebony Skin is a very good brown to start with, Metal can be applied directly, and Neutral is a good khaki. Other colors I don't really recommend.) Only drawback is that I've bought so much paint that I don't think I really saved money. ðŸĪŠ Still waiting for more mini's in the core. CMON's prices are around 150 mini's for $100 + shipping, and this include some larger mini's and a game. Retail is also competitive for sets, though I never see bulk Reaper. Haven't missed Bones V. Still have plenty of mini's to paint from Bones I-IV, CMON's Massive Darkness and Zombicide: Black Plague, Archon, KDM, Mantic orcs and undead, etc. etc. Who remembers the Stephanie Law Dark Sword KS? 😄
  14. Villagers from various Bones KS! Used the sage and peasan in a Juegorama Song of Blades and Heroes scenario I tried playtesting! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/98521-song-of-blade-and-heroes-scenarios-for-juegorama-miniatures-undead-and-aberrations/
  15. Testing out another scenario! The abominations burst out of the village while assassins and thieves sneak around the chaos to attack innocent elder villagers. Unfortunately, the first playtest was more like the first abomination bursts out and everyone congregates at that location for a fight. The leader of the good guys fell, resulting in the other models failing morale checks, and the village falling. However, the only villager fought knocked down his attacking thief prone. So... back to the drawing board! Sally 4th miniatures has some nice town folk. The Exorcist set has a cleric who can be used as a townsfolk, or unarmored cleric (eg. in some miniature skirmish games). Building closeups are of the OOP Epyx resin buildings, Tiny Furniture miniatures, and Archon Dungeons and Lasers: Cursed Cathedral, as well as Mantic Terrain Crate trees. Reaper mini's are villagers (sage and peasant) and worm.
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