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  1. Whatever they and their lawyers can get away with, and whatever *they* think they need to do to protect their IP. Legality doesn't matter when it's "big vs. small". All "big" has to do is send a C&D letter if *they* think there's a reason (and sometimes even if there's not), then drag out court cases until "small" runs out of money. Sometimes "big" fails, such as GW vs. Chapterhouse, sometimes it doesn't, such as Mirmax's C&D against CMON, and some Nintendo (?) vs. a Legend of Zelda fan KS. Regardless, delays are no good for a KS project, and backers usually have little recourse when a project runs out of money. OTOH, It's not like you're really losing money backing this KS.
  2. KS page doesn't say if s/he has the rights to make the stickers. If it's anything like how Fantasy Flight Games tried to get the rights for the Dune boardgame (and didn't), s/he probably doesn't.
  3. Pledge $1 and hope the deliver something by the time the PM comes out. 1) I have backed $1. Will I have access to the PM to upgrade my pledge? Of course! The pledge manager will go live hopefully around 3 weeks after the KS campaign and you will be able to upgrade your pledge there if you want.
  4. Removable bins let me use triads easier. Larger bins useful for colored primers and sorting some items by manufacturer. Stores maybe 200+ paints of assorted sizes. Bins are harder to remove, so I keep this near my painting area. Mouths make it easier to remove paints, etc. Long trays allow me to store non-paints, such as a tube of plastic putty. Probably can store another 200+ paints. Already have a rack to hold brushes, but this one looks good.
  5. Too bad the cap's not made out of steel (and therefore magnetic) -- a fair number of mass miniature wargamers use magnetics to transport their miniatures and secure them to movement boards. I'd like a paint handle that lets me skip the "apply paint with brush" part of painting.
  6. PIck up some easier models, which you'll eventually use, anyway. : Crates and barrels, skeletons and zombies (no metal). Also, learn basing. Personally, I think one reason why more gamers don't paint is that most miniatures they're familiar with are the intermediate level adventurer figures (especially when they have to paint the eyes). I don't find painting all that fun, but, afterwards, I can use the miniature for gaming or look at it as a piece of art. Better use of my time than grinding on a video game, that's for sure...! EDIT: For mold lines, plastic putty (tube better than eye dropper), engraving pen, hobby knife (x-acto blade), jeweller's and other files, sprue cutter (also useful for metal miniatures).
  7. Do they overlap with the Reaper Learn to Paint Kits? Duplicates may be irritating, but ask yourself if you'd rather have better paint jobs, or not spend $3.50 on paint. I still think de-emphasizing triads weakened Reaper's best selling point to new painters. The Tanned Skin triad is a must for generic fantasy heroes, although females, elves, and halflings I paint with the lighter Rosy Skin triad. While I've tried a variety of hobby paints, none of the for a new painter's skill level are particularly bad or good. Paint consistency vary between manufacturers, but I sometimes you will want a thicker or thinner paint depending on how or what you're painting (and I use craft paints for terrain and bases). Nowadays, I primarily use a colored primer, wash, then whatever hobby paint's nearby, and paint to advanced tabletop. Army Painter has a Quickshade Ink set I use more than hobby paints. Secret Weapon Miniatures has a Stone wash that's great for underground dungeon stone.
  8. Browsing the HF2 comments... Reddit has a HF group, but it's tedious sorting out the renders vs. actual prints. Look for threads saying "I got it this in the mail". : https://www.reddit.com/r/HeroForgeMinis/ Colors in beta, and I think dissatisfied customers have been given refunds? As I understand it, HF decided not to go with a a glossy treatment mentioned in the KS. Search on "Hero forge grey plastic" for their older grey plastic reviews, which seem to be more positive. While the strength of the current color product is not the quality of the paint job (especially on a painting forum), some players cannot get a miniature sculpt matching their character, and like the convenience of a tabletop paint job, much like prepainted miniatures. Large scale printing from backer's printer: Arrived in the mail : Dissatisfied customer posted this pic in the latest HF2 update :
  9. Miniatures from The Assault Group's "Halfling Yeoman of the Yard" KS. Light's a little off, so I might reshoot sometime. Background is Loke Battlemat's "Book of Dungeon Battle Maps".
  10. What leader said. If this is a "personality" figure and you have too much free time, you can also build an epoxy base. Here are some Pinnacle Entertainment Group "The Goon" miniatures. Since they're "indoor" miniatures, I wanted them on wooden planks, so used a texture stamp and epoxy to make the "wooden" bases. I cut off the tabs to the size of their feet and pressed them into the epoxy. I think I started the cut in the middle of the tab.
  11. As much diss as pots get, they at least don't explode (though they should be shaken while holding down the top) and you can add an agitator and thinner easily to them. My favorite containers are the airbrush primers and craft paint. Cheapest per ounce, flat top, shake, unscrew and paint from the cap for the basecoat. If you need to do anything fancy, keep the cap on, flip the top, and drip a drop onto the palette.
  12. These miniatures are based on the Sixth Gun comic and Savage Worlds RPG Game, and can be found on the PEG website. I posted these individually before, but can't find a thread where I posted them together, so...
  13. Thanks for the quote! After the translation issues of Conan (including the spell cards, which, afaik, haven't been fixed), another Mythic and Monolith collaboration, I'm wary of Ameritrash heavy-text from non-native English speakers. The problem is that, while you can hire a translator, the translator needs to have gaming experience, and you should playtest the text with native language speakers. That obviously adds costs and time to a project. Is this a common complaint of non-English speakers when American companies put out foreign editions of their games?
  14. The warning signs were all over the place before the KS. With Poots in the middle of one of CoVid's epicenters, I'm worried, but, otherwise, he's shown he's even able to refund backers in his first KS for the unfinished Lantern. That shows integrity as well as enough retail sales to sustain a KS project -- not that there's any guarantee that he can do that now. The base game and Gambler's Chest pledge was too good of a deal to pass up, at least compared to KDM's regular prices, although I skipped out on the add-ons. (I usually skip add-ons in a KS because of their higher per-unit cost, additional development and production time, and chance of mixups during fulfillment.) Still, if you only wanted boutique mini's, plenty of them are already on the market without this interminable delay. I was lucky to pick up several GW personality models and armies for $100 at a flea market. Also, while KDM has its unique settlement rules, Gloomhaven's hand management (as well as content for the cost of the game) sets it further apart from dice-based dungeoncrawlers. KDM has also sent out the 1.5 base games and, I guess, the second wave of in-print expansions. So, since I only pledged for the base game and Gambler's Chest, it's not hard for me to be fine with the delay, as I already got half of my stuff. I suspect that the Gambler's Chest should go for a few hundred dollars, anyway, on eBay -- especially if goes temporarily OOP like pretty much everything KDM sells. (I hear, though, they're limited in how much stuff they can sell by their caster,)
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