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  1. New pledge level added! Another to be announced in a week. Such a tease! 😄 All: ✅ Core set: 99 miniatures ✅ PDF Bestiary and PDF RPG Campaign ✅ Regular Stretch Goals (approx. 50+ miniatures) Novice: €89 or more ✅ 1x Add-on of your choice ✅ Regular Stretch Goals (approx. 50+ miniatures) Adept: €189 or more. Also a good way to catch up on the previous D&L Encounters. ✅ 3x Add-ons of your choice ✅ Regular Stretch Goals (approx. 50+ miniatures) ✅ Super Stretch Goals ...so +2 Add-ons and SSG's for €33 each. Alcolyte: €269 or more. ✅ 6x Add-ons of your choice ✅ Regular Stretch Goals (approx. 50+ miniatures) ✅ Super Stretch Goals ...so +5 Add-ons and SSG's for €30 each compared to Novice. Deuslair add-ons are about 45 miniatures each. Add-ons individually are €59 each. Obviously better to buy through the pledges. So it looks like the Adept is the best price, although you'd only want the SSG's if it had the content you wanted. Project hasn't started yet, so obviously we don't know what the SSG's are. Any numbers I missed?
  2. You can't fight here! This is the War Room! 😄 Dungeon terrain SG!
  3. Looks like Archon listened to feedback! "Bestiary and an RPG campaign book will be free PDFs now. Hardcovers, on the other hand, will be available as add-ons. 😉 In return, each pledge gets +1 add-on to choose.
  4. Someone on Dakka asked what others like about the Core Space game (available retail, and what Maladum is based on), so I thought I'd repost my reply here! Theme: Instead of the usual generic killfest, you're playing a crew of traders who are sneaking into an alien compound, grabbing what they can get, and fulfilling the mission objective. This often means avoiding direct confrontation with aliens, or at least snuffing them out before it's their turn! You're not entirely defenseless, as the captain's a good shot, and the crew has a not-wookie for close combat! Alien artifacts: Most "always available" abilities are through your equipment. You start with the terran equipment, but soon grab and search for those cool alien toys. This does mean that you should at least play two scenarios, one for looting, and the other to actually use your better equipment. Skills: Skills are more like "bursts" of speed, combat ability, or other special abilities. You have a limited number of skill pegs that you can use during the game for cinematic effects (or just increasing movement so you can get the heck away from the bad guys!). Sandbox: While Core Space has a campaign and additional scenarios from Battle Systems and fans, it's easy to create new scenarios, such as a second game with the same terrain setup, but a different objective and entrance point. It's also not hard to use Battle Systems or other science fiction terrain with the Core Space system. Terrain: The terrain requires assembly, but it's printed, so gets to the table faster. Battle System's first products were terrain for 28mm, so you can use it for other 28mm games. As a solo player, I've used their Fantasy Set for Rangers of Shadowdeep and the unpublished Lasting Tales. The printed terrain actually looks good with painted conventional 3D terrain. **** I should mention that, while terrain set is dungeon-themed, specific parts of the terrain can be used for various medieval settings. Make sure you look closely at which terrain each pledge offers! Ruins: Cities and Towns:
  5. For the Archon small bits, you can buy some 2" square wooden bases (or whatever) cheap, glue and paint fine craft sand, and stick on whatever with Museum Wax (under $10 for lifetime supply). I used a 2" square for the Elven Woods campsite stumps, fire, and pelts. Building is part of the Battle Systems "Village Set". BS has a KS for its dungeon-themed Maladum, and multilevel dungeon-themed terrain. Game board is Terra Tiles, pre-order on the Ravenkeep website. Old school miniatures are OOP Johnny Lauck. Tiny Furniture has a line of resin sitting miniatures.
  6. Adding rocks from the Elven Woods set! Terra Tiles game tiles by Ravenkeep. Pre-orders still available. Townhouse from Battle System's Village Set, available retail. BS's dungeon-themed Maladum started today! Dog-faced kobolds from RBJ games. Spooky trees by Mantic.
  7. Archon posted the preview page for D&L5! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-v-world-of-deuslair-5e?ref=dbov5y&token=e4fa4ebb 48 hour owlbear (multi-pose) and beholder for returning backers! If there are some previous Archon releases, Archon plans to make them available during this KS! Let them know which ones you want in this survey: https://archon-studio.com/content/dungeons-lasers-v-add-ons-survey More info on Dakka! : https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/960/797368.page#11504112 Various add-ons. I'm guessing the legacy add-ons are available in the higher pledge?
  8. Preview of Tricks and Traps add-on. New cover! Cutouts, though I'm sure digital content will be available. Given the content, it's more of a set of special effect tiles and rooms you can put in your dungeon! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/rpg-encounter-toolboxes-the-veiled-dungeon-and-the-long-road/posts/3744167
  9. Posted this elsewhere, but got my Dungeons and Lasers loot, and need to paint some trees! Cottage from Battle System's "Village Set". Their dungeon-themed Maladum game and terrain KS starts 3/15. Tiles from TerraTiles. Pre-order on their Ravenkeep site. Also, got a copy of Loke Battlemat's "Castles, Crypts, and Caverns" awhile back and wrote a review on RPG.net! https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/19/19119.phtml
  10. Shipping! Castles, Crypts & Caverns Books available now! (Or will be shipped with the KS if you bought it through this KS.) RPG.net review : https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/19/19119.phtml Late pledge still available? Digital rewards already sent. Contact Loke if you have any questions or problems!
  11. Painted up the oak trees! 😛 Cottage from Battle System's Village Set. Maladum dungeon-themed set coming March 15th! Game tiles are Ravenkeep's Terra Tile set. Pre-orders still available! Other trees are Mantic. Mini's from Fantasy Series I and Massive Darkness. Setting up a game for Lasting Tales. Those civilians are in trouble...!
  12. Synthwave is the weekly special! 🙂 Not fantasy, though. And how is this "Woman long brown coat brown hair"? 😄
  13. I like how the cultists have a "Take your child to (the) sacrifice" day. 😄 Rumormill on D&L was that they shrunk the adults to fit on the sprue better. Dunno about NLM, as Siocast uses a different mold technique. Like D&L, the human scales are more noticeable than the monsters. Maybe have the smaller guys fight FFG miniatures. 😕
  14. Still too lazy to start another pre-launch thread 😄 but DaveC answered my question about the pledge levels for D&L 5: Deuslair! Starts in Q1 or Q2. Last two pledge levels contain previously released content. Pledge price is how much you'll be paying, before shipping is added. Rapid shipping means that this previously released content will be shipped as a separate, earlier wave. Archon often has "one per backer" SG's, so the best price is usually multiple accounts, with one pledge each! 😛 I usually just pick up one base pledge without the all-in. As much as I want my mini's, I'm also behind on painting! 😞 EDIT: Cute, cuddly, and carnivorous! EDIT EDIT: Just got the tracking email! EDIT EDIT EDIT: KS launches 11th April! Preview page up March 14th! EDIT EDIT EDIT 😛 Again thanks to DaveC that various minion miniatures you will get more than one of will be multi-part with variants!
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