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  1. ced1106

    Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

    Yep. They started charging "actual shipping costs" plus tariffs starting with Bloodborne. Tariffs get all the headlines, but it's shipping costs that are killing small companies. State internet sales tax also threatens to make small mail order business owners quit.
  2. ced1106

    Deep Ones used for Bullywugs?

    Bones 4 : Dreadmere : 433 : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-4-mr-bones-epic-adventure/description Bones 2 : Core : Swamp Things (Sqougs) : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/reaper-miniatures-bones-ii-the-return-of-mr-bones/description
  3. ced1106

    Mixing Inks with Acrylic Paints?

    I'm using Liquitex acrylic inks to get into small recesses that would be difficult with paint, or wouldn't have the coverage I want with thinned paint. Like adding water, inks (and premade washes, I've used Army Painter washes to thin paints) change the consistency of paint. Unlike water, the mixture is still "saturated".
  4. ced1106

    Halloween ideas?

    Post pics! Never prepared for Halloween. I do make sure we don't give away candy (or toothbrushes) by cleaning out the closets. This year it's plastic stars, a CD rack, some old comic books, etc.
  5. ced1106

    TAG - Halfling Yeomen of the Yard

    Almost missed this one... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chickstaterii/tag-halfling-yeomen-of-the-yard?ref=user_menu
  6. ced1106

    Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

    "Hey, Lassie! Timmy fell down the well again?" "RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF" "Oh, Timmy escaped from the well but was attacked by zombies?" "RUFF RUFF WARF WARF" "Then was shot with fifteen holes in him then got arrows stuck into his corpse?" "BARK BARK BARK WOOF" "Shoulda stayed in that well, eh?" Yeah, I get what you think, which is why 2nd edition is out there. More importantly : "With that, backers with a Reboot, Presidential, or All-Out pledge will get for free the 2nd Edition ID cards of ALL Survivors ever made for the 1st Edition of Zombicide!
  7. ced1106

    Confrontation: Classic

    What's odd is that you can ditch the Chaosium Call of Cthulhu mechanics (which aren't any good, imo), replace them with your own, and there's no way Chaosium can sue you *if* you stick to so-called public domain works (it's still murky, but no one's been sued yet). Chaosium has *some* Cthulhu IP, such as its Yellow Sign picture, but several Cthulhu RPGs and games have been released without, AFAIK, Chaosium's permission (eg. Trail of Cthulhu). And, of course, Chaosium already knows that they wouldn't be able to get any money from Sans Detour, especially because they've been already trying to do so with their CoC licensed product. ObSnark: Maybe SD hasn't paid their printers, either.
  8. ced1106

    Help needed! Rock troll gems!

    Those look great. Stop beating yourself up . For bottles and metallics, I hold the miniature to the side of strong light, and paint the miniature accordingly. Edge highlighting, like you used, helps. You can also paint gloss (including Tamiya Clear colors), hold up the miniature to the light, paint, then apply gloss again. I have to freehand some pickled green things and red things in murky brown liquid. Yeah, *that's* fun. :P
  9. Review of Tiny Furniture's Scriptorium Copyist Desk posted on RPG.net : https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18323.phtml
  10. ced1106

    Zombicide 2nd Edition by CMON and Guillotine Games

    Well, it's not like your average modern-day person knows how to use a gun -- particularly when they see zombies. Search on "gun vs. knife". Thanks to Hollywood, not only do we think guns hit everything (except the main character), but also cause bad guys to be flung backwards through saloon windows...
  11. ced1106

    Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood

    KDM did something like daily unlocks with their Gambler's Chest, but with more fanfare (rolling dice to see which item was unlocked). Middara's were predictable standee upgrades to plastic, so mebbe that was why it wasn't as well received?
  12. Ships don't have pupils, so not at all long. I'm not "hating" the core set or expect Reaper to "cater to my every whim", but I'm not as enthusiastic as I was for it compared to previous Bones. The Bones V core set isn't as focused as Bones IV and other Bones cores for generic fantasy adventuring. Previous Bones did have odd miniatures, but they were added later in the campaign. So Bones V's core set looks more like a Fan Favorites expansion, rather than a Dungeon Dwellers one. Yet, at the same time, for Bones veterans, the Bones V core set heroes, villains, and dragons overlap with previous Bones KS releases. And it's also $20 more, with actual shipping costs no doubt rising. And, for myself, $120 plus shipping is a fair amount of money.
  13. Ships don't have pupils, so not at all long.
  14. Ships don't have pupils, so not at all long.
  15. ced1106

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoilers linked)

    Insanely great job. I wish I did sculpting, because tracking down proxies for GH has been a pain! Too bad Bones V doesn't have inexpensive miniatures suitable for GH demons and uniques. Thankfully, I have miniatures from the old Dreamwhatever CMG that seem to work.