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  1. "The wall calendar which you can use as a battle map! Level up your adventures in 2025 with 12 beautiful battle maps that look as good on your wall as they do on your table! These twelve beautiful, detailed maps, 12x12", will inspire your adventures, and the handy month per page view calendar is ideal for remembering all those important dates. ... AND you get 12 5E PDF adventures to play. Our adventures are written to play on the maps, and are ready to roll! Featuring unique NPCs, fully stat blocked monsters and a full section on using the map environments and features to mix things up, there is a huge amount of reuable content. BackerKit pre-launch page : https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/68bf3091-467f-4855-9f9c-c06715b03e84/landing I've reviewed the 2024 Calendar and other Loke Battle Mats stuffs on RPG.net : https://www.rpg.net/reviews/search-review.phtml?productCompany=loke&orderby=category&showinfo=publisher
  2. Artificer joins the party after the Chieftan retires! Artificer has a unique resource, Scrap, which he generates and consumes with certain character ability cards of his. The Hallowpact has a similar concept, with his Void Energy. Although accumulating too much Void Energy has negative effects, I prefer Hallowpact because he generates Void Energy faster, and has more powerful abilities using them. First picture has the Artificer with one of his summoned creatures. The construct is from the Wildspire Miniature's "Spellblades" set. Second picture has the Artificer and Ruinmaw ending a scenario the hard way after too many oozes spawed. 😛 The creators of Crimson Scales will have a KS for their own Gloomhaven-alike game, ROVE in May!
  3. Have you tried solo wargaming (and solo boardgames)? I live with the elderly parents, so, since the pandemic, stopped going to Meetups and public game events. Which is just as well, since it's impossible to organize and then carry all the painted stuff I can use for a game. 😄 This pic is for a "Five Leagues from the Borderlands" game, with Ravenkeep's OOP TerraTiles, Battle System's Village Set, Archon's Elven Woods, and Reaper Bones. I think Elven Wood's is Archon's most versatile set, and Battle System's Village Set is great for fantasy wargames. More pics in the threads in my signature!
  4. Under 8 hours and less than 50K for the mining train! Hope they include PM funding, since many backers are waiting on the prepaint pics.
  5. Crimson Scales: Congratulations! You have unlocked the Orchid Chieftain! Me: Oboy. Another mini to paint. Crimson Scales: And she can Summon critters! Me: Where do I find a pack lizard? Oh, wait. I have one. Crimson Scales: And do you have an ostrich? Me: I have a critter that runs fast... 😄 Orchid Chieftain: Her abilities center around summons, which she can use as mounts, so that means even more painting before she gets onto the board. Her Summons are animals, so I proxied from the Wildspire Miniature's "Heroes and Animals" set. The corgi (Scout Dog) and pack lizard (Pack Lizard) matched their Summoned counterparts. The red elk (painted as a generic herbivore) was a sort-of match for the Summon Bull. The rabbit and elephant had to make do for the ostrich and turtle summons. As for the "combat wombat", we picked him up at a Road Event as a wounded creature and he helped us in a fight in a beast-ridden scenario. As for gameplay, the Chieftain's uniqueness is that she can Summon Mounts, mount them, the use the mount's movement to run around the board. Her Summons are Loss cards, which take up the upper half of an Action card. Her Summons are opportunity costs, and I found it difficult to play them when enemies were attacking! I ended up instead using her good selection of Attack 3 and Move 3+ cards for her to supplement another melee character. I really like how she has a flexible combo where you play an Attack 3 or Move 3 that generates Earth this turn, then consume it next turn to have a Target 2 ranged Poison attack, or an Attack 4 with Advantage! She doesn't have a Level 1/X Jump card, so may need Winged Shoes. Scenario pics are of the Orchid Chieftain discovering the steampunk-ish engine room, the previous room overgrown with nasty plants, and the Ravager entering a room with proxied Living Corpses. Too bad Ravager become exhausted that turn. 😛 At least the Orchid Chieftain fulfilled her Personal Quest by finding the widget in the scenario earlier and has retired. Time for more painting for her replacement!
  6. Just noticed that the Cave core set has "Rocky Hills" which I hope are freestanding, so can be plonked in the middle of your generic wargame mat, and used as generic hills. 😄 I'm assuming the walls have pegs on them, which sorta keep me from using them as unnecessary boardgame bling.as freestanding walls. I have some WizKids prepaints, and their walls stand up by themselves.
  7. If you only want a few add-ins, $1 is your best bet so you know shipping. No guarantees of the availability of Archon products, but their webstore currently has free shipping over $150 (?) (and the Stronghold is a good purchase if you missed the Towns D&L campaign). Anyway, stolen from Dakka 🙂 * The Bal'or will have an overall height of 220mm, but this includes the base and counts from the highest point, which would be its wings. * Balor will have sword and whip options, in clear plastic. And they'll try to make wings optional, but no promises. * The community goal has been reached and 1 of the Ettins will be included - Gervase (on the left) is currently winning the poll with 64% Update 7 has SG's and a Queen's Week promotion thing : https://gamefound.com/en/projects/archon-studio/caves/updates/7 Update 8 has SG's and a rock "set" : https://gamefound.com/en/projects/archon-studio/caves/updates/8
  8. fwiw, I heard that the bulk plastic scaled, but the cost per prepaint is fixed. The 3x Miner cost vs. King is a head-scratcher for me as well. SG's will be sold in the PM (no price yet b/c Archon doesn't know how large it will be), so I guess once the SG prices come out, we'll be able to compare 3x Miner vs. King + 2x SG's. The AV and another set is Pathfinder-licensed, so Archon has to clear it with Paizo or something about selling pre-paints. But that still doesn't mean you should show off something you might not be selling! Well, Archon's caves look really good and I've been wanting generic caves since Dwarven Forge 2. And Archon's delivered five KS successfully. I'll just shrug my shoulders at whatever they do that seems a bit off...!
  9. The Quick-Setting evaporates after opening, so I'd only purchase it if I was mass-assembling miniatures. The "regular" cement works fine for me, haven't noticed anything I'd say was unreasonably slow in setting. BTW, For gap-filling, Mr. Hobby Dissolved Putty is really convenient for us lazy gamers, no cutting off a piece of epoxy and kneading. Disadvantage is that it's in a non-water solvent, so expect multiple applications and I don't know what solvent to add to the bottle as it dries (took a year). Probably just add your strongest-smelling solvent, I guess. 😛
  10. Zenobia the Queen of Palmyra $17 for stl files of the diorama and figures. I backed her "War of the Teddies" physical KS, though she's doing .stl-only KS nowadays (which should have less risk). https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diohistory/zenobia-the-queen-of-palmyra
  11. My own guess why (or at least partially why) Archon has few(er) delays is that the molding is done in-house. They've also had bad experiences with Chinese cardboard manufacturing (Chronicle X), so used to not use cardstock in their products (until now with RPG book binding). The mini's boxes are pretty flimsy, but it's the boardgamers who want quality boxes, not the miniature painters who know the miniatures will be stored elsewhere after assembly. They've also had negative responses to their boardgames (including plagiarism from CMON, and obviously ripping off DoA artwork and concepts), so, at least for awhile, stuck to specializing in mini's (though they're obviously doing RPG's now, and did a HoMM boardgame). Hopefully, they'll stay in their narrow terrain and terrain scatter niche, continue with quality sculpts and pre-paints, and not (further) diworsify into boardgames and RPG's, particularly non-generic fantasy. RPG's and boardgames are a ridiculously crowded market, while *affordable* prepaint is not. The prepaints an obvious step towards customer demands, and they seem to be moving away from tooling sprues full of random stuff that's too random for retail. fwiw, Ruins I could see them doing next, even though they've dabbled with some ruins pieces. Also, finally got my shipping notice! More plastic I have no time to paint! 😛
  12. From the FB fan page: "An interesting observation. The premium you pay for pre-painted goes up significantly for higher-tier pledges. Surveyor $99 unpainted => $139 pre-painted. That's a 40% premium. Miner 54% extra for pre-painted Prospector 60% extra Dwarven sapper: 74% Dwarven warrior: 67% King of the mountain: 75 % Did they explain where this difference comes from? Why does the king of the mountain pay 75% more for pre-painted versus the 40% of a Surveyor? King pledge would be $447 at 40% premium instead of $559 ... that's a huuuuuge difference. I know we are getting a lot of value for money, but why is this difference there? "Szymon confirmed on another comment in the gamefound comment section. The prismacast is a flate rate per spruce but the plastic is discounted so the larger sets have cheaper plastics but the painting cost is the same per spruce. Also, note that some SG's have a palette icon. These come prepainted with a prepaint pledge!
  13. Sort of! 🙂 The theme is caves, but the SG's have some adventurers so far. Add-ons are the critters you'd find in these caves: EDIT: "Please note that stretch goals with the rainbow palette logo will also be pre-painted if you choose a pre-painted pledge!
  14. Campaign starts today! https://gamefound.com/en/projects/archon-studio/caves
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