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  1. Can you import .stl files into VTT? Tabletop Simulator has some sort of way to play miniatures virtually!
  2. Well, we have the "How's your KS list doing" thread, which I've found very useful. That said, even companies that have sold product retail (eg. Super Dungeon Explore) have had problematic projects. Maybe "retail companies that were around before KS and are using KS but don't have to" would be about the only whitelist: Reaper, PEG, SJG, maybe CMON. Of course, this means you'll be kicking yourself when you skip a project and it gets delivered, and, at least philosophically, strays from the purpose of KS. πŸ™ Oops! Yeah. Glad someone else here knows about him! πŸ˜€
  3. More drama. Brady Sadler is no longer working as a full-time employee for BLG, but is still working part-time and as a contractor. He's now working at LuckyDuck games, (although dunno how lucky they are with the Sadler curse!). At BLG, the Sadler Brothers have been working more as project managers than game designers (BLG's last projects were not designed by them), and I understand that the more work you do at the business level means less time for game design. The little known Hoghead publishing (Baron Munschausen is a fine storytelling game, if you don't have time for an RPG) 's owner closed down his company because he spent half or more of the day working on the business, when he wanted to do game design work. Adam Sadler, the miniatures guy, is still fine with project management work, so has not left BLG. See the KS comments for more info. From Altar Quest, you probably know that the Sadler Brothers know Isaac Childess (sp?) of Celophair (also sp?) Games, best known for Gloomhaven. Well, a YT video teased a GH miniatures KS, but did not name the creator. I speculated that BLG would be involved, but am looking for more info. With the BLG issues going on, and since my gaming group no longer plays GH, I dunno if I'd back such a KS. I already have the more easily miniatures proxied, and 3D printer files are available for the miniatures.
  4. KS (and myself) is at a point where 3D printers are becoming more viable as replacements for plastic miniatures. On the positive side, I'm seeing more .stl KS projects, which, of course, lead me to other ways (eg. Patreon, My Mini, Thingiverse) to get more .stl files. On the negative side, supply chain issues and shipping costs from China have increased the price and risk of plastic injection KS projects. Many KS funded pre-pandemic are hit hard with increased shipping, and other problems. And 3D printed miniatures don't have mold lines (although they have supports?). Like others, I have a surfeit of miniatures to paint, so many miniatures on KS won't be worth the risks, and those on retail won't be tempting enough to add to my collection. I've also seen KS projects for custom miniature-making programs (not to mention HeroForge), and I'll get around to looking for a miniature making program that automatically generates a random miniature within whatever specs I give, much like The Sims random Sim generator. πŸ˜„ Also, some games (eg. Gloomhaven) have specific model requirements that, for whatever reason, retail miniature companies do not offer (although there will be a GH miniatures KS next year). Print and play boardgames may go beyond cards. Also, of course, 3D printers are getting better and better. I dunno -- maybe still waiting on ease of use, not to mention the mini's I already have to paint! 😭
  5. But how many of them are gonna snort? πŸ˜€ Despite generations of painful jabs, research on nasally administered vaccines started in the 1950's. Those of you who have allergies are probably already familiar with Flonase, Nasocort, and other nasally administered sprays. Well, looks like we're "only" a few years away from a CoVid vaccine, as well as an inhibitor, that can be nasally administered. No special storage, no hollow needles. Note that multiple researchers are working on different nasally administered vaccines and therapies. First article also has a link to a pill-based CoVid treatment. https://abc7news.com/covid-antiviral-spray-nasal-therapy-gladstone-institutes-research/11336199/ https://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2021/11/effort-to-develop-covid-vaccine-nasal-spray.html Meanwhile, in Oz, Australian scientists are researching another treatment, using Australia's well-known deadly fauna as an analogy: "Prof Anderson said Covid-19 first infects cells in the nose by binding to heparan sulphate on the surface of nasal cells. The spray has a very similar structure to heparan sulphate, "so it behaves as a decoy and can rapidly wrap around the virus' spike protein like a python"," : https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/australianz/australian-researchers-test-nasal-spray-in-fight-against-covid-19 Also, the army's working on another nanoparticle vaccine, that's good against multiple variants of CoVid and SARS, which was Asia's major virus a few years ago. "Walter Reed’s SpFN is different from other vaccines. It uses a soccer-ball-shaped protein with 24 faces for its vaccine, which allows scientists to attach the spikes of several coronavirus strains on different faces of the protein." https://wonderfulengineering.com/the-us-army-has-created-a-single-vaccine-against-all-covid-and-sars-variants/ Gonna admit that I've skipped out on the annual influenza vaccine a few times out of laziness and because the WHO/FDA haven't always guessed right which strain would dominate in the coming year. But if all I have to do is snort a soccer ball... πŸ˜„ EDIT: Oops -- I should say that I'm taking care of my 80+ year old parents, one of which refuses to take the vaccine and another with a comorbidity (she's diabetic, so only eats rice, bread, and noodles...), and am close to high-risk myself (prediabetic and overweight), so, duh, I'm living in fear and unpainted miniatures. If your household isn't in a risk group, I wouldn't go as far as we have. A friend of mine has caught CoVid *twice* and is still running about, hopefully not too much.
  6. Paranoia, among other things, is a human invention. Viruses don't care. For us humans, "Low probability-High impact" studies might be worth reading. Speaking of high-impact, tax season is just over a week away, so get ready for those precautions against that other threat. One week left for 2021 Series I bonds.
  7. The 3rd jab had the shot area sore for the entire day and I've never had a reaction to a vaccine, so, after reading your symptoms, I brushed up, and, yep, that's the immunological response reacting. Later shots are expected to have more side effects, since your body already has built up antibodies et. al. to the virus, and the booster injects more of the neutralized stuff into your body. I suppose it's better than finding out if you had the real thing. Interestingly, younger folks have a better immunological response to viruses -- meaning that their side effects are usually worse than us older folks! Not welcoming news, and if you do still get a CoVid infection, or another booster shot, you may have side-effects again. : https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/covid-vaccine-side-effects A See's Candy worker claimed she was infected with CoVid through work and infected her husband, resulting in his death. Lawsuit going forward. Meanwhile, while companies can make vaccination a condition of employment, some fields, such as healthcare, have shortages of workers. : https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/22/employer-must-face-workers-lawsuit-over-husbands-covid-death-california-court.html Omicron has flipped from being less than 1% of cases to 73% in roughly three weeks. Omicron is twice as infectious as delta. While showing signs that it's less lethal than delta, again, you can contract both strains. : https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/20/omicron-now-the-dominant-us-covid-strain-at-73percent-of-cases.html With omicron new, hospital are seeing the "first wave" of infections like they did originally with CoVid, namely among younger people whose immune systems are more resistant to infection, and who are less likely to practice social safety measures against infection, thus infecting themselves. It's the "second wave" of elderly, unvaccinated, and other more vulnerable populations, such as family members infected by the "first wave", who are of concern. With omicron being a new strain, while it's milder than delta, it's unknown of its effect on the "second wave" population. : https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/omicron-hospitalization-rates-stable-ottawa-1.6294091
  8. Post your holiday decor pics! But first, a word from out sponsor! Our cousin sent us this advent calendar years ago, and we still didn't put anything in -- until this year. However, it's still not being used as an advent calendar. Sorry, Sandy. Anyone else remember these Jack in the Box toys? And that they had no versions for women who wanted to enter the prestigious field of souless corporate fast food? I think women really should be encouraged to enter fields encouraging premature arterial blockage for younger and younger audiences through toys and so-called "tacos". πŸŽ„ So Amazon lists multiple similar products in order for you to get the wrong version of artificially flavored syrup by the freaking four-pack. Makes perfect Christmas presents for randoms on your list who think holiday shopping is for them, not yourself, the selfish so-and-sos. And, if you have an exposed lightbulb in your hallway that sticks out like a bad sore thumb, you can make a pretty filtered light with them. Yes, those are McD snow globes from their Dalmations movie promo, and the water liquid is "evaporating" from them, and I don't want to know where it goes. I still like fast food, although I think KickStarter is less work in collecting stupid plastic toys. 🀢 Only shot of the Christmas tree that didn't have Amazon cardboard boxes in the background. Why waste time and money on gift wrapping paper when you can have mysterious cardboard boxes laying all over your living room? We received a fruitcake through Amazon as a gift, and we're not sure whether or not to regift it or use it as a door stop. Yes, that's the dentist from that Rankin-Bass Christmas special. Yeti not shown. We have two Christmas tree toppers, so one got demoted. Merry Christmas! πŸŽ…
  9. Gonna have my third shot tomorrow! πŸ˜› Stanford opened more clinics in mid-November, after "under 65" and children were allowed shots, as well as after the first omicron news. So I had to wait a month for my official Stanford jab, even though it's also available at grocery stores. πŸ˜› While omicron is the news, the more virulent delta is still 99% of infected cases. I have the Pfizer vaccine shot, and it's "only" 84% effective after six months, and I had my last shot mid-May. (Moderna is 93% effective.) Omicron still seems TBA and more transmissible than delta, but less dangerous. Doesn't matter, since you can have both variants at the same time.
  10. More stuff about SioCast. Reaper Bones USA, fwiw. https://www.miniature-heroes.co.uk/bones-usa-plastic/ https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/siocast-new-miniature-manufacturing-process.884950/
  11. Cheap, fast, good. Pick two! πŸ€ͺ Or, with KS, you're lucky to get one! 😭 Although, with KS, there's no guarantee you'll get anything... πŸ’©
  12. Search on "Undead Viking LOAD boardgame". Rahdo also had an apology video for "Project Elite" (before CMON) when the blobby production miniatures were released. I'm too old school. πŸ™‚ I dislike videos because a written review allows you to "read between the lines" and see what the review is missing. Videos provide content at *their* pace, so I can't skim the text and focus on what *I* want to know about a game, even if it's just the miniatures. I also find it frustrating watching a video and not knowing until the end if the reviewer actually played the game thoroughly. Returning back to KS πŸ™‚ if you're familiar with economics, you've heard of "elastic vs inelastic" demand. "Elastic" items have competition, and you typically only have one of them. For example, you're most likely to own one 3D printer, unless you have an old model, or model that uses a different material (eg. resin vs filament). "Inelastic" items may have similar items (to an outsider), but, in the opinion of the customer, there's really no substitute. For example, Tiny Furniture has a KS for *sitting* tavern miniatures, which are wholly and entire different than *standing* tavern miniatures. πŸ˜„ Elasticity is a sliding scale and can vary for most people. But "inelastic" items are typically major purchases and you only need one or two of them (you don't really need more than one or two 3D printers) while "elastic" are less expensive minor purchases that you can have 20 or more of. πŸ™‚
  13. Should be easy to get the last 2k since it's not the last 48 hours yet. But I would agree they could have added more hype with updates and faking (increasing) the SG funding amounts so there wouldn't be a gap to the 50k mark! 🐱
  14. Thanks! Here's the RPG.net review, including painting tips, although they're easy to paint. And no mold lines (or at least minimal prep)! https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/19/19032.phtml
  15. Only €2k away from *25* free miniatures! All 25 sets unlocked! All but one SG unlocked!
  16. SioCast calls the stuff "thermoplastic resin". Site isn't loading on my useless laptop, so dig around the site. : https://www.siocast.com/ White bones is plastic, originally made for prepainted miniatures, iirc. Reaper Bones black: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/84314-announcing-reaper-bones-black/
  17. Personally, I think SioCast shouldn't be seen as similar to resin. While not all resins are the same material or quality, SioCast doesn't have the brittleness that resin is known for. I need to know why you prefer resin over plastic to better answer what you're looking for. Resin is better for miniature painters because of detail. Plastic is better for gamers because of durability.
  18. Well, Contra and Baruto look to be pre-orders, so, yep, possible. (fwiw, CMON's Kick-*ss game was supposed to go to KS, but went to retail.) From the comments. I shoulda known that the Sadler brothers didn't own the company, and don't like not knowing who else is behind the company without us knowing, particularly outside investors (who, more often than I'd like, have more control over the project than they should). Here's a summary of their FB video, although I wished they'd use KS more to communicate. I remember seeing the name of the owner (?) of the company in either the FS1 or FS2 comments, but can't find it. (I know Alex Lim of the failed Fairy Tale Battle Royale (?) game worked at BLG, although he's been there since the beginning and I don't remember his role having anything to do with shipping.) I'm doing my best to avoid KS with components from China, but with CMON's Marvel Zombies coming up, I'm not doing a good job! πŸ’©
  19. Loke frequently gives away free maps in their updates, so here's The Zenith! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/beyond-the-blue-nebula-100-digital-maps-for-sci-fi-rpgs/posts/3361828
  20. Great! 24 hours left! Free "log with frog" and "bucket" as unlocked SG's! One All-in pledge will unlock the dog! Drunks and pugilists I painted from their previous Villagers KS : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97433-sally-4ths-blackstone-heath-the-villagers-drunks-and-pugilists/#comment-2043167
  21. Reaper has some Bones figures of the iconic characters, and they may also be in the Pathfinder prepaints. How is this arena related to the Pathfinder world? Was there a Pathfinder adventure series about it?
  22. Tiny Furniture's "Sitting Folks" KS is currently running, so I figured I'd post some of their Harvest of War casualty markers from their previous KS. All 25 sets have been unlocked, and we're into the Stretch Goals of free figures! The details are great, and, since they're more terrain than characters, I did a quicker colored primer followed by brown wash. Other miniatures, such as nobles, and clergymen, are taking more time. Can't use a brown wash when they die indoors... πŸ˜„
  23. Thanks! Pipo says hi, too! Here's a bigger pic of her avatar! ...and some pics. May have posted already, but...
  24. Yep! BLG says it's a logistics, not financial problem, and the next part -- domestic shipping is next. Thanks to CoVid, our family has been using home delivery, and we've had to call FedEx twice, and OnTrack has lost one of my packages. California FedEx is at capacity, and it's not even the holidays yet. Wish I could learn not to back KS during the epidemic. Loke's Wilderness Maps are being shipped now...
  25. Shipping is free / included / hidden in the pledge. 😸 Yep -- I often see creators taken by surprise at their success! €28k out of €50k for a free mini in each set!
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