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  1. It's looking like it's closed out now at $1,403,981 with 4389 backers! A well run campaign with little risk in the way of over-offering to backers while still making it worth our while. Not to mention, I think I'm going to have to drop another $30-40 into the PM when it opens up. Gots to nab a t-shirt, dice, and (maybe) those gates.
  2. I was a bit reticent, but I'm happy I grabbed the air chest. It looked terrible during the project, but then in the pledge manager, they upped the model count and added some awesome minis, so I'm super happy to have gotten that and the earth troll.
  3. @Bloodydrake: One key thing that is different about Azathoth is that when you earn a spellbook for your main faction GOO, you can INSTEAD grab one of Azathoth's, giving you even more flexibility!
  4. The servitor and star vampire concepts are incredible! Those two alone might sell me on that faction during the pledge manager (if I can swing the funds at that time)
  5. Well, the thing that sold me on Tsathoggua's set was the direct statement of it being regarded as the most fun faction to play. Then I saw the creature designs yesterday when the concepts were posted and I love them. Ithaqua is still up in the air for me. My step-daughter adores him and wants that one, but I feel Azathoth might be better due to it mixing up spellbooks for every faction and adding some fun monsters into play. But then again, I will already be getting 9 neutral GOOs and 3 different monsters from the Dreamlands expanions I'm nabbing, so there is that to consider... THIS IS HARD AND I AM NOT EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH THIS. Time to break out the d20 decision making device.
  6. I'm going in with a middling pledge, but strong enough to really sink my teeth in. I'm in this as much for the game as for the minis, though. I'm getting the game box, Tsathoggua expansion, Ithaqua expansion, Dreamlands Surface World expansion, High Priests expansion, and either the new mystery GOO (if it's cool enough, which it sounds like it could be) or a set of dice and an art print. Overall, that's 121 minis + however CE greys they unlock in the stretch goals (11 currently, by my count) for $258.
  7. Plastic of the same variety as in the board game Descent (This is all the info we've gotten so far.)
  8. All of the LE minis from now on unlock every 25k, instead of every 50k. At 1.26mil, a brand new GOO gets unlocked, $20 for it unless you are a Book of Eibon or De Vermiss Mysteriis levels.
  9. Nothing yet. The thread on his forum is pretty small and barebones, just the proposed design. The way he made it sound was it would be soon, though. Probably not too long after the final fulfillment of this project, which is veeeeeeery soon.
  10. Whoops, correction. It wasn't right after Sedition Wars. It was 2 weeks ago.
  11. After doing a little research, apparently the SAME exact thing happened right after Sedition Wars finished on KS. It was promptly removed, though.
  12. Good catch! If this is a fraud, hopefully it gets removed. I'm going to report it to IGG and include a link to the KS project, so hopefully it gets shut down before people get scammed.
  13. Those are all stretch goals from the KS campaign.
  14. Alright, I don't often oppose KS projects in general, but the fact that they JUST finished a 356k campaign on KS and are now trying to extract more pre-orders through IndieGoGo doesn't sit well with me. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kaosball
  15. When folded properly all of the holes in the tower are closed against the tray. The box can still come apart if you aren't careful, but a small amount of pressure to hold them together, like a rubber band, would make it very safe
  16. Alright, just in case this helps, I tried storing 1 playset of dice in my tower. that is... 1 d% 1 d20 1 d12 1 d10 1 d8 3 d6 1 d4 It went in no problem and could probably hold half a dozen more dice!
  17. Oooo, haven't checked. How many would you like me to check with? It's rather on the small side, but the tray can hold about 8-10 dice without too much trouble, but I'm not sure on the tower itself
  18. So, just a little update, but I've received my two towers, pre-assembled and stained at 0 extra cost, and they are bloody gorgeous. I cannot believe how nice these things are for simple MDF laser-cuts towers. Solid construction, wonderful design work, and I even got to select one of them to have an iridescent window on the front. Anyway, recent update has revealed his next project. Cthulhu tower! I will definitely be getting one to keep with my copy of Cthulhu Wars, Arkham Horror and Elder Sign.
  19. Yup! We are right on the Oregon border, basically, in the corner of the state. Hot, dry, and a little dull. Except the climate... What's that, Weather? Massive thunderstorm last night and a 100 degree F day today AND maybe some rain? Woooo!
  20. @Terra Branford: Touchet is actually near me, about 45 minutes away, right near Walla Walla. I'm in Kennewick, so when I saw that pop up on the banner, I about jumped out of my chair. A fair amount of excited laughter and cheering erupted from me, I'll admit.
  21. Well, I have 12 items and received my email today! I was actually even lucky enough to see my town pop up on the banner to become properly excited about the event! I can't wait!
  22. Whoops, there it goes! I was really excited because the banner was showing my city, so I'm hoping to get and email soon!
  23. Is the banner not changing for others? It seems to be stuck at 230 orders. Maybe I'm having a caching issue, or its break time?
  24. Dang, those traps are incredible. I'm going in for 5 of them, I can't resist seeing them in my Itar's dungeon set
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