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  1. I'm in Talae's boat, maybe a bit more. I've skipped some impulse ones recently because of it.
  2. Probably safe to close this, final wave won't be any time soon, and it's duplicate minis, except for those who got zero near the end of shipment. No new product due to be shipped.
  3. Recieved mine. The packing in this one was some of the most amazing I've ever seen, from the shipping to the board game box itself. I really dig the mini quality, and the rules look solid. I'm calling this one a win.
  4. Nope, still waiting on mine, and EU is months off.
  5. From the video, it looked like lights started dimming around 4-5 inches. They stated that they didn't have any issues with metal figures, but large amounts of metal, like the table, will damage the mat. I'm pretty much in your boat, in that I don't really need the terrain, but the bits and bobs excite me. I plan on doing some modding, motorizing some traps, and making things like functioning windmills.
  6. Worth noting: they accidentally launched before everything was prepped. It's going to take a couple days for all rewards, levels, and addons to propagate.
  7. Super excited to see these. The prices aren't bad, but a lot of the value depends on what the stretch goals turn out to be.
  8. hmdrake


    Next stretch makes it 13, plus an addon mini is available. Gameplay looks solid though.
  9. I'd be more inclined if it could hold a larger fraction of my dice. I try to keep enough dice for 7 players for any conceivable game.
  10. From what I've seen, projects do considerably better after December. I believe February is when things start picking up again on kickstarter? The larger projects, at least, tend to hit spring, summer, and fall.
  11. Hmmm, I am cautiously glad I went for this. In for all kickstarter exclusives, plus the extra expansion.
  12. Anyone here recieve this yet? It's been getting surprisingly good reviews.
  13. This KS, like the DF stuff, looks great but is WAY too spendy for my budget. I'll have to stick to cardboard. Yeah, I'm still feeling weird being at a point where I can afford to do this. 2 years ago, I was struggling to rent out a room from someone, and was genuinely looking at being homeless.
  14. I'm genuinely curious about the attraction. I have similar shirts from online and conventions at literally half the price.
  15. Hrrm, I would be curious to see if they could pull off effects on the wireless pads. Striating lights, flickering flames, ect. I do see what you mean about AMOLED, I have no clue how much circuitry os required for that.
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