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  1. Went ahead and sent in an email. I hope they can send out a replacement leg once the kickstarter shipping is done. At least I got a boat load of minis to keep my occupied for now!
  2. Hi all, I got my shipment today and I saw that my Kaladrax is missing the left leg and I have an extra left arm. I saw that someone else had this issue too and I wanted to if others are having this issue and who do we talk to from reaper to get it fixed. Aside from that, Loving my minis so far!
  3. Keep up the posts! I never painted a mini before so I'm actually looking at this as a beginners guide to follow.
  4. I want to be clear that in no way do I mean for my suggestion to get anyone's hopes up and I appolgize if any one felt I was spreading false rumors or misinformation. It was merely a suggestion to help put the swap out requests to rest in a way that was hopefully beneficial and positive for all parties. Regardless of what happens, I think everyone is still really excited about the figures and can't wait. At the very least, I know its brought me (and many others) into the world of minis.
  5. To be honest, I am a bit disappointed by the number of new members that presume to know Reaper's business better than Reaper does. However, I don't see anyone here spewing any hate or anger, in your direction or any other. This forum is one of the most reasonable and least insular online communities that I know of (likely due to the fact that events like ReaperCon bring so many of us together to meet in person). Poke it enough times with a stick, however, and ultimately, you will provoke a response. Reaper has made it plainly clear, repeatedly, that there will be no swaps other than Sophi
  6. Not a bad idea, although I expect that most people not interested in them will take them anyways to either: 1) Trade on-line 2) Trade at their local gaming shop 3) Mod to fit their scenario 4) Leave in a box and forget about because they can I figure I might try to mod them and/or use as painting examples.
  7. To everyone upset at my suggestion I ask that you take a step back and relax. As I stated before hand, I am excited about the package which is a great deal. I'm looking to get into minis and this is a great opportunity to do that while supporting a top notch mini company. I am merely asking if Reaper would be interested in what I proposed considering the large response of people interested in only the classic fantasy aspects of the package. I took a look at the comments posted here and on kickstarter and I thought this would have been a great way to address the "swap out" requests while
  8. Howdy all, First off let me say that I'm super excited to have gotten in on the vampire level pledge. I can't wait to get my minis and start building up my collection. That said, I've noticed on these forums and kickstarter, an overwhelming interest in swaping out the non-classic fantasy minis (ie Nova, IMEF marines, zombie hunters, and/or etc.). I posted this idea on kickstarter, but I figured I might try here to see what Reaper thought. Would Reaper be interested in offering a second vampire option of classic fantasy only minis? The selections would still be fixed and at your disc
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