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  1. I want to thank everyone for the helpful advice. This was my first experience glazing, and it definitely won't be my last -- it was pretty clear by just dubbing around this is a handy tool for the toolbox. In the end, I got pretty close to the color tone I was shooting for. The photo isn't particularly flattering -- I think the model looks a little better and closer to the reference when in hand. I started with a red base coat for everything, which looked terrible -- like a dimestore toy. Then I made a very, very thin glaze of Imperial Purple. So thin that after a dozen layers I hadn't made much of a difference. The red got a little deeper and darker, but no real purples emerged. So I made a less thin glaze, and immediately started getting some nice rich blues and purples. Took it a couple of glazes too far: too dark, my nabassu was starting to look like a grape demon. Then I tried to lighten the color by using a thin glaze of pure white, which very quickly started creating that washed out, bleached effect I was looking for. I took the white a glaze or two too far, and needed to do a couple of corrective glazes to get back on track. (I really like how this technique allows one to make subtle corrections.) Gave the whole thing a brown wash, which didn't seem to do much. Then gave it a black wash, which did the trick. Did some highlighting and detailing. I think I took this picture a couple of steps before I finished up. The brushwork is sloppy, and this figure has some hair on his head, back, and legs that didn't really pop very well. Overall, I was happy with my first time using glazes. When I started this thread I had no idea where to start. To do it over again, I would have basecoated with the purple, then glazed red and then white to get the right tone.
  2. Folks, this is fantastic. I've never tried glazing before, but I think I mostly understand how it works. Almost all of my paints are from the Reaper Masters series, and many of the glazing tutorials/formulas seem geared for other, thicker paints. The Reaper's Clear Red product: can that be used directly as a glaze, or does it need to be diluted even further?
  3. I am preparing to paint the nifty Reaper Bones nabassu demon, and I am struck by the art from the Pathfinder Bestiary. However, it occurs to me I have no idea how to get that bleached out reddish/purplish effect. I've got a pretty decent collection of Reaper paints, but I am strictly a basecoat-wash-drybrush highlights-details guy. I can't seem to get a lighter shade of red without it becoming orange or (worse) Pepto-bismol pink, and this guy definitely shouldn't be pink. How should I tackle this mini? I really don't even know where to start to get that color effect.
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