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  1. Bikes get extra notice because bikes are cooooool BTW, if you need yet more orks let me know. I've got an old 40k starter box here somewhere and the orks and gretchins have only ever been used as paint test subjects.....
  2. We have pumpkins...I'm not sure if they are getting carved or not. They are currently out in the yard around the tree. I don't think we've ever roasted a pumpkin. Squash yes. Pumpkin seeds we've roasted. I don't like pumpkin. So my favorite is a pumpkin cheesecake that my wife makes that doesn't taste too pumpkin-y..... Or roasted pumpkin seeds. They are pretty tasty.
  3. We moved a 4 hour drive last year with 5 cats. 4 Hours was more than enough with the two I had in my car.....
  4. Didn't get any painting done over the weekend but I did watch two battle reports for Legion, and cleaned up mold lines on these guys while doing that. I'm hoping to get the first unit finished this week, but we'll see how much painting time I get, since I'm on call this week.
  5. Another vote for winter tires. I used to do rallycross, which is basically a fun little offroad course (dirt/gravel/snow/ice/mud whatever) in parking lot or other similar area that should be doable in any production car, similar to autoslalom but not on pavement, and usually much dirtier. (I hope to get back to it again one day....). I get to one event and it is ICY. After the first 2 runs, me (decent off road skills I guess) in my old front wheel drive Maxda MX-3 on brand new Blizzaks was something like 10 seconds ahead of a former Canadian rally championship competitor in an AWD subaru on all seasons. Unfortunately, over lunch the temperature shot up to about 5C and it got sunny. The low power FWD didn't fair nearly so well in the multiple inches of mud we had to slog through for the final 2 runs of the day.....
  6. Hanging out with my wife makes me happy. Being at the track makes me happy. A full tank, beautiful day, windows down, music cranked, empty road makes me happy. Finishing a mini (or unit) makes me happy. Actually getting out and playing an actual miniatures game with an actual human at an actual game store makes me happy.
  7. Last update I see on fb is they are hoping to get the Canada truck out the door today, but it might slip to Monday. So hopefully we'll see some tracking by the end of next week. @Corsair should have ALL of his painted by then....
  8. It would have been over 3 years ago because it would have been at my last job. Wasn't planned, but we were having data issues with a load that runs at 7, 11, 1, 3 and 7 and guess who was on call? It takes me a good hour to get back to sleep after working on a problem, so..... Hopefully not a timely question....I start my oncall week at the new job on Monday.....
  9. LFGS got some additional SW Legion Imperials in for me yesterday. a 2nd unit of Snowtroopers as well as 2 more units of Imperial Royal Guard and 2 more boxes of Imperial Specialists. No pics as they are all repeats, just adding some depth to the army.
  10. Remembered the E-web crew, which I hadn't assembled yet, are snowtroopers so I should paint them at the same time, so assembled these two during a conference call today. Then I got a message from the FLGS that my other box of snowtroopers had come in so I have these to assemble: And tonight I painted the base metals on the weapons on all 6, then touched up the white on the right 3. At that point my eyes were getting tired so I figured I should stop before I made a mess.
  11. As a long time fan of Hirst Arts I think this was just awesome!!
  12. Received my "get them before they are gone!!" order from Reaper. All the paints I could get of the paints I use( or needed to complete my spreadsheet ) of the soon to be discontinued colours. Plus a couple of new ones just to hit the next freebie mark, since I was close. And snagged a big ol' rock!!
  13. I had big plans to finally do my CAV vs Khanjira diorama this year. Started planning in January even. Then March came and the whole working from home thing. And I started painting Star Wars Legion in the little bit of hobby time I could muster. So it is definitely not getting done this year. But it is sitting behind me on its own table with a bunch of the parts there so that every time I turn around I see it and think about it. And once I get my Imperials painted I certainly hope I will get back to it and get it done in 2021.
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