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  1. Much airbrushing later...... I won't be fielding ALL of that tomorrow, that's well over 3000 points.....
  2. Catch up again.... Yes. Liners for Bones. Usually airbrush for everything else, unless I need a colour matched rattle can. Usually grey or black/grey/white zenithal. I'm using Army Painter Air grey primer currently for the tanks I'm priming. If I do zenithal I use Stynylrez. I do have a few coloured primers I use from time to time, and army green, a sand, a dark brown..... Hmm, probably learning about pinning earlier. A lot of my early stuff get arms reglued a few times.... We have one of those little letter box sized ones. If the package, like the replacement punch out board from Infinity Defiance's KS that arrived yesterday) is big and flat (this was 12"x12") they will stick it in there and leave the flap open. Anything bigger "usually" goes on the little table we have beside the door, although some insist on putting it on the mat instead. Luckily we have a very deeply sheltered entryway so even if something sits out there for a few hours it will stay dry, unless the wind is blowing from the direction it almost never blows from.... Yes! Biggest laser pointer I can find to lead it to the nearest sports field, where we'll have used the chalk line drawer to make a big box in the field.
  3. A few things came in at the FLGS that I picked up tonight. I ordered the Phase IIs last year sometime. Distributor finally got a restock. And I'd ordered 5 bottle of AP Air Charred Bone. I'm using it for the base colour for my German vehicles for Bolt Action.
  4. Was away a few days, finally finished assembling the StuG III last night. Might put the Schürzen on later after I get it base painted. Definitely not before Thursday's battle. Up next I'll be starting on the dark yellow on all the ones I "primed" red-brown last week.
  5. Forgot to post this first one yesterday. Picked up the fluo paints from the AP Air line. I'm going to be looking at doing some glows on the Konflikt '47 stuff. Currently I know I want to use green for the German gravity devices, but not sure what colour I'll go with for the rail guns.... And speaking of Konflikt '47, today I received my order from Warlord Games. I'd messaged them to ask if they would be selling the Zeus X heavy rail gun turret separately, as I didn't fancy dropping $120 US+ to buy another whole Zeus, just with the different turret. As they already sell the Panzer IV - X turret by itself, I hoped they might. They replied that they could special order one for me now, for $30 , so I added enough to get to free shipping and in the special order went. It arrived today. The turret is laying on the middle box in case in blends in too well. I also got the Flammspinne version of the light spider walker, and 2 more boxes of the Heavy Infantry I like so much, along with 3 more blisters of the 2 Heavy Infantry with LMGs. (the box set comes with 8 heavy infantry. The max size of a unit is 8. So if I buy 3 boxes and 4 blisters of LMG guys, I can make 4 full units with LMGs. Not sure how many points I would need to be running to field 4 units. (Actually, I do now. Each unit fully maxed out is 190 points, so 4 units are 760. You need a command unit, min is 50, so you are over 800 points, with 5 activations. So realistically, maybe 1000 point army, but more realistically a 1250 or higher game.....
  6. Yeesh, catch up time..... I've marshalled 4 F1 events in Montreal, so was neither a participant nor a spectator. Sadly have to miss this year. If I'm watching it I don't consider it terrible. But there are ones that others may. Love me some Mystery Men.... I have half a dozen to a dozen of them, mostly blues. Haven't gotten one in a few years. I tend not to use them as I like to know I can get the colour again if I need to. I love driving. One of my favorite things is hitting the highway (or some other really good road without much traffic) with the radio cranked and the window down. I'd race if I could afford it (and, you know, I was in shape, and stuff). "Tonight, in this episode of Jasper Needs an Army Painted, 6 amateur and professional commision painters compete in 3 rounds of intense minis painting mayhem! Tonight we focus on Imperials. Round 1, the Core round. Who can paint the best unit of Stormtroopers! So much white. Who will crack first? At the end of the round the bottom 3 will be cut. Round 2, Special Forces. The Competition ramps up as the remaining three go head to head to head on a unit of Scout Trooper Snipers? And with Special Forces come special challenges! What crazy rules changes and challenges will they have to cope with tonight? At the end of the round one more will be eliminated! And finally in Round 3, our final 2 will have to tackle the Vehicle challenge. The contestants will return to their home workshops and have 4 days to complete an AT-ST! Here's where they'll need to pull out all the stops! Airbrushing, scenic basing, magnetization, you name it. And when they return the judges will decide who is the Top Painter, and wins the big cheque! All tonight, on Jasper Needs an Army Painted!! " We have squirrels, that empty the bird feeders (when they were out). And deer, who also empty the bird feeders..... There are racoons, but not around our house, that we've seen. Porcupines and skunks, but again, not near my current place. We have bears. Apparently one had to be put down earlier this week as it had taken to hanging out in a childrens playground...😥 And we have signs on all the highways, and many miles of fencing, due to the moose population. Luckily I haven't encountered any of them while on those highways....yet.
  7. A little more red-brown got sprayed tonight, as I picked up the last bottle at the flgs. I focused on the tanks since that's what I'm using next week. I'll take picks of them tomorrow.... I also finished up the Panther: And got started on the Stug III Not likely getting anything much done tomorrow as I have to actually go in to the office, and then we're going to see the new Dr. Strange movie in the evening.
  8. It's only hollow the end of the muzzle brake. The issue is at the end where it joins inside the protective armor and everything. Pretty much all of them use a T piece that can rotate so you can only glue the stem of the T and therefore change the elevation of the gun. On other kits the stem is quite long and has a nice deep socket to connect to, so you have a very strong connection even before gluing. On the Panther it is a quite short stem with just and indent by comparison. Still, it seems to be holding, so far.
  9. Thanks, I wish I was getting more finished, but with a pretty tight window until I'm going to be unable to, getting what I need for a big tank battle is more important.... My wife was away at lunch so I got the Panther almost finished. By squinting at the other diagrams I was able to figure out pretty much where everything goes. The barrel connection is fairly flimsy compared to others so hopefully it will stay together. Should be able to finish this up tonight and decide what is next. At some point I should actually figure out what I'm fielding next week and focus on that, I suppose.....
  10. Spent some time with my airbrushes this weekend. So of these got primed, others already were. Then they all got a coat of AP Air Husk Brown, which I'm using as the German "primer" red-brown. There are 5 more tanks and 3 walkers in various states of partially to nearly "primed" with the red-brown as well, but I ran out of Husk Brown. Waiting to hear back from the store flgs if they have more in stock..... The AP Air Charred Bone will go over the red-brown next. And I started on a Panther. So far pretty much my least favorite kit. The tracks come in two pieces, and so far are almost impossible to join up without a bit of a gap. Luckily the treads will eventually be muddy/dirty, so that can get covered up.... Also, the instruction sheet for the Panther shows all the parts, but seems to be missing the arrows showing where they actually go, so it might get a little trickier than usual.
  11. Tiger I went together pretty quick..... Tomorrow, time to get some priming done. And probably get started on a Panther.....
  12. Tiger I started. So far this is probably the best kit I've done so far. Part of that is that there is little in the way of options.... I think I can leave the mud guards off if I like... as this only build the Ausf. E. And the tank treads are by far the best I've done so far. They index really well and everything pretty much locks into place. No guessing or needing to be extra careful aligning everything.
  13. I'm gonna go with "I hope not". Good point though. I'm going to plan to not store it with that turret on, and just pop it on for K47 games. Definitely won't transport it with the rail gun attached, since that's when most unexpected stress gets put on bits. This morning I finished up the Panzer III. Not my favorite kit to put together but looks fine once done. A bit too many fiddly bits and with all the options there are easily 20-30 places where you might need to drill out spots for options on certain models. I did manage to lose the tiny little bit next to the hatch there on the turret for the other side. Was picking it up with tweezers and heard it ping off a paint bottle somewhere. Guess they broke the one on the other side at some point..... Next tank will likely be a Tiger I, as it is on top of the pile....
  14. As expected, more assembly. During a call I had time to finish assembly of the Heavy Rail Gun for the King Tiger. Mmmm, rail gun..... After work I got the regular ol super heavy tank gun turret assembled, except for the commander and pintle machinegun. They'll go on later. After supper I started tackling the "stuka zu fuss"... officially the Wurfrahmen 40. It's an older resin and metal kit and is showing it's age a bit. I'll have to fix up the bottom front of the hull, as there was bubbling and is a bit incomplete. And no indexing for the tracks so you have to try to get them lined up and the same height. The rocket box thingies will take the most cleanup. They have a lot of leaked metal in places it shouldn't be. I got the tracks and front wheels on, and started cleaning up the rocket box things. After that got annoying I pulled out my Panzer III kit and started on it. I'm looking at a model L for this build, probably without the Schürzen. Looks like I'll have to pick up a few more Panzer IIIs in the future; lots of options. Time for a break.
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