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  1. I got this on Monday, but only got around to getting it out of my bag this evening. One of the Halifax Battletech guys had accidentally missed getting one of the packs from the Kickstarter. I happened to have an extra of that one, so I took it over while I was in NS and he hooked me up with some old school Battletech metal. The ones in the pack are a two pack of Lightning Hoover, a Fury Tank, and a pair of Chaparrel Missile Tanks. The ones in bags are a Marksman, Rhino, Thor and Behemoth. And the standing ones are a Grim Reaper, Gunslinger, Cyclops, Longbow, Shootist and a Wra
  2. I expect my wife has a longer list, but..... Hobby related: 1) Finish organizing closet/mini storage. I hurt my back taking it apart. The mess is making me want to get back at it now that my back has improved. 2) Get back to painting....see #1. 3) get minis in storage room put away, organized. See #1. This will get a push soon, as I'm hoping to be able to move my table for SW Legion in there for the winter and have room to play. Not Hobby related: a) finish clothesline step. Will be finished as soon as I find a 1x4 deckboard and some 2 and a half inch de
  3. Go to the race track. Go to the beach. Go for a long drive. Just take a break and listen to very loud heavy music. Usually one of those, in order of preference, if location and weather permits.
  4. I've decided to reread Dune, as the new movie is coming out and the last time I read it was Grade 9.....
  5. Saturday in Turn 7. Looking up stream, you can see the stands for 6, 5 and that corner in the distance is 4. And Sunday in Turn 9. You can see the stand for Turn 7, where I was the day before. I greatly enjoy Marshaling, but it is a strange "hobby", often hard to explain to others why we like. Most folks who come either come once or twice and then disappear, or they are hooked for life. Why I like it? I like helping out. Without marshals, they can't race. I like being out in the sun (or whatever) all day. I like being in the know on what is
  6. Well, since going "green" they don't report numbers over the weekend. So the 199 new cases reported yester wasn't awesome. That included 75 on Sunday, which is the largest single day for positive cases since the whole thing began..... They are re-implementing the requirement for masks indoors starting tonight at midnight. (I never stopped). We're at 484 active cases total, by far the highest we've seen (last highest was around 350 during wave 3). The only bright point is that the region I'm in has been low numbers compared to the other regions. Oh, and going back to the
  7. Oh, jeez, talk about a hard question...... I have trouble narrowing it down to favorite ship in a given universe.... So, any of the below on a given day. I'm sure there are others that have slipped my mind..... Rocinante - The Expanse Slave 1 - Star Wars USS Defiant - Star Trek Serenity - Firefly Battlestar Galactica - 2004 remake version Eagle Transporter - Space 1999 SDF-1 - Robotech/Macross
  8. Stopped by the FLGS this afternoon and was surprised to find this: Last I'd checked with them, everything for Evangelion was out of stock from the distributors. Unit 00 will go hang out with Unit 01 until I find some time to work on these. Now I wonder where I'll find Unit 02......
  9. Back when I was a teenager, Mom always introduced me as "the baby of the family". I was 6'2", 200+, with 3+ feet of hair and mostly like a metal t-shirt on.
  10. Pretty sure that IS grown up. Developing you "faking it" skill to the point you pass most skill checks.
  11. Well, complete turn around on the whole vaccine passport topic here. Went from "don't see a reason for one" to "will be available within a few weeks" . And we'll have to start showing proof of vaccination for most "leisure activities" starting next Wednesday. Another 63 cases and a death today. Apparently we are on track to be getting 100+ cases per day, which is about as high as it has ever been here.
  12. Pretty much just...yes. I've got what I'm supposed to be working on for work. I've got work chats about multiple things going on. I've had two meetings. I have chats about our Legion nights at the FLGS, since last night was Legion night. I've got chats about this upcoming race weekend, with the info as to what all is racing changing since yesterday. And I've got my brain waiting to get my office organized now that my back is feeling better while I'm trying to do all the rest. And I'm actually in the mood to paint. But my painting desk is covered with dragons, while I have my closet tor
  13. So, "shockingly" the week after school opened and our number of cases doubled over the weekend, with 122 new cases reported today. Luckily for us, there was only one case reported in our entire region, but other regions, not so much. Just waiting for the "back to the office has been delayed, again" email. Hope I can still get to Nova Scotia this weekend.....
  14. Umm, I played a new opponent in a game of Star Wars Legion. A PhD student from France who just got here. It went great! I got creamed in 4 turns. (I usually play a pretty "just ok" army when playing someone new, to figure out what there level is. He's a very solid play with a well sorted army. I'd be comfortable throwing anything I've got against him.) Hmmm. Probably around when I bought the first house. But there are still lots of days when I don't really feel like one....
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