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  1. Airship envelope is almost done....last piece is printing tonight. I think just 4 pieces of gondola left to print after that. Good thing, the first airship from the Skies of Sordane KS is out. I was taking it a bit easy with the resin printer. I was low on my regular grey and was having some failures on the left side of the build plate. So I releveled the plate and got 2 litres of resin in, so will be printing more (I did printer 19 figures today....but they aren't cured yet....). Over the last little bit I did get a couple of nice prints out. The Tortle is from the Skies of Sordane KS. The Cyber-demon was part of the May patreon set from Palsikels. And the Battletech Ebon Jaguar Prime came of Thingiverse.
  2. Heh, my mom used to call with that exact issue. "It's doing that thing again"....
  3. "Oh you work in IT? I have this problem with my <computer, phone, tablet, random electronic device> " Which reminds me, mom is supposed to call about a problem she's having with her email sometime this week......
  4. I ordered some Matryoshka blanks for my wife that left the Ukraine on May 5th. (She has a nice 7 piece set of blanks her aunt left her that she wants to paint, but I suggested she get a practice set first, so one set is just a 3 pieces with the basic pattern stenciled on it. The other is a 3 piece with cat ears.....) The seller warned that Canada Post doesn't track packages from the Ukraine, and suggested I send them through the US (they provide that as an option, for about $10 more) so I'd have tracking. I told her that we aren't even getting tracking through Canada Post on packages from within Canada currently, so there was no point. So hopefully they will show up sometime in the next month or two....
  5. I printed of a build plate full of Overrunners infantry last night (8 of the different male infantry, I'll get the other two and start on the female sculpts next). From here all looks good hanging on the build plate, so it looks like re-leveling the build plate may have cleared up my problem with failures on the left side.
  6. I have 3 minis holders sitting on my desk. 2 purchased, one printed (FDG's). I never remember to use any of them.....bottle caps and corks is what I've always used and even with a holder that takes bottle caps, I can't get into the habit of using them.
  7. I enjoyed your WIPs and miss seeing them. Personally, if I have time, I check out the WIPs section. I enjoy seeing the process folks go through much more than just seeing the finished product. I might make it to the show off section once a month or so if I'm looking for inspiration for something I'm going to paint or follow a link from somewhere else. I don't often comment, other than encouragement, unless someone asks for input. And often not then, usually because I'm a week (or more) behind and they've moved on to another step. For me show off pics are often just "wow that's great! I wonder how they did that? I wish I could paint that well" *clicks like* I enjoy watching the process in a WIP much more. But I understand WIPs are more work and not for everyone. I do them because it usually keeps me motivated to work on something, and at least usually gives me an idea how I did something (and maybe even the colours) when I come back to a project after being distracted for a few weeks (or months.....or years....).
  8. Horseback riding was the one thing to come to mind for me as well. I've tried it twice. Once when I was 16 and in Alberta for a 4-H exchange. Then a decade or so ago while in Newfoundland (not normally associated with horseback riding...) when my wife really wanted to. I do not enjoy horseback riding. I'm a big guy, so I end up on a big horse. I do not like heights. Even just horseback height makes me uncomfortable. Add to that being on a very large animal that I'm supposed to guide with a couple of leather straps but that I don't trust, and lets just say I didn't really enjoy it.
  9. Alright, time to get back on track. finish printing Rocket Pig airship A start printing Skies of Sordane Carren Pirates airship resin print some Bob Naismith Overrunners Finish that unit of Scout Troopers for SWL Finish the last 3 Rebel Veterans for SWL Prep and assemble a bunch of SWL. Get some solid planning in on that diorama before the year is half over.....
  10. Final results above. My Star Wars Legion painting got sidetracked. The lfgs decided to have a Legion painting contest, so I painted up some Rebel Veterans for that (since yet more Stormtroopers wasn't going to show much creativity). And after pushing to get them done (4 well painting figures in 2 weeks is way faster than I normally paint) combined with no massages lead to my neck being too bad to paint or assemble or anything for the rest of the month. Finally got a massage the 29th so hopefully next month will be more productive!
  11. Savings.......SAvings....saVINGs....nope, no matter how I pronounce it I can't get it to sound right. What is this new word for miniatures??
  12. 3D printing supply drop came in today. 2 Litres of Grey Elegoo resin, 2 bottles of IPA (finally) and 4 kg of CCTree filament. Should hold me a few weeks
  13. Also had to look it up My wife at least knew it was a thing, if not the specifics. It's not a day off here or anything, so so far the highlight of the day seems to be a 1.5 hour team conference call.... It IS D&D night, but that is just a Monday thing.
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