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  1. If you have steel pots, a portable induction burner or two work really nice. For work surfaces maybe pick up a couple of big cutting boards. We use our old school slow cookers for stews and pulled pork and lots of things. Haven't looked at getting a multicooker yet. Plan ahead for simpler meals (not so fancy you!) , and assuming you have a freezer, wouldn't hurt to prep some meals in advance that can just be thawed and heated.
  2. Yes, as a kid I read all the books. Literally (no pun intended) every book I had access to. All my books. Then everything in dad's bookcase (mostly sci-fi back then). Then whatever books my older sisters brought home from school. We lived out in the country so there was no handy library, but we had the Bookmobile (is that a thing anywhere else? Is it still a thing?) which was a converted school bus that was a traveling library. My only issue was that you were only allowed to check out six books per visit (I think it came ever two weeks?) and those would only last me from Tuesday when it came until maybe the weekend. I consumed books at a crazy rate back then. Now, I still like to read but have a hard time finding time. Like many others I have too many other distractions. And what used to be my favorite time to read, bedtime, now that I'm old(er) I usually can manage a page or two before I doze off, where I used to read for hours in bed. A week or so ago I actually had a good reading night, mostly because I was getting to the good part at the end of Sanderson's latest, and made myself stop at 1 am (or so). And was exhausted the next day.... I have been getting more reading in lately, which I'm really enjoying. Unfortunately it is because my back/leg are acting up so I've been going to physio and having a lot of soaks in the tub. I'm tending to use devices to read e-books these days (I use my old phone for tub reading...I hate damaging books, so wouldn't want a real one near that much water and humidity). While I love the feel and look of real books, the convenience of having them on your phone is hard to ignore. Plus the phone hurts less when I doze off reading in bed....
  3. Today's "Monday Best" are a pretty worn out pair of pj pants (they've been patched at least twice from my catching the pockets on the arms of my desk chair) and a very worn out Incursion t-shirt with a WW2 German zombie on the front and which has at least three...oops, 4 holes in it. Obviously Monday is a "camera off" day Since work in the office is "business casual", you could say that my work attire has changed...a bit.....in the almost a year I've been working from home.
  4. Things have improved greatly here from a few weeks ago. Today was the second day this week with 0 new cases, and the other days have been low single digits. As long as there is no new outbreak it looks like we'll be going back to yellow (but a modified yellow, not that they have published the new yellow rules) on March 7th. Unfortunately it looks like Nova Scotia might be having a bit of an outbreak now so the chances of the bubble coming back any time soon seem slim. Would be nice to get home and see the folks (without 2 14 day quarantines.....) As far as the vaccine, the latest I've seen shows maybe June for me, or a little earlier depending on how the categorize my conditions.
  5. It seems most of what I remember has come from the great Canadian philosopher, Red Green. Dating advice: Relationship advice: And most importantly:
  6. A decent session to get 2 layers of the red on unit#2. A little messy today, my shoulder didn't really feel like doing the whole "stable" thing. The Plate Mail is pretty opaque so cleanup shouldn't be bad at least. I do like how the red Contrast goes over metallic, leaving a shine (this is the happily named Flesh Tearers Red). If I decide to pick up Marvel Crisis Protocol I know what to use on Iron Man......
  7. Heh, the Imperial March was my second choice too, after Pantera........
  8. More progress post physio. Unit #1, on the left is pretty much done. I'll have to look at the weather to so when we'll get a warm enough day to seal. Unit #2 is starter, trying out the paint scheme on the commander (the rest won't have the red "head spot" marking), So far I think it looks good. The other 5 are still the base Plate Mail, so you can see the difference between that and how Unit #1 ended up.....
  9. I have today off so decided to do a little painting. My leg is a little better so was mostly just a tingly numbness if I stat at the desk for too long.....physio this afternoon..... Started on the first unit of B2s. They'd been primed with AP Plate Mail spray. So just a coat of Nuln Oil, a drybrush of Plate Mail, then a more directional light drybrush of Shining Sliver. Last (for now) I've gone in and washed Agrax Earthshade into the "abs" section and the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints. Next session I'll hit the abs up with a slightly darker metal (I'll try GW's Leadbelcher, haven't used it before), some touch ups and the red dot/light/eye thingy on the left shoulder, and look at the weapons to see what folks are going with those. Then they'll be ready for a sealing and basing. Basing will be the same as the B1s. These ones will be the classic all silver ones. The next 4 units (until I get box 6) will each get a different colour for accents, so I can tell the units apart.
  10. Ah, the smell of an imminent allergy attack......
  11. There are lots to pick from (the beach, a crisp autumn breeze, a turkey roasting) but for me: race fuel exhaust. Standing out on a marshal's stand, usually the 3rd session of the morning (normal rotation is lightweights/slow bike, fast lightweights/slower big bikes, and then fast big bikes third) that first lap when a 600 or 1000 goes by running race fuel on the warm up lap, and I'm instantly in my happy place. Sadly the cars don't seem to run it (or the same type) so the smell I most associate with them is burnt brakes, and that is not a happy place smell, but more of a "where's my fire bottle" kind of smell.....
  12. He and "Mutton Chops" (Agent Kallus) are listed as March 19th up here according to my FLGS. No idea if they will be out sooner or later in the US (the CIS and Republic specialists I've had for a month were just released this week in the US due to some sort of rail car delay.)
  13. Stopped by the FLGS yesterday after physio and picked up a third box of ARC Troopers. (I thought I'd gotten 3 when they came out but just had 2). And my Deep Cuts play mat finally escaped from the Fedex hub in Memphis and got here. Mat is 3x6 (the size for Legion full games) and is mouse pad type material. Seems nice and really high resolution. I'm planning to set up a table in the garage as soon as it is warm enough to get my summer car out of the way and hopefully get some games in. I need to get my printers up and running and crank out some more terrain....I really only have enough Star Wars themed stuff for a skirmish table (3x3) currently "ready" (usable, in need of paint) although I doo have some stuff printed that needs assembly too.
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