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  1. Stopped by the FLGS today (after updating my list of stuff I still need for Legion) and found a few things. Also grabbed a bottle of super glue. Different brand than usual so we'll see how it goes....
  2. Wow, been a bit. Finally had a chance to do a little assembly. 5 more Tactical droids (the guy in the back was the first one I did). And another unit of tauntauns. Hope to do some more assembly over the next few days now that I've got my room sorted a bit and can actually get to the desk again.
  3. Sanity (or the political equivalent) seems to be returning. The restrictions on fully vaccinated folks entering NS have been dropped and everyone from NB will be free to enter as of June 30th. Hopefully able to seem my folks in a couple weeks.
  4. For work I usually leave mine off, unless it is a one on one thing. It is much easier to go about my day while listening in on whatever the meeting is about if I know no one is watching. For non-work I'd plan to have a camera on, but I don't do non-work video calls often so my non-work camera is buried somewhere on my desk....I think.
  5. So, y'all may have noticed I'm a bit of a pessimist.....I have good reason. See that word up there? The H word. "Hopefully". All it took was that momentary lapse, letting a little optimism in.... Today, the day before the Atlantic bubble was to open again, and I could visit my folks and the track without restrictions, the premier of Nova Scotia decided to instead impose restrictions on anyone coming from New Brunswick, where I'm at. He's apparently upset that NB went ahead and allowed folks from the rest of Canada to come into NB if they've had at least the first shot (or quarantined
  6. No side effects from our 2nd shots. The track is starting to plan real events. So hopefully I'll be there the 2nd weekend of July. They are running July 3rd/4th as well, but I'm on call for work. And I need to remember to not plan to go to too many as all that driving is hard on my back....
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by "too many" but back when we played some Star Wars RPG (I don't recall which version) I had a few prepaints but it was hard to find much of anything. Since I've started playing Legion I have an ever increasing supply of official miniatures plus I've been exposed to the wonderful world of SW inspired 3D printable figures. Need an obscure character that was seen in the background of a movie, or that has only appeared in a comic? Odds are it has been digitally sculpted, often by a couple different people. If I never bought another figure, or printed out more
  8. I refer the Genie to my legal council for all future communications......
  9. I've been to a couple of silent auctions for fundraisers, and at least one with actual auctioning. I don't think I bid on any of the live auction type things, but I did get a few thigs from the silent auctions. Not my preferred method of acquiring things, because, you know, interacting with people and stuff.
  10. 2nd shot done. No mind control, superpowers or improved cell signal noted as of yet. There was a cancelation just before me, so our pharmacist offered it to my wife (who would have been eligible to call on Monday anyway (although they changed that again today, so she could have called later today....) so we both got our shots. The kid still has to wait a few days to get to the 28 days they want.
  11. That depends on the answer to this question (minor Loki spoiler):
  12. So, as mentioned, 2 have a three "step" process to getting back to green. Step one took an extra week (to get to 75% having had their first shot). That happened Tuesday I think. Step 2 required that 20% of those 65+ have their second 2nd. We hit that a day later, so we went to step 2 at midnight. That pretty much opens us up to the rest of the Atlantic bubble as the other provinces regs allow. I haven't kept up, but they are all either open now or will be on the 23rd, I think. Not sure if we need to show anything yet or not. And the rest of Canada can now visit us under certain regul
  13. Kobold Battle Armor....... D&D, I prefer the draconic kobolds.
  14. I live in the only officially bilingual province in Canada. I've only been in my city for almost 2 year, but 16 months of that has been during Covid, so I know less about the place than I probably should. Pre-last year there was a booming cruise ship destination business here. Last year was supposed to set records, but then you know....instead last weekend I got to run in a auto slalom next to the completely unused docks for the cruise ships.... This city is known for it's fog, which I don't mind at all. The place an hour north of here will be 33C with a humidex in the 40s and we'l
  15. This. I'm currently waiting on 3 Kickstarters (I can remember, at least) for miniatures (I mostly do STLs these days). They are Reaper, Corvus Belli (Infinity) and Catalyst Games (Battletech). Not exactly the smallest names in the indurstry. But, what the folks who complain see to forget, is that the WHOLE miniatures industry is a tiny niche market. Last year GW's global sales were around $350 million USD. So even the giant on the block has sales that were roughly 1/1000 of Walmart's US sales alone. And everyone else is fractions of what GW sells. So it's not like Reaper, or Corvus
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