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  1. Axis & Allies was my favorite through high school when we used to play all nighters. But I haven't played it in many years even though I've picked up a couple of copies of it. Hard to find 3-4 people willing to commit to a 6+ hour board game. I'd have to completely relearn the rules by now.... Now I think probably Carcassone. It is fun and fairly quick (unless we play with all the everything) and has lots of interesting little expansions (and a couple of duds). It is one we always fall back on when no one has something new to try out.
  2. Acquired volumes 3 and 4 of The Boys Omnibus from the lfgs. I also picked up an AT-ST for Star Wars Legion, because AT-ST Someday I should actually assemble some of the Star Wars Legion stuff I've picked up.....
  3. Yeah, so yesterday was +12C with rain and fog. This morning was -8C with a layer of ice with some light snow over it. Had to find my boots and gloves and winter coat (remember we moved on the weekend) and scrap the car (nothing like the sound of polycarbonate scratching over ice first thing in the morning). That put me behind schedule. I don't know if the traffic is always that much worse 10 minutes later, or just everyone was slow, but the drive was mostly stop and go, so I'll be making a point of leaving a little earlier going forward. Also, realized I could use some new boots. Last two winters were when I was laid off, so I mostly just wore my insulated rubber boots if I had to go out in crap, but they aren't particularly suited for the office , so didn't realize how beat up my old ones were.
  4. Oddly, the forecast was correct, so all of the snow has melted and it was 12C and foggy when I was out at lunch. Wandered down to the flgs and acquired a few things. Went to the market for Korean for lunch, but they are closed this week so tried out the Shawarma place instead. Was tasty. Was unable to access the forums for about 3 hours, but luckily that crisis seems to have passed.
  5. Jasper_the_2nd

    Infinity: Defiance

    I'd "almost" managed to forget about this......sigh. Pledged, quick, before the proceeds from the house sale got allocated.
  6. Back to work. At least that gives my back a break from lifting and sorting boxes. It was pretty tired by the end of yesterday. At least I was smart and have a massage booked for tomorrow. Started unpacking some painted minis (I don't have enough cases to transport them all anymore, so I need some empty cases to get the ones I took to my apartment). Only damage so far was minor, the flight stand on a steampunk mechanical flier(West Wind EotD Clicker Flyder) came off, a steampunk mechanical giant spider thing (West Wind EotD Clicker Harvaster) came off it's base (not surprising with the tiny spiky contact points), and an old GW Minotaur converted for Bloodbowl had an arm come off at the elbow (I guess the ~20 year old super glue had had enough). Should all be easy fixes. Need to clear space to get a bookshelff in the room so they have somewhere safe to reside. Hopefully tonight.
  7. Getting caught up after moving. A Gnomish arcane mechanic (no idea of actual class specifics, would be dependent on system). All of my favorite characters have pretty much been Gnomes. And I'd want to be one who would make fantastical and wondrous constructs. For some reason all the really tough fights I can think of in RPGs were ones I was running...... At the end of Pools of Darkness (what? I'm old, and I haven't really played video games in....a FEW years....) either the last battle or one of the special ones after it (I think they were sort of class specific) , there was a battle with a bunch of shambling mounds and beholders (and probably a bunch of other stuff) and it took I don't know how many attempts. If you didn't get initiative on them, you were dead. Even if you did, if any saved against your area of effect stuff and got their first action before you could thin them out, you were dead. And even if that all went your way, you still had to get lucky. Good times.....
  8. Huh, a bag of Dragon Dice....I wonder if anyone still uses them for anything?
  9. seems we are getting some proper Maritimes weather tonight: Hopefully all the mess will have melted by morning. I have my PC in the house now, so not need to fight with the phone keyboard. Time to open some boxes and see what is in them. How I can label 20+ boxes as "Misc" every time I move.....
  10. Got tired of rearranging boxes of stuff, so I'm over at my apartment to grab my pc and move it over to the house. Which probably means I should stop reading the forums and actually shut it down......
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    Jasper's new painting room WIP

    Well, somehow, my wife has agreed to my getting a room to paint. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but I've started moving stuff just in case.... When moved here (4 or so years ago) I'd decided to set up a paint area in the basement. It was dark and dreary but I had lots of room. But, I've never really got to paint down there. My wife suggested I paint up in out "great room" (as she calls it, I think of it more as a big living room we don't use for living room stuff. ). So I've been painting there, where she can wander in and see what I'm doing without heading to the basement. The set up there is ok, with lots of light and decent space with me set up on a 6x3 folding table. But there are a few problems with that, like the 4 cats who like to stomp all over the table, and having to pack things up if we have folks over and want to use that room. Now when we moved in, the boys moved into the two bedrooms on the 3rd floor (its a 2 1/2 story), the master is on the 2nd floor, and the 2 spare rooms (the little ones, I'm sure they were once one room....) became my study and my wife's craft room. Fast forward to this spring, when the oldest comes home from college. He convinces his mom that it would be better for him on the 2nd floor, so all her craft stuff goes up to his old bedroom and he gets her craft room. Well, a few weeks ago he moved out west to start life in the working world, freeing up a room. Now since summer we've been having problems with our pump (we have a jet pump located within the basement), first diagnosed by a large puddle. So a bunch of my painting stuff in the basement got moved, very quickly. As the pump issue is still being resolved (surprisingly, my wife's oldest brother was the guy who installed said pump back when this house was built in the 80s, and is trying to get it to stop leaking, but getting distracted with getting married and stuff ) I suggested that I could at least store some stuff in there until the basement was back in order. And somehow that has evolved into my getting a painting room. I really haven't gotten started yet (been mostly airing out the "teenage boy who played a lot of video games in his room all summer" smell ) but I figured I'd do a WIP to keep track of it (and likely where it all goes horribly wrong). So, after way too much text: So yeah, that's a lot of orange.....you should see the rest of the house. Someone liked their autumns.... The only real plans so far are that the table will eventually hold an air brush station. And the big open section by the other window will have a big metal desk (once I clear it off and disassemble it and lug it up from the basement) that will be for painting. Closet will be minis storage, as will a set of shelves from the basement that currently are full of kickstarter packages of goodness.
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    Jasper's new painting room WIP

    So, after a mostly sleepless night, I got started on organizing. The closet got filled. All the boxes of novels got taken our ( I'm going to get rid of a lot of them, hopefully mostly to a guy on my team at work, some maybe to used book stores. The keepers are going onto a bookshelf or two in the rec room.) That gave me just enough room to get the desks set up. I tend to accumulate old beat up desks, so they are all mismatched but all I'm looking for is flat surfaces, so they work, and leaves more of the budget for minis ). So here's what fit.... The big brown desk on the left is my paint desk from the previous edition. It will continue in that function as the light arch fits it. The table in the corner will likely mostly be storage, paints or minis or something. It filled a space. The corner desk will probably have the airbrush booth so I can vent it out the window , and maybe store basing stuff too. And the brown desk on the right is my computer desk. I should probably figure out where the 3d printer is going soon too. That should leave room for at least 1 bookshelf to hold my painted minis. That should give enough space and surfaces so my wife can come in and paint when she wants too.
  13. We spent most of the day unpacking and organizing. Doesn't seem quite as much the impossible task it seemed last night so feeling much more positive tonight. Internet is hooked up so I'm part of civilization again. Desks are set up in the paint room/ office so tomorrow I'll recover my pcs and monitors from the apartment and maybe even get started on unpacking paints and figs. And do laundry...blah. I could use a week or two off to get everything done, but back to work on Tuesday.
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    Jasper's new painting room WIP

    Time to resurrect this topic as I start over on my new new paint room. Well, while I lie in bed at 4 am pondering my new new paint room at least. We moved yesterday. New house, new city, new province, new job. I've been in the city working since July, but took some time to find a house and sell our old one. Anyway, on to the paint room. This will be a combination of a painting space and my study/office for my computers and such. (They were separate in the last house, but the new room is bigger so in theory it will work better). Some pics from Friday night. Nice and empty as the moving trucks came Saturday. (No idea how these will work, I normally nevet post from mobile, but internet doesn't get hooked up until later today and my PC is still at my apartment). Where the desks will hopefully be. Other end of the room. BIG closet! built in shelves in big closet. So I thought i had lots of space.... Then we unloaded the moving trucks.... Oh boy....
  15. Caught up. We moved Friday. In the first snow storm of the season (of course). Last night we slept in a very empty, very large house. Today the moving trucks came. Tonight we are sleeping* in a very full, doesn't seem big enough for all our crap house. *well my wife is sleeping. It is current 3:30 am and I've been awake for 2 hours. Between my allergies acting up with all the dust and such from moving, and my bad shoulder throbbing (pain meds are starting to kick in I think), and the cats chirping and banging as the explore, and my brain trying to figure out where things will fit (my study/paint room looks like a full storage locker currently), sleep is not working for me so much.
  16. Acquired a new miniatures storage facility (aka a house) yesterday. In the first snow storm of the season, of course. Hopefully will be re-acquiring all our stuff in a few hours when the moving trucks get here.
  17. I'm hoping all my minis will fit....
  18. Well, 16 hours from now a giant truck is supposed to show up and load up all our possessions for the move. Everywhere I look I see something that still needs to be packed. Going to be a long night.....
  19. Since I don't have enough projects on the go, I decided to start another one. When the Bones III Kickstarter came around I really liked the Blackstar Corsairs, so much I ordered two sets. When the giant box o' Bones arrived I was surprised to see them on their sprues still and in pieces. Not a problem, it just meant I couldn't play with them, err, inspect them when I was sorting my figs. So they all went in a Ziploc. Today while pondering which project to work on I noticed them (they were hiding behind another project I have't even started a WIP on yet....). And tonight while pondering how the Olympics ruin TV for everyone, even when it is night where the Olympics are being held, I decided to go take a look at them. I found it interesting that all 5 come with the same "accessory" sprue, which contains a bayonet, a belt of grenades?, the visor, a sheathed knife and a gun with right hand. But 80076 and 80080 come with the same gun on their parts sprue as well. So you end up with a couple extra guns. Each guy comes in 4 parts btw, lower torso, upper torso and each arm. My plan is to do the first 5 as designed, then do some mods on the other 5. May need to look for some weapons to swap. At this point these guys are just clipped and friction fitted. I'll get them cleaned up and glued together sometime soon. The middle 3 will likely need the right arm and weapon left off until after painting the body. Not sure if I'll use all of the accessories on all of them or not. I'm very happy with these guys, glad I got 2 sets. They will likely play a role in my Savage Rifts campaign at some point. And maybe the IMEF have a new enemy to battle....
  20. You can also check out Adam Wilder (Adam's Armour books, Wilder Weathering products) or Michael Rinaldi (Tank Art books).
  21. My sculpting has been limited to minor modification so I'm not one to criticize other's work. And I have a fair collection of old figs that are very crude by today's standards. And while some figures aren't to my taste (some of the KD stuff is just ODD) but they are sculpted very well....just really really odd. I expect that was exactly what they were going for so it is well sculpted, just ...you know. If I had to pick something out of everything I own, I'd be looking at some of the Palladium ( Robotech rant removed) Rifts figures, the Witchling comes to mind. It was a pretty shapeless sculpt in the late 80s/early 90s, when it came out. Poor for the time. But they are still selling it?! To me that's the worst part.
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    Jasper paints some Blackstar Corsairs

    Heh, no, not even started. I posted this up in early Feb of 2018, when I thought I was going to have a few months with lots of painting time as I started my job search and enjoyed being paid not to work. I think about a week later a whole mess of real life intruded all over my plans and pretty much nothing got painted since. These guys are now in a box (somewhere in the basement possibly, or maybe in the apartment.....). Once the move is over, and the new paint room is set up, they will be unpacked and hopefully get worked on sometime in the next...year?
  23. If it stayed miniature....my Wyrmgear with its Gnome riders. That would be awesome flying around the house. If it became full sized...the Battletech Griffin I've been painting (yes that might be stretching the definition of "to life"). The commute to work would be a lot more interesting in that...
  24. So, with a complete lack of surprise, they just issued a winter storm warning for Friday (aka, moving to a difference province day). But at least the warning covers BOTH provinces.....
  25. This is as close as I came to cooking: Hopefully the mecha looking artists concept in the Chronoscope expansion. We'll see what the model actually looks like but it shows promise!