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  1. I'll go with one from Marty, who was one of our first 2 cats. Marty was very much the classic window hunter cat. Whenever she saw a bird the tail would go and she'd do that Predator hunting noise. She'd sit for hours watching the birds. So our last place we lived was rural, we had 10 acres, and were also on the lower slopes of a Mt. (it was Nova Scotia, their really aren't any real mountains). So there was a lot of wildlife. And the crows in the area were BIG. I don't think they were ravens, but I never got around to taking a really good look. Anyway, Marty would always do her thing with the crows, tail going and making her noises. Well one day a crow landed on the deck railing just outside the window Marty was at. Maybe 3 feet from her. I don't think she'd ever realized just how big a crow was. Never seen a cat go from predator to "fleeing for her life" in an instant. 🙂 She was pretty bashful afterwards. But she did go back to shaking her tail at them eventually. Can't keep a "mighty hunter" down for long.....
  2. For starters, I pretty much stopped reading/viewing any news back not long after the pandemic started. All the everything with it plus the US Election news (which tends to dominate Canadian news) was all a bit too much. I've never really gotten back into paying much attention to the news since, and only notice things when someone points it out to me. A bit of living obliviously, but hey, my blood pressure is down..... Beyond that I've never been one for reading the papers. I'll read the comics when I'm visiting my folks, they still get the local paper, even though the whole thing is now smaller than the classifieds were when I was a kid (do kids these days know what the classifieds were??). No puzzles for me, my folks fight over them (dad has to copy the cryptoquote on to piece of paper before mom does it so he can too).
  3. Probably a toss up between the messaging apps, the e-book apps, and the one game I play.
  4. Been poking at these guys a bit, but then got confirmation of a game last night, for today. So push was on. These 4 are complete as of about 5 minutes ago when I put them on bases. They are what I need for tonight (gun up guy will fill in for the officer. The Mertilizer is sealed, just needs the gloss on the armor-y pieces and put on the base, which is completed. Was working on it too until I decided which heavy I was going with. And the officer and grenade launcher need their flames painted and their bases finished, since there should probably be some OSL on the bases. Not bad for time, don't need to leave for an hour....plenty of time for the super glue to dry.....
  5. While watching Friday Night Fights (SW Legion live stream) I put together this Crusader I found in my stash. I'll probably magnetize the turrets later. Apparently were used extensively in the desert. And then opened the 8th Army starter box and started on the two Bren carriers. I'll do one as a Mk I and one as a Mk II.
  6. Geez, haven't updated this in a while. Those loaders did get heads btw.... Lately for assembly I've started on some British, specifically the 8th Army from the Gentleman's War box set. (btw, if you haven't watched SAS Rogue Heroes on Prime, go watch it. I can wait.....) Finished up the Humber this morning so here is a group shot of what comes in the box (for the British, it also comes with some Afrika Korps for the Germans). Humber II in the back, with the officer and two assistants in front of it. Left front is the light mortar team, right front is the Boys anti-tank team. And two the sides are two units of infantry, each with a Bren and loader. A good start, now to tackle the actual 8th Army starter box.....
  7. Nope. Think I had to do a little terrarium a very long time ago for a school project.....no idea what was in it now...bugs? Maybe a small lizard or two?
  8. For live action, definitely Marvel. The MCU has done things well, and even their "worst" are better than a lot of the DC content. DC's Arrowverse was pretty good when it started, but the last seasons I watched were pretty bad. The DCU has been so inconsistent and has had so many reboots that it really doesn't compare. Individual movies have been excellent, but combined they are a mess. Favorite: Of current content: The Boys "universe". Seems like the most realistic take on what would happen if powers developed. Plus Karl Urban is "diabolical"..... Of all time: another vote for The Tick in all it's forms. "Da dweeee, da da da dwee dow."
  9. Probably somewhere in the high teens or low twenties? We watched it a lot. Favorite? Probably Animal followed by the Swedish Chef, like others. Although Beaker's rendition of "Feelings" is pretty priceless......
  10. Most things, I'm the guy who's supposed to fix it, so I've gotten good at relaxing and investigating and coming up with solutions. Luckily trouble shooting has been part of my jobs for the last 20+ years, so apparently I'm pretty good at it. And youtube is super helpful these days for repairing or finding out what parts you need. For example, I have now replaced most of the stupidly poorly designed components of our Dyson vacuum. For bigger stuff, I try not to stress and just deal with it as needed. We have a crack in our foundation that started leaking in October. The previous owner had had it repaired by some crap company (who does 2 year warranties on foundation repairs??) so we have to wait until spring (ground temp is too cold for the product to bond properly in the winter), remove a small deck (for access), dig out the foundation and then have an external membrane applied. Because the good foundation companies won't warranty an internal repair if the crack has been previously repaired, since they don't know what is in there or how it might interact with their product. So 5-10 times the cost to repair. Awesome.... I listen to heavy music at loud volumes, preferably while driving. I find it very calming and relaxing.
  11. Also was never that much of a goal setter, beyond things like: When Battle of the Planets was on I wanted to be a member of G-Force. When Emergency was the big thing, wanted to drive a firetruck. When BJ and the Bear was on, wanted to drive a big rig. When A-Team was on I wanted to be a member of a crack commando unit that was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit, and that promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade o the Los Angeles underground. Beyond that I wanted to race cars, have enough money to buy all the toys I wanted, have a wonderful wife and a nice house, and retire early. Of those, I've gotten to slalom and rallycross cars, and lap on a a race track. And marshal bike and car racing. So mostly that one. I haven't bought all the toys I want, but a pretty good percentage 🙂 I did manage the wonderful wife, and the house is pretty nice. Still working on the retiring early, unfortunately.
  12. I guess I'd have to go with spinal surgery (receiving, not performing). I don't think that is really in anyone's comfort zone. Reason? The alternative was slowly (or quickly) getting permanent nerve damage, eventually to the point of losing functionality to everything below the waist. It went pretty well, some nerve impact to my left foot, which so far seems to be recovering. Last thing that didn't involve me being unconscious? Starting a new job after 24 years with the same company. Reason? Layoffs at the old jobs. I guess it went ok, I'm still employed , going on 4? years? Really. Jeez, a pandemic really throws off how long some things seems to have been.....
  13. It varies. A nice long drive with the windows down and the tunes cranked (not so good this time of year), going to the beach (again, not so much this time of year), getting lost in a book, assembling some figs, or binge watching something. Yesterday was assemble some figs.
  14. Introvert. Very much so. This post will likely be my only social interaction today. And I'm good with that.
  15. Not too much, my wife is both better at that sort of thing and much more into it. I did find a nice recliner for her (we don't buy new furniture, the 4 cats remove all value from them almost instantly) for free on a FB site last year.
  16. Switched back to the Dark Troopers today. I think this one is basically done. Not that you can see in this pic, but the red power lights on the chest would have had to been free handed on to a tiny detail. Instead I painted some buttons or something just below that. Way easier and close enough. The rest need the metallics done, and then I need to figure out the flames for the flying guys. And finish the bases....
  17. Haven't got much painting done but assembled a bunch more Dark Troopers. Today started on base colours for Moff Gideon. Lot left to do on him, but a start.
  18. For movies, the biggest would have been walking into Empire (the line was so long we got in during the Han/Chewie/Probe Droid scene). I'd only seen the first one on TV. Life changing. For concerts, the Damaged Justice Tour. First, Queensryche's drummer catching a glowstick and throwing it back to the audience, mid song. Second, as they prepped the stage for Metallica, hearing/feeling them crank up the volume even with nothing playing. And finally, during the encore, during One, on "Landmine", the pyro was so loud it felt like the whole building was picked up, moved about 5 feet to the side, and set back down.... No pics for either, that was all well pre smart phone. Could have gone to see Judas Priest within the last couple years. Should have, but didn't. Going to see a Tragically Hip cover band later this month, should be fun. Movies, there are lots I look forward to seeing, but nothing huge that I'm super eager to see. More just sequels and the occasional "that looks like it could be neat" kind of stuff.
  19. Concerts I like. The rest are very much based on the topic. Perhaps being dragged to Anne of Green Gables every year as a kid may have impacted that. If the show appeals to me, like Spamalot!, then sure. I used to like concerts live, but as I've gotten older it has been harder to convince myself to go. I don't like crowds, and that has gotten stronger in the last few years. I'm sure I'd have fun if I went, but convincing myself to buy tickets is hard. Of course the prices of tickets doesn't help. So now I mostly watch stuff at home, although I have a feeling I may be getting tickets to see a Hip cover band playing at our local theatre for my birthday.
  20. Yes. I grew up on a farm in the middle of no where. My last place was rural enough that we had to plan shopping. My current place is suburban but 5-10 minutes from everything. Now that I'm older I think the convenience factor wins out. I've never lived in a truly urban environment, but have stayed in a few big cities. The walk to everything seems nice, but I'd need a car stored in a garage somewhere to go on drives. My ideal house would be a nice rural house at our race track. There is good shopping within 10 minutes and Halifax shopping is roughly a half hour away. And I believe they ran fiber out there for internet last year....
  21. 28. Mostly. Except for the part where I'm going back to work in late March. That part could have taken as long as it wanted to.... 29. At least the three you listed, possibly more. I wasn't GMing back then so didn't pay a huge amount of attention to where it was run. 30. Nope, I could name a couple but that's it. 31. Nope.
  22. Colour test on the Dark Troopers. Think I'm happy with that. Under natural light you can barely see the purple but all the detail shows nicely.
  23. Our own cats, probably behind the lazy susan (is that a common term everywhere? The round spinny thing in the corner of the cupboards.). To be helpful she'd get back there and then knock things off the spinny thing until to got stuck, so you had to pretty much unload the whole thing before you could get her out. But a neighbor's cat caused us more problems. This was when the boys were younger, and they neighbors "hired" them to look after their cats while they were away on vacation. A day or two in they say they can't find one of the cats. We're worried that one snuck out, but spend about 2 hours searching the house for it. I finally find it up in the drop ceiling in their basement.... No and no. I probably noticed at the time but had forgotten their was a 2nd one. Both of the games I'm currently doing minis for come with their own bases, and if I need an odd size for something I have 4 3D printers. I also have a big drawer full of assorted bases.
  24. So I've been printing a new terrain piece for Legion for a week or so, and finally had enough done to do a test fit of most of the main parts.... Note the Shoretrooper for scale. Still have to finish the back piece (on the printer now) and a top piece which will have "cables" running from it to the front and back. And a bunch more things that can hang under it. The crane engines slide onto a rail type thing that runs the length of the body, so you can change up how they go and what levels they are at, and they provide independent platforms to put between the hanging ones and ladders and so on. It is a a beautiful kit called the M.U.L.E. done by Imperial Terrain. And by the time it is done, I might have just about used up all my partial spools of filament.
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