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  1. Well, our bubble popped, at least for now. PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador are both "taking a break" from the bubble while NB and NS try to get their cases under control.
  2. Yesterday was the highest one day increase our province has had, and most of it was my city. Luckily most of the the "get tested if you've been here" information is for bars and clubs between midnight and 3 am, which rules me right out.... Heard from the oldest, his test was negative, so that's very good. The younger (who lives with us) had a call from the health folks. He was at Dooleys (a pool hall type chain around these parts...no idea if it is anywhere else) when someone who tested positive was there. They said there was no indication that he was anywhere near that person so no need to self isolate or get tested or anything apparently, just to watch for any symptoms....not sure those are ideal instructions but if he did get exposed I'm sure I'd have already been exposed to it from him before they called anyway..... My only adventure out this weekend was to two hardware stores looking for clips to attach exterior Christmas lights. Apparently our old clips are MIA from the move....
  3. And we're rolling back to orange tonight. Up to 14 cases locally, which is up from single digits yesterday (their dashboard needs a drill down feature and the ability to step through the days.....).
  4. Well, on the less positive side, the older boy who lives in Calgary let us know last night he has to be tested today as his roommate may have been exposed. This will be his second time being tested since it began. And my LFGS just announced they are suspending in store play again due to the current jump in numbers, so I guess I won't be back playing Legion there for a while. Was good while it lasted.
  5. Picked up a couple of stls the other day: First, I'd realized that in Star Wars Legion I have enough Separatists I had enough bought to start planning some armies, except for standard B1 droid troopers (Roger Roger). I'd picked up 2 of their Upgrade boxes, so I have the cards for them, but not enough figs. My LFGS has been trying to get me the Clone Wars starter for months (hopefully soon, since my wife wants to get it for me for Christmas) but can't even get in the standard B1 unit box right now (Asmodee/FFG/AMG distribution has been...sub par lately) so I snagged these from Dark Fire Designs to use as proxies until I can get the official ones: Printed some out yesterday and they look good but are so delicate....broke a leg and an arm and a good half a dozen antennas (the antennas are actually thinner than the supports....). I'll assemble some of the upgrade official ones this weekend to make sure they are appropriately sized. (I hear the official ones are a bit of a nightmare to assemble....). And while I was in there getting stuff from Dark Fire Designs I snagged this to use as terrain for the Clone Wars stuff (it is Legion scale): I've seen pics of one printed as the center piece of a board and it looked pretty awesome.
  6. I checked my 800 point Imperial army from Tuesday and the changes to unit costs saved me 30 points. I knew this change was coming, and at least it was all planned out with the original game designers before Legion got moved Atomic Mass (and the original designer was let go) this week. Adjustments to get people more likely to use older stuff isn't a bad idea, especially since that's most of what I have painted
  7. Found enough time to get the base Creamy Ivory over the Soft Tone on the cloth. After work tomorrow I have a 3 day weekend. Hoping to get these 9 plus the actual e-web done by the end of it. And figure out how much everything costs after the big "adjustment" to the rules released tonight....
  8. Compared to most places, we've been lucky so far, but we are definitely getting an upswing the last couple of weeks. 43 active cases in my province today, with the 4 new cases today. I know very small numbers compared to many places, but a month or so ago we'd been around 0 for a month or so. Not surprisingly, most of the new cases are in the 18-29 demographic (I remember being in that demographic, when everyone thought they were indestructible.....), which is also the demographic locally that is most likely to not be wearing a mask. Restrictions are starting to come back (the zone north of us just went back a Orange (the rest are in yellow...scale is what you'd expect from red to green). We've been at mandatory masks for a while now (but I've been at mandatory masks since March cause I have a number of conditions that mean I really don't want to get anywhere near it). But pretty much everything is open and I can play Legion at the game store every other week, so not too bad here. There is talk of shutting down our Atlantic bubble (travel between the 4 provinces is permitted without isolation, since our numbers have been so low). Nova Scotia is having a significant upswing currently as well, which is prompting the talks. It won't impact us as we have no travel planned for the next 2 months at least anyway. Personally, it doesn't impact me much. I get to work from home (I'm in IT), which I enjoy (jammy pants and an Incursion T with a zombie German WW2 soldier on it was work attire for today). I'm very much an introvert so not seeing people really isn't an issue for me. My wife struggles with it a bit more, but as things are now she can get out enough to not go stir crazy (she struggled back through March-May when restrictions were tighter).
  9. FYI, there are 2 days left before the late pledge manager closes for Skies of Sordane, if anyone was still considering massive skyships......
  10. Well, that depends on what we call a job, since I grew up on a farm...I had lots of "chores" that others might consider jobs.... But if we look at something with extra financial compensation, that would probably have been haying. First job outside of the farm field would have been a summer job working as a "general IT guy" for the Dept of Housing for the city I grew up near in 89, doing everything from making and running cable, to system admin for vaxen, to making custom menus for the secretaries' PCs (which would have been 286s.....).
  11. Are the clips just to hold the end up so the bowden tube can't slip? (hard to tell from pics I could find). If so you can use an appropriately sized zip tie. The ender 3 doesn't have clips but some folks zip tie the ends. The spring is internal one the extruder? All I see is a black box.....was curious if it was the same as the one on the ender 3 or not.
  12. Getting low on filament (again) and noticed an FB ad for a Canadian source. They're sending me a sample pack to try out today to try out their filament, so hopefully a new "local" source.
  13. I was going to say something very similar to about, but with Les Stroud (aka Survivorman). But without him, I'd go with: 1) a good knife or multitool 2) a really good butane lighter 3) enough of my meds to make it to at least the day after I'm rescued
  14. Nice!! Although I'm not sure I'd want to fire that while airborne if I were her.....might go into unintended death blossom mode.....
  15. It was SW Legion night at the LFGS. I decided to use up some of my accumulated store credit to grab a couple of things for my upcoming droid army.
  16. FYI, Canadian's don't call back bacon "Canadian Bacon" and as far as I know, is not very common up here. I've never had it that I'm aware of. My bacon comes in strips of deliciousness..... Unless you were referring to: That is an entirely different thing.
  17. If you have your RX ordering glasses online might be the best option with the current conditions. Not much worse than busted glasses to make everything just THAT much more annoying....
  18. 1. Retire. 2. Pay off everything. 3. We'd have to discuss moving. I expect we'd stay in the Maritimes but would we stay in the new city, or move back to Nova Scotia. If we stayed here we might upgrade to a slightly larger house. 4.Help out the older boy. He's been very independent, but I know has struggled some, so at least paying off his truck (or something similar) would get him ahead a bit. The younger is still at home and still needs to learn how to manage his money (a couple of epic fails so far) so while he might benefit from living with us, he would not be getting a "sack o cash". 5. Travel. I expect we'd travel a couple times a year as there are a number of places we've always talked about going. At least 1 trip per year would be to a famous race track, hopefully during F1 or MotoGP. 6. Get something fun for autoslalom/lapping/potentially racing. Not anything stupid expensive, unless the win was like $30 million or something silly like that. 7. Get something else fun for rallycross/rally. Likely and STI or Evo, or something similar. 8. Invest in a game store. I used to think I'd open one if I ever won the lotto, but now I'm older and wiser (aka lazier). I think it would be nice to dump some capitol into a gaming store (assuming I can find one locally that seems to have a decent business sense, which my current LFGS certainly seems to be) and see what they could do with it. And have a place to hang out and watch the community grow. 9. Maybe splurge and get a couple of armies painted professionally. While I would presumably have more time to paint, unless I invest heavily in a technology like extending human lifespans or regeneration or something and reap the rewards, there no chance I can paint everything myself.....
  19. Came across this last night and as I'd just been watching the first season or so of Rebels, I couldn't resist. Legion scale stompy walker (AT-DP, a walker that I believe has only appeared on screen in Rebels). Serves no practical purpose for Legion but should look good standing by my FFG AT-ST.
  20. Drybrushing got done this morning. And the Soft tone on the cloth of the Snowtroopers got done this afternoon (I have the day off). The heavy's arms are down below... got cropped out. That's likely it for today, tonight is D&D. Might do some assembly and mold line cleaning, but that's about it. I can't paint while playing.
  21. I usually put them off, and then wish I'd done them right away, since I tend to waste more time avoiding the task than it actually ends up taking. So I "try" to do them right away, as "there is no try", I usually "do not".
  22. Looks awesome! So nice to see a big 3D print actually painted up (unlike all the ones sitting around here). Should be great for the game!
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