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  1. Was hoping to get a good amount done today, but unfortunately work issues (I'm on call this week) chewed up most of my day. I got a few bits glued onto the panzer, and I cleaned up and "assembled" a medium mortar team and medium machinegun team. The weapons are glued together and the figs were cleaned up, but they are held in place on the bases with poster tack. I'm supposed to be playing an intro 500 point game with a friend tomorrow afternoon, assuming work doesn't interrupt. Wanted to try those two units out.
  2. I don't tend to think of people that way I guess. I mean, I look a firefighter or soldier or someone like that doing something very brave, and think " wow, what a heroic act" but in general, I don't think of people that way. The exception would be my wife, who's gone through a lot, and continues to deal with a lot. She's my hero. I've painted her a few things, and printed off lots of cats for her, here's my latest: For a reaper fig, I really like the Catfolk Duelist (04056) which I might grab in my next order. Although she really likes birds too, so I'll likely get the Ukrainian relief fund songbird for her too.
  3. No time to do any real hobbying today, but I did measure my printed Panzer IV and compare that to the BA version. 85% seemed to be about the right scaling factor, so I printed one off to test. Looks about right to me....
  4. They're really so easy to use, and the Libre stores 8 hours of data, so scan it first thing in the morning and you can see what your sugars did all night.
  5. Pretty open about it. I don't post pics to my FB feed or anything, but then I don't post pics of anything to my FB feed. But the 20+ miniatures related FB groups I'm in presumably make it pretty obvious. In person, well, I'm an introvert, so I try to avoid that in general with people I don't know. So talking about me isn't much of a thing......
  6. If you have a plan that covers it, I highly recommend one of the wearable sensors for monitoring glucose (I use the Libre 2). So convenient, and not nearly as annoying as I expected.....
  7. It's the camera, it adds 50 scale pounds 😉
  8. Last night we had to say goodbye to our oldest cat, Alex. She was almost 18.
  9. Low carb and Keto allow lots of cheese. I gave low carb another shot recently. Unfortunately my morning sugar spike (dawn phenomenon ) is still too strong, so no low carb for me....
  10. The IMEF battle set, with some new troopers, troops on bikes/hoverbikes, a humvee sized transport (with drivers/passengers) maybe with a few weapons options, maybe some more combat suits like the Bulldog, and at least one tank (mmm, tanks). And some appropriate stuff for whoever they are fighting (Nova Corps? Kulathi? The Gray Aliens? Bathalians? Blackstar Corsairs?) Spin quickly while painting? At least in zero G your paints shouldn't separate.... The soda machine.... I'd put mismatched parts of a couple of dragons, the dragon turtle, khanjira, etc. Should confuse the heck out of the future people as they try to put it together.
  11. They are nominally the same scale, "28mm" and 1/56 scale are generally called the same, but since we all know 28mm is "whatever" it's all kind of *shrug*... And as we'll see 28mm =1/56 scale isn't even always the same. Tonight I decided to start assembling the Panzer IV-X (stop twitching WW2 history folks, I know that isn't a real unit, I'm getting to that) from the Konflikt '47 German starter box. Konflikt '47 is the Weird World War II edition of Bolt Action (more or less).. So the kit comes with a standard Panzer IV (with parts for any of F1, G or H) plus the alternate turret for the fictious X (featuring the Schwerefeld Projektor aka Gravity Pulse Cannon). Hull top and bottom aren't attached yet, as I want to decide if I'm magnetizing or just leaving it with peg and hole..... Lots more to do on it, but getting late. I did decide to dig put my West Wind Panzer IV hulls (one is for a Wirbelwind) to compare, and grabbed the 3d printed one I've had on my desk for a year (from 3D Breed's March to Hell Kickstarter) all for size comparisons. So, as expected there are some differences (oh, that's the X weapon turret popped on there). West Wind's Berlin or Bust! line is also 28mm, but their vehicles are 1/60 scale. So these are a bit smaller than Warlord Games' 1/56 scale one. And as I'd heard from a friend, at least some of the vehicles from that KS need to be scaled down a bit. (quick check on the cutting mat looks like it is around 12 cm long while the BA one is around 10 cm. I'll do more accurate measuring before doing a test print). So in closing... TANKS! 🙂
  12. Was at the FLGS last night for my first game of Bolt Action (it didn't go well for my Germans, their dice were not rolling average....) Had a few things come in. Blisters may be a bit hard to read. The left one is Fallscihrmjager Panzerschrek, Flamethrower and Sniper teams. The left is a 150mm Nebelwerfer41. To save on googling, this is a Nebelwerfer: And, of course, another "tank" (it's not a tank but a tank destroyer).
  13. 4 this week with the Canadian softball..... puts me at 28.
  14. Switched to a new different econo pla, and it prints well enough (it's a lighter grep, details look really sharp on it) but I really need to sort out the adhesion issues I'm having with it vs my old econo pla. It initially sticks just fine but then starters to curl. On both the Ender and the SV03. A "fun" week of tinkering ahead I guess......
  15. Managed to get all the kit attached, everything primed and even a base coat on everything. The officer I'm going to aim for the dark greyish uniform look, so base coated some AP Uniform Grey Air. The rest were base coated in AP Field Grey, like the first batch. Should probably see if they have that in the Air range..... The half-track was primed in grey (like the others) then I primed anywhere underneath or in the tracks or wheels with an AK red primer (which is a pretty close match to the Scale 75 War Front red primer colour that comes with the German vehicle set. Unfortunately it was a bit thin for the pressures I'm running so didn't apply overly well. It then got a good two coats of War Front Dunkelgleb. The first batch didn't think well with Army Painter's Airbrush Medium, so I mixed the second batch with Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver and that worked much better. Hopefully since I wrote it here I'll remember that for next time. Tomorrow I have to reattach the big gun (Pak 38 maybe) to the gun shield as it seems to have come loose. And then figure out how to pack this up to take to the store.
  16. Mmmm, tanks..... Got one unit kitted up tonight. I included an 11th man, with panzerfurst. I realized that my list was 495 points, and a panzerfurst is +5 points, so..... Plan is to kit the other until tomorrow morning and the get the airbrush fired up and get some primer and maybe a base coat on everything needed for Monday.
  17. Trying to get ready for Monday's demo/game. So that is everyone armed and headed. I made a point of putting kit on the guy going with the commander as I definitely want to get him primed. If I can get the kit on the two units I'm planning to use I'll prime them too, but we'll see how much time I get. Once these guys are kitted out I'll probably assemble a tank or something before getting back to finishing painting the first squad, because tanks......
  18. So my wife almost never gets me gaming stuff, and usually when she does I know what it is because she asks what I want. But today she managed to surprise me. I've just recently started into Bolt Action, so asked me to point out a few things I might be interested in. This was only a week or so ago so I figured she already had most of my presents bought, because she' generally an early shopper. I pointed out a couple of unit boxes and then showed her some cubes of d6s, since you need a fair number for the game and some different colours come in handy. She asked about paints or sealers and I showed her the AP matt spray. She picked out some dice and a can of spray. So today when opening presents I got this: She'd gone back and got two of the units I'd shown her on another day, and hadn't had my present all bought. Sneaky..... Also, part of my order for the next Bolt Action order came in, so I picked that up while I was out today. The grey order dice, the German fancy d6s, a Puma, some Blitzkrieg infantry that wasn't on my list but ended up with my name on it, so I grabbed them anyway, and the German Konflikt '47 starter (K47 is Warlord's Weird World War II setting. The rules are almost the same as Bolt Action except for a few tweaks, but you can play with were creatures and zombies, and of course Big Stompy Robots. )
  19. That was my initial plan, until I managed to lose one of the 2 I cut off the sprue while they were laying on my desk..... Now the plan is to do 4 or so actually modeled ones, and then have a small stash of loose ones in case I need more. I just need to find a nice small container to store them in......
  20. Well, I get to start having to remember a new number for my age.... And I might get to go home and visit my folks at the end of the month (or early April) if folks would hurry up and pick a date for n AGM, And if the weather is decent, of course.... 60158. It is the only Monolith that comes up when I did a search....
  21. Technically no, as I'm still working from home and if weather interrupted the commute between the bedroom and my office things would be bad..... But we've had a number of storms this year that have shut down most of everything. I'm pretty sure I'm required to say my Dad. He was my teacher for grade 6. (small school so only one teacher per level) There's 3 of our 5... Timmy (Peeps), Tommy (Bubby) and Melman (Mel Mel). I'm the most recent winner of the sh!t magnet award for our marshaling club..... Having a race car jump the wall to try to land on me (it missed 😉 ) pretty much assured me of the win..... Thanks for another great month of questions @haldir !!
  22. From the BA line, I picked up the Jagdtiger (because I like big stompy things, even though I'll almost never play it....sooo expensive, points-wise) and Tiger I ausf. E, since they were the two that came in on the initial order. From West Wind I've had a Panzer IV and Wirbelwind partially assembled for a couple of years that I'll be digging out soon. I've also got STLs for most of the German armour from 3D Breed Miniature's two March to Hell Kickstarters. I've had a Panzer IV sitting on my desk for a year or so, but I need to compare it again to at least the West Wind one as I seem to recall it seeming a little small. Might have to scale when I print more... The next order (coming in next week maybe) I didn't specifically order any tanks ....but I have a feeling there will be some new tank boxes showing up to go on the rack, since the store owners know me pretty well. I did order a Puma, but it fits in the armored car slot.
  23. Took my Germans to the flgs tonight as I knew there were going to be 3 of us there for Legion, so I brought in my play mat and terrain but let the other guys play, while I worked on getting my Germans assembled. Made pretty good process: Got rifles and heads on 10 guys, giving me 2 full squads ready to go (they all need their "kit" attached on the backs, but they could play as is). As well, I stuck and officer on a base, and put together a trooper with a smg/assault rifle to go with him. And then I started on some troops with Panzerfaust. (You can have up to 4 panzerfaust in a squad. They suggest you put a fig with one in your unit for each one. Since they are one shot weapons, once you fire one off, replace the mini with a same equipped model with no panzerfaust. I'll likely do a few more. I have 8 extra guys on the right there to sort out. Beside panzerfaust I want an NCO or two with rifles, so I can field a bare bones unit or two. At least one more lmg and loader, and a couple more smg/assault rifle guys. I do have another 24 grenadiers (so 4 more sprues) coming with the Konflikt '47 starter, so I can add another full 2 squads with a few extra guys there too. And, as long as I can get these 11 incomplete guys assembled (and all the kit attached) before the new stuff comes in, I can build a couple of tanks! (as per my own self imposed rule that infantry has to get assembled first...to keep me from just building tanks and never get my infantry done.......).
  24. That looks great! Thanks, will definitely be going for that.
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