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  1. With so many people getting at least the Vampire level, I'm surprised there aren't any Print and Play board games popping up for this yet (other than the Hero Quest expansion). Is there any interest, or do most people just want these for RPGs?
  2. And the iPhone dock makes 3. I think the main advantage of the gaming ones though is how little lead time they take compared to other similar projects that produce a consumer good. If I recall correctly, Reaper spent about a month in preparation for this Kickstarter. I'm guessing ones like the Pebble watch take a lot longer. I'm betting that with the higher funding rates, we'll be getting a lot more interesting non-gaming ones in the future.
  3. What does gratitude have to do with this discussion? I'm grateful for the deal offered for figures, it was an amazing. There are separate threads for that. This thread is about giving feedback on the Storm Giant design. Some people don't like that it's not a fighting stance; some people think the pose is too sexual; and some people, like myself, just think that particular pose would require joints in places that they didn't previously exist. Being grateful doesn't preclude having any of these opinions.
  4. Okay, how about this: I'd like to see the artist take a photo of themself in that pose to prove that it's possible.
  5. At least two weeks. It's not entirely clear if the process slows down for larger Kickstarter projects or not on their end.
  6. I don't mind the lack of fighting stance, but it would be nice if it didn't look so uncomfortable to stand like that.
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