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  1. Army Painter spray primers have so far shown the best results, ie not becoming a sticky tacky mess. Every other brand of spray primer has had various results most of which are sticky tacky messes. This only applies to regular bones. Bones Black can be spray painted with any aerosol spray primer. As for the specific wording, it may be that Wren doesn't use or didn't test their black primers. As for varnish, it depends on how it's applied. The reason that aerosol primers make regular bones sticky is the propellant used, which is common across all aerosol spray cans. That propellant reacts with some of the plasticizers in the regular bones that prevents the paint from curing. Army Painter's spray primers have to be using a different type of propellant, possibly because they wanted to avoid plastic melting chemicals as plastic minis were becoming quite good when it was developed.
  2. 2016 was horror but also the first year of Dreadmere.
  3. 8, 10, I lost count a few years back after giving away a few bottles.
  4. I've used them before and need to use them more. I like the fact that I can thin it on a wet palette and have every consistency from thick to glaze from the same dab of paint. If need be or if preferred you can thin completely with water. I highly recommend thinning in a jar or cup first if airbrushing, but once thinned airbrushes great.
  5. Mine came in yesterday. The handwritten note was a nice touch. For the undead Samurai, the lacing detail is awesome. Seriously THE BEST sculpted Japanese lacing I've seen.
  6. Spend a few dollars and get Creature Caster's drunken brush goop; better for sable brushes and includes a conditioner.
  7. Rotting wood is a better match than any of the other leather colors.
  8. @Sirithiliel I'm no where near good enough for a bronze yet but I can offer some insight into that step from silver to gold. I do Japanese fiber arts for reenactment groups. While it's been touched on, I don't think the difference between silver and gold has been fully revealed. For years I wondered why I wasn't making that leap, what was I missing? I just couldn't see the difference between my Japanese braids and the experts' braids. They all kept telling me I was improving but I just didn't 'see' it. So I didn't believe them and felt very frustrated. So much so that I took years off until someone came to me for questions. I started braiding again, then I 'saw' the difference between my old braids and the experts' and my new braids. So much so, that entering them in a competition in Feb and writing where the mistakes and changes were the fiber art judges couldn't see them. It is very frustrating to not see that difference between silver and gold until you're on the other side. A good friend of mine explained it to me that the step between silver and gold is twice as wide as the step between bronze and silver. There are a lot of good advice above, paint the models that give you joy, use the colors that give you joy, focus on one model for next year, and don't worry about medals but I'd like to add one. Take frequent breaks, paint a different model or even do a different hobby for short periods of time and don't look at your entry for a few days or even a week/s. When you come back to it, your brain will see the next step. I'd even say pick your model but don't start work on it until the end of the month. But please keep painting the things that give you joy.
  9. A name and number on the back qualifying as being present is a good idea. There were a ton of people I talked with at Reapercon that didn't know there were/ would be multiple raffle drawings. Many of them were previous attendees and should remember but it happens once a year so it's easy to forget there's a raffle nearly night.
  10. They also did a raffle during Reaper Live Thurs, so every official night.
  11. So, what does everyone think about the format this year with the raffle mixed in with the auction? Normally, I would have enjoyed it but had planned to leave before the auction so it was inconvenient this year. I know most of the Kansas City folks leave right after the raffle every year so they were upset that it was mixed.
  12. Lynnvander isn't the lead on this project, they're just a hired design team. The project creator, Jasco Games does have a track record of completing and shipping the KS rewards. But I can understand the feelings.
  13. I believe the Guest/ Special steam times will be those who contacted Reaper about doing our streams. I hope Justin will set Reaper to host the current streamer. I know I'm excited to stream from onsite.
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