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  1. nakos

    Scale75 - The Chronicles of Run

    For the US backers, what shipping company did they use so I can keep an eye out in the right places?
  2. nakos

    ReaperCon 2019 Ribbons

    I'll have a ribbon called 'Beard' that can be achieved by all, be creative. And maybe one more, I'm not sure.
  3. nakos

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Reaper said they were shooting for the beginning of June. I'd say that you're pretty safe to not worry for two more weeks.
  4. nakos

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    For the last three years there were no limit to the VIP passes or extra VIP swag. There has been no indication or implication that that will change. If funding is an issue in getting a VIP pass before classes go up, a 4 day pass now plus the VIP swag later is the same price and content as getting the VIP pass now. Something to keep in mind though if you can swing the VIP now is the VIP passes will get 24 hr early access to class signups. ETA Should have read the next page.
  5. nakos

    ReaperCon 2019 tickets

    Change the year in the site address to 2019 and it works. https://purchase.growtix.com/eh/reapercon_2019 It looks like you can order extra swag at the same time as the pass this year. I haven't completed the purchase as I need to wait on funds but last year your had to buy your pass first then the extra swag page unlocked
  6. nakos

    Amazonians by Tomb Guardians Miniatures

    I'm on a few of their social media stuff and I don't get the levels of ads others are reporting. But then again about two weeks ago they hired a dedicated social media person, Yeji from Snickernack Studios, so things should be changing in that department.
  7. nakos

    2019 ReaperCon Hotel Information

    Reaper Ron was answering my question/ comment about meet and greet. He did not say or imply there would be no goody bag but that there would not be a meet and greet dinner pass in the goody bag.
  8. There has not been any news if they are using the same system, same system with fixes, or a different system.
  9. Unfortunately it was already asked during one of the live Reaper Live if it was the same Clockwork Brass and the answer was that it was not, just happens to be one of the names that Pathfinder wanted.
  10. nakos

    Queen of the Damned: Velrath’s Vampires

    I didn't that feeling and I watched most of their Twitch interviews. Double pledged for the Vampires level. They hit their $11.5K stretch goal before it closed.
  11. To many posts to quote about freezing the glue and snapping the bones black. That was me. I tried the regular bones trick of freezing the glue to make it break. This does not work for bones black because of the way the joints are made and that the factory used a thermal fitting process. A friend on FB was able to separate preassembled bones black through repeated boiling water process. Reaper started in the last Reaper Live episode that they are going to redo the joints and the like for bones black so they don't have to do thermal fitting in the future.
  12. For those trying to figure out how many orders are in Wave 1 and about how many are left. I did a post a couple dozen pages back but the gist is historically there will be about 2,750 orders left even after the Canadian Wave 1 orders were removed. So there is at least Mon and a bit of Tues of Wave 1 shipping left.
  13. They said that it will be for an upcoming secret project, most likely Bones 5. They've already said that the May freebie will be a Klocken model. Yes, the comments were from Bones 1 (or2?) KS comments.
  14. Based on historical data of wave 1 orders, averaging 500 a day will take about 5-6 days. Removing the Canadian orders from wave 1, you can still expect an average of 1.5 orders per backer or about 2700 orders left in wave 1.
  15. nakos

    Super Chibi Villians

    Broke $6K. I added $35 for the two add-ons.