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    Thanks for all the compliments! It's hard to say how long it took to do since the bulk of the time was spent waiting for paint, varnish, or plastic water to dry. I'd say that if I had to do the whole thing over and with no interruptions, I'd have it in 2 days. I'll try to post more pictures sometime soon. Things I wish I'd done different: 1) Wish I was handy with NMM, but I think the metallics work okay here. 2) Could have done the individual figs a bit better, probably not my A-number-one best work, but they work fine as part of a diorama. 3) I love woodland Scenics products, generally speaking, but they have this brush-on adhesive for making trees that is just no good. I've done a lot of touch up on these trees and they're still not cutting it...the more I glue back on (now with zap-a-gap), the more fall off somewhere else! Anyhow, I'm sure I"m just being overly critical. Thanks for all the kindness and I'll try to post more tonight! -VTAM
  2. Hey all, I did this diorama for a friend as a housewarming gift...of course he moved in 2 years ago, but I think he'll appreciate it all the same. I took some pictures that showed off the painting better, but this one actually captures the mood/feel of the piece. I need to touch up some of the trees, but overall I'm quite pleased. -V
  3. The acid spitter looks like a chitinous vagina with legs. Sorry if that weirds anyone out. Love the new bugbears.
  4. I agree with Steven Page...I'd love to see cavalry and mounts. It would be doubly awesome to have swappable riders and mounts, like you could buy "Human fighter, Mounted?" and it's just the guy sculpted to a saddle but then you can buy the mount of your choice: Horse, Dire Wolf, Bear, Ostrich, whatever!
  5. I got my stern yesterday, but left him in the car so I haven't done a size comparison yet. Yeah, the blade looks a bit stumpy, but it always _did_. That is still definitely a great sword! If he is a bit short, that makes him even MORE perfect for my character: A faith-obsessed 12th level human fighter with: Full plate +3 Dancing Large Steel Shield +2 Greatsword +3 of Law and Holy Cloak of resistance. ALL of which are arguably represented on this model! Oh, and He's only 5'7". In short, I love this model! Mine has a slightly uneven cast though. I had my FLGS set one aside for me, picked it up, and the owner of the story just says "merry Xmas" and gives it to me. Though the savings was appreciated, I can't exactly hand it back. A little filing and filling will solve the only problem I have with this model. -Vyeto
  6. I just cannot stand waiting for this mini! It's going to be a representation of my D&D character. I rolled up stats and made fluff for this guy with a fuzzy picture of him in my head (okay, I actually based him of WOTC's old "Human Templar" model, but he's changed a lot since then, especially his equipment) and this mini has clarified that picture. *tapping foot impatiently* Are we there yet?
  7. Hey all, the new Stern Kestrelman is supposed to be released this month...anyone know when? -V
  8. Just for the record, I'm an RPG kind of guy first and a "wargamer" second, so to me the fluff and fiction is very important. I agree that a solid ruleset is necessary (vital, even), but IMO if you're not going to have good fluff then you might as well play chess.
  9. If I can throw in my .02 here, I'm going to side with Frosch and please bear with a bit of explanation. Reaper has a phenomenally wide miniatures range, which is good. Given the diverse iconography and imagery apparant on almost each and every figure, the Adon universe is going to be quite deep and expansive. This is also good. What I'm worried about is that Reaper will get so busy making stats for every single miniature in their range that they will have to focus more on "Hmm, what kind of bonus should we give to an Arachno assassin holding 2 scimitars over an arachno assassin holding a scimitar and a Cinqueda" than on the things that make games playable...like history, fluff, fiction, and art. In my Humble opinion, that is a shortcoming of CAV that is slowly, slowly, being addressed. Not to make a tired comparisson, but battletech had a LOT of fluff and background. Most of it was terrible, granted, but at least you could play a good mech game and laugh at the fumbling exploits of the Davion family while pounding your opponent. In CAV, there's opponent pounding and...thats about it. I hope that Warlord will not fall into the same trap, and it doesn't have to. I think the way to help this along is to release the character-building rules in the final version. This way, Reaper can provide "core" stats for generic troops like "Orc" or "Viking Warrior" then allow purchase upgrades for weapons, armor, and the like. This will allow the creative brains at Reaper to work on the color of the Adon fantaverse rather than have to bury their heads in dice-math all day. If anyone is worried about tournament balance, well, there are ways to address this. WYSIWYG for one, making sure that models are equipped as they are described. For another, make players present a detailed stat card for homebrewed creatures. If anyone is REALLY that worried about game balance, don't even USE the upcoming rules for individual races and figures. Play with the generic core troops. Anyway, just my opinion.
  10. Hey all, just some ambiguities I wanted to present ot anyone that would care to listen. These could also be considered my questions if they've been addressed before: 1) Coup De Grace: Can I attempt this if in base-contact with a model other than the one I'm attempting to kill? IE, a tough/2 model is at my feet and I've got his buddy swinging at my head, can I gash this chumps throat? 2) Support: IS there any limit to the number of supporting models that can surround a foe? Obviously if it's a 1" base the limit would be 3, (6 if you got some pikemen in there) or up to 7 for a 2" base, etc, but is there a point where the stop counting? 3) The cover rules are very vague...took my group of 4 about 3-4 reads and several coarse discussions to clarify. Before anyone starts with the snide comments I _swear_ we aren't too stupid. 4) What can you do after a successful "tough" recovery? Can you get up and that counts as your move? Or can you get up, move, and attack like nothing happened? 5) Should Lance and "Magic Horseshoes" be specified for cavalry only? 6) The "Yeoman" abillity is listed for many archer models. WE presumed this meant "volley". Clarification would be nice. 7) Does flying count as higher elevation? (we assumed yes). 8) can you charge from flight? It takes a non-combat to go airborne, does it take one to go down? Anyway, good game and I'm looking forward to seeing it completed! -Vyeto
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