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  1. I think she looks great and can't wait to paint her! She is going on the shelf, no grubby beer gamer hands going on her...
  2. Number 5 made me think of "how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop" I don't use a wash for every part of the mini, depends on color and part. I tend to wash armor since its tough to add depth to chain mail. There is a section in the bottom of the forum with a post with tons of links to tutorials.
  3. there is a Dick Blick in Boston, road trip time! Don't you want to amaze at how rude and unfriendly us Bostonians are??? Best of luck with finding a good quality brush, I do love my Raphaels!
  4. Wil Wheaton is considered the poster boy for nerds and geeks, he has a web series where he tries out games with other "celebrities" like Felicia Day and Popular game maker Steve Jackson. He is still playing a nerd on shows such as Leverage and Eureka. And his semi famous "Wheton's Law" is "don't be a dick" So yeah, I let out a nerd girl squeee when I saw the update. Also check out "Acquisitions Incorporated" the D&D game that the guys behind Penny Arcade and PVP, along with Wil, play via podcast and PAX. No one beats actors for cheesy elf role playing. Since Kickstarted still h
  5. If you aren't picky about mold lines and in a rush you can get everything in Super Dungeon Explore glued in about 2 hours, with a wee bit of sanding. Except the dragon. That guy makes me mad. I will have to blow dry him until he gets into the correct position. Very annoying. The 2 bones I have from the paint and take are both 1 solid piece. For some reason at around $1.99 a pop I am not expecting these to be mind blowing minis, but the detail and quality Reaper has put into them is fantastic for the price. Cheaper then prepainted plastics, you can get what you need, no prime, no seal,
  6. They made minis for this game!?!?!?!? When my boyfriend and I moved in together we had no furniture, a tiny old TV and every single night after work we played Gauntlet Legends. That game was so good!!!!!
  7. I have gamer friends who got vampire level since they felt as DM's they could finally buy minis they could try and paint but did have to go through the "horrible" prep that goes into metal minis. I paint metal minis, and I love them and all the work I put into them. However... I got Bones as a fast fun project for people to slap around on the game board. I do not want to glue together 300 miniatures.
  8. I have a ton of cheap brushes in all kinds from Micheal's crafts. Then I have my beloved Raphael Kolinsky Red Sable brushes. The tip on them is amazing. They make me wish I was a better painter :)
  9. I use the "zenital highlighting" idea. I have an airbrush and I spray a base color, then a highlight down. The highlight is from one direction to give me an idea of where the highlights should be. I find it to be helpful since I stink at light placement.
  10. I am hoping the sword maiden is a bit bigger/buffer then the typical female fighter. I play a 7 foot goliath female barbarian in my D&D game and so far the only mini that came close was a limited edition Cool Mini fighter with a spear that they happen to have at PAX East. She was taller then everyone elses mini so it worked out since she wasn't giant tall, just a little bit taller. I am hoping this one will be similar in size/build.
  11. Oh man, the sword maiden looks amazing, but it seems like the info could be better and images of minis from other companies kinda throws me since it doens't look like anything has been sculpted or really started yet for the line. I will keep my eye on it, but getting a buttload of minis for $100 (even if they are plastic) really makes everything else pale in comparision.
  12. All Candians talk like Ike in South Park All Texans wear cowboy hats and say y'all I am from Boston and think everyone is wiked f*ckin retahded Everyone in England is like Dr Who and Sherlock
  13. I have 2 of the minis from the PAX East "paint and take" and they were awesome, I scoffed at the non prime non seal promise. Then they let me throw around and drop a painted bones fig they had and the paint didn't budge. Whatever kind of plastic it is, it is fantastic.
  14. I am in the process of painting Super Dungeon Explore. After that is complete I plan on moving to the box of unpainted metal minis. I am painting a few hours 4 nights a week (M-T-W-F) to get into a habit of it for when the box of awesome arrives next spring. I have other more craft related hobbies I work on during the weekend, I find mixing them up keeps me from getting burnout of anything. So far my biggest hurdle with the Super Dungeon set is some of the minis are just boring and I am trying to paint them first which means I am procrastinating. A pillar with a skull on it is nowhere ne
  15. I soaked some GW daemonettes (hard plastic kind) in brake fluid and it ruined them. It weakened the plastic so much that hands broke of arms and legs broke, etc etc. Most of them could npt be saved even with gluing. Pure acetone for metal is so fast and awesome. I use a really stiff short bristle paintbrush to get all the little details paint out of the cracks and stuff.
  16. This mini is the best! I am chubby and have a Bettie Page style haircut too!!! I should paint it like me to make any gamers at the table uncomfortable in the likeness. So glad to see a mini that is a bit more roomy through the hips.
  17. Wow this is still going? I wonder what kind of puritanical campaign people are playing in where all characters are wearing clothing from head to toe and the is no hint of sexuality in any form. Just cuz a woman is sexy it doesn't make her weak.
  18. Qwyksilver, on 30 August 2012 - 10:48 AM, said: smokingwreckage, on 30 August 2012 - 04:00 AM, said: I think i will give him butterfly wings and a cutie mark and call him Ponythullhu. I think he would work better as a Care Bear. Besides, ponies have feathered wings, not faerie/butterfly wings. You could use the same image for the belly badge as the cutie mark...and exploding brain. I am so thankful I have a 6 year old daughter, otherwise this discussion might make me really creepy I had a my little pony when I was a kid with translucent wings, they were "flutterby" pon
  19. It takes minutes to remove with acetone, and all the paint and primer comes off. I have tried scrubbing with rubbing alchol and it takes too long for me, personal choice and all that. I have never had a metal mini break when it fell on the the floor, so I don't know how hard it is to fix them :)
  20. Why I like metal... acetone removes the paint. So after I mess them up I can remove 100% of the paint in a few minutes. Can't do that with plastic. I have had hard plastic minis break, they hit a hard kitchen floor and little weapons snap.
  21. My DM uses minis for 3-4 encounters, dry erase markers, a ton of dice, tokens, and an iPad.
  22. I was so happy when I saw the cloud giant (which if you want to be a lore snob is not a warrior race). She will be a nice offset to the more stocky female giants (which I also have in metal cuz Reaper giants kick butt).
  23. Never joined the forum until now but have been a huge Reaper fan since I started painting minis a year ago. I was really glad to meet the fine folks behind them at PAX East this year, super awesome people!!! I was so pumped up to be able to support them via a kickstarter :) I am going to paint all the minis. I only play fantasy games (aka D&D), but I am going to paint everyone of them anyways. I know I will spend more time on the Klocke classics, and other female minis. Bugs and skeletons will get airbrushed and highlighted faster. Dragons will be the most time consuming...
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