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  1. Love the slightly unimpressed look you gave him. The copper armour is well done, so are the scales.
  2. Some suggestions: Try to push the contrast a tad more. Could be via value, warm / cold colours or texture. I think the face and cloak would pop more if you add deeper shadows and lighter highlights. The OSL on the sword doesn't convince me, mostly because the light source is not bright enough and secondly because there is no cast light on the arm and body. You could glaze some of the blue on the arm and side of the miniature that would be illuminated by the sword and brighten the sword blade up a tad with white or a baby blue.
  3. Nice contrast between the red and blue gown. Extra points for Vecna.
  4. Neatly drybrushed and interesting colour choice for the face. Well done and shows that simple techniques deliver good results.
  5. This is very well done. Great blends via the airbrush (did you use at all brush by hand?) and great colour choices. The fleshy bit under eyes is really creepy and the tentacles add to this impression. Would be a great scheme for an Illithid, too. I would have preferred a more desaturated blue, but it nevertheless works for the membranes. Finally, the base is simple, yet evocative with the old ruins.
  6. I also think the base looks like a mossy stone in water. Works well for me. The head of the warhammer is convincign use of TMM and the face is the highlight of the mini. Subtle shading and highlighting, great expression. Some suggestions: Push the contrast even further, deeper shadows, lighter highlights. Or try warm / cold contrast or maybe textures. The leather boots are a great surface to paint heavily used leather with scratches and scuffs.
  7. Nice colour scheme and overall tidy paint job. Do you want some constructive criticism?
  8. Really like the blood effects and narrative basing. The skin is realy well done, I see a subtle texture that looks almost like hair. Really interesting take. What is your process to achieve the look?
  9. Cool cell shaded look. Given the slightly goofy nature of the miniature, the comicesque quality of the paint job really suits.
  10. Really like the expressive eyes. I presume the last picture shows more of the actual colours? The other pictures look a tad overexposed, so I thought the fur is grey, but it looks brown in the last one.
  11. Hi all, currently working on the Cloak Fiend. Funny, yet menacing fellow. The front is pretty much finished. I wanted to use magenta and turquoise for a while now, so this miniature offered a good opportunity to do so. I am going for a slightly more organic look, a bit like a manta ray. C&C welcome.
  12. As a fan of pure pigments I will check out the Thuvian Sun Orchid, thanks for the tip! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. Much obliged. That was indeed my intention with the skin: subtle texture and colour variations that take up other elements of the mini. I think the logo on the pants could be enhanced, but really hard to get it right. I have a lok if I can get Folk Art in Germany. Thank you! Narrative is indeed always high on my list for such vignettes and the mutant conversion inspired by TMNT was also great fun. I imagine she just keeps a parking space free for Bebob.
  13. Thank you! I feel he would make some slippers out of her... Glad you like her! Thanks! I think I will convert a few more of the Avatars to Urban Mutants. I have the Avatar of Wisdom, too, and want to make him into a peddler of counterfeit and illegal goods. Much obliged! Actual glitter is a good idea. If I could find the right diametre one could build it up as a 3D texture. Also a good idea. Which pink is your go to? Thank you! I thought of painting a translucent effect, but decided against it. Too hard to wrap my head around it and too little time before the submission deadline.
  14. Finally I can reveal my entry for the 2. Quarterly Reaper Miniatures painting contest. I am very pleased with the results and even placed fourth. The competition was strong as per usual and very impressive freehands as well as glow effects made the top three stand out. Rhianna is based on Reaper Miniatures Avatar of Resilience. I changed quite a bit about the miniature to fit the urban fantasy theme: New weapons, including a scratch-build pump gun, pants, leather straps across the chest and more. I had lots of fun converting this mini and painting her was also a good, if challenging experience. Pink is not usually a colour I choose, but here it really works. I used Kimera Colours Magenta with a bit of The White as a base colour. That was crazy vibrant, so I desaturated it with some grey. For the shadows I mixed some Purple into the Magenta which really helped to make it pop. Finally, highlights were applied using a baby pink. I had trouble getting the right look for the Juicy logo, but ended up using metallics for it. Micro dots failed and had to be painted over again. The small labels and garbage were also a first. The labels are all freehands and distressed afterwards. The cigarettes are small styrene strips and the Pepsi can made from some aluminium foil. So a few questions to spark discussion: How do you go about sequin, glitter or fake 'crystals' on miniatures? What is your favourite recipe for pink?
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