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  1. Great project and obviously nice verticality to it. You have four levels, so all of them should be somehow connected narrative wise. Given your giants are in attacking poses, it might be an idea to also model an attacker at the bottom level. The stonework looks a tad too geometrical to me, so I would sand all the straight edges and use a textured pebble to impress some irregularities in the foam. I would also add some more protruding parts and variety on some of the flat surfaces.
  2. I decided to go with a spell effect instead of the mushroom man . He will be based and get an entourage. I finished the Myconids cap, so he is ready to be painted. The Ent is only missing a staff made of driftwood.
  3. Beautiful diorama. The floor is especially well done. Great dynamic to the two opposing characters. I get anime vibes from it due to the nun outfit. Painting wise the blends are all smooth and the contrast is there. Overall a more muted, naturalistic palette, matching the mosaic on the floor. Did you paint it on or is it a texture?
  4. It looks the part. I would add some more pure white to the hottest spots, but that could be the picture.
  5. Looks suitably rotten to me. The flint axe is a nice touch. So does a Troglodyte smell better or worse after death?
  6. I love the mushrooms. Great variety in shapes and the ones with faces are suitably whimsical/creepy. Looking at your recent pictures on my Desktop some suggestions. I am no master sculptor, so all my preferences and opinions: I think you could enhance the quality of your sculpts by texturing the various surfaces, especially the organic one. Say the mushroom caps. In nature they seem pretty smooth, but I would add some imperfections, blemishes and irregularities on the surface. You can achieve this quite easily with a stiff brush. Just gently dab the surface. That said, this is my personal preference. They look good as is and you should follow your vision, not mine. I also see some finger marks here and there. I would smooth those with a clay shaper. To avoid the entire problem try using some Milliput in your mix. You can smooth it quite well with wet fingers, but it still has a bit of a texture. Some of the facial features could be refined with a needle tool. The strands of the hair for instance will benefit from defining them more, so that they look like single strands and not connected. I think it is for me the impression, that some shapes or elements flow into each other. That works well for some details, but here and there some more definition or separation would be beneficial. I know myself that it is quite hard with a pure Greenstuff mix. Here, too, the Milliput with Greenstuff mix might help (30:70). It also helps to work in sections, from the inside out. I hope this comes across as constructive criticism. It is a grand project and very inspirational for my own work. I think your character design is excellent and you capture that sense of wonder, whimsy and dread in quite a unique mixture. So mainly I just want to give some ideas how to further improve your art.
  7. Depends a bit what you want to texture. A finer grit would work well for a subtle textile texture. I tried something fairly rough to texture this mushroom cap. Worked well. I would just get a circular wooden stick and attach a piece of sanding paper to its bottom. Or you get something curved and achieve a more flexible tool.
  8. Finished the outer parts of the cap, the arms and the hands. Only the gills are missing. I also changed the hand position, so that he looks like paying allegiance. Reference for the cap was Marasmius oreades.
  9. Awesome work on the fairies. They look like straight out of Labyrinth. Kinda whimsical, but still with a nightmarish quality. With a bit of sanding paper you can fairly effectively texture cloth etc. Would look good on the hats.
  10. I started work on the mushroom man that will kneel on the Ents hand. He is 25mm tall. I focused on the face and texture this night. Not as whimsical as I first intended, but not nightmarish either.
  11. Excellent work. I appreciate the little rat in the background. So breakfast is served?
  12. Excellent work, great contrast, just a hint of glow in the eyes, the wrappings look suitably ancient and the flesh dry. I also like the weathering on the shield and weapon. There is honestly nothing much that could be enhanced. Maybe slightly more pronounced shadows between some of the wrappings. The base is a bit bland in comparison. That helps the mini to be the focal point, but maybe just add another layer of very fine sand on top, just to get more of a desert feeling.
  13. Great work on the skin. Love the freckles. Gives her a lot of character.
  14. Beautiful work, love the dragons and guardian statues. I think the OSL on the floor is a tad bright, but the idea is awesome and well executed. Of you make the light source brighter it may work better.
  15. Those mummy miniatures are fantastic. Looking forward to your take on them. The mummified mammoth is crazy.
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