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  1. A few more shots of Elliwyn, as I am trying various photo set ups at the moment. The white background was a bit too stark, so I tried a few different pastels colours. I will also try a simple gradient with airbrush.
  2. @Glitterwolf Thank you. That is a great reference. I am a bit on the fence in terms of adding too much equipment to my frog sculpts, so this will serve me well for inspiration. You are most welcome. I have to admit the sculpt looked a tad odd in the bare plastic, but painting it was really fun and I appreciated all the neat details like the turtle shell flask and little shrunk head. Only when painting it I realised the scars for what they are, I first thought they are energy sparks from the projectile. Now this chap is one of my favorite paint jobs and minis.
  3. You just want to go for a walk in the swamps, and guess what? It suddenly rains fiery balls! Joke's on you, foolish adventurer! This is Bufo territory. You knew there was something odd about the little shrunken heads hanging in the trees. Well, lesson learned and that new look sans eyebrows and hair really suits you! The Chaos Toad was my Reaper Contest entry. My overall goal was to really push the contrast. This can be done with lighter and darker areas, but also with warm and cold colours (as in the two skin tones) and via saturation. I used exclusively Kimera colours for this
  4. Great work. Love the violet and purple on both hands and face. The snout is also well done.
  5. I like the idea if a foggy bog. I might try that one with one of tje ghostly summons. Given the shackles I decided for an attic setting, accounting for Gothic novel shenanigans with a crazed relative chained to a bed up there. So I painted a small portrait and will add a crate and other items.
  6. Ok, it is now 5 years ago, that I converted that spirit. Since then he basically lived in a storage container. But, for ghosts time is meaningless. I started painting him yesterday, but scratched the idea of using the transparent medium. Instead I went for a very dark green-blue basecoat. I then mixed Red Oxide and Phtalo Blue (green bias) to get a chromatic black and deepened the shadows, followed by a really dark blue and finally black. Phthalo Blue was then combined with titanium white to highlight certain areas. The chains were a mix of Phtalo Blue and Red oxide, t
  7. I started to work on the next one for variety's sake. This time a very dynamic frog monk based on the red eyed tree frog.
  8. I reworked and refined some sections, notably the belly, legs and added eyes and arms. Finally two weapon choices: a Polynesian and Aztec inspired one. Still some more work to do.
  9. Thank you kindly. Glad you like her. The head is a Statuesque one. I believe it was a Heroic Scale bald head. I think it started with repositioning the head and went on from there. As you say it was really hard to see the face and it was also kinda flat detail wise.
  10. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for commenting. Usually my perception of minis changes after they are in the display case for a time. This one I still like, so I think the face was a success. The conversion was indeed more of a resculpt, but perfect to experiment.
  11. Small update: I decided to refine the head to look more like that of a cane toad. Poison glands and eyeballs still missing. The original version was more styled after a frog.
  12. That might be an option. The only catch might be to get netting that is fine enough. Maybe a fly grating will work.
  13. Thank you! @Glitterwolf Great ideas! I did not think of equipment so far, more like weapons. I might give him a variety of options. I like both the netting (presumably hard to sculpt) and the lantern. The latter would be great as a firefly contraption. In terms of weapons I thought of Polynesian or Aztec inspired ones. I like the look of Maori weapons, but am a bit unsure if it is really appropriate to use them with anthropomorphic toad people, seems culturally insensitive. I lived for a while in New Zealand and I understand that Maori are really against appropriating their culture
  14. To complement my Ent I wanted to sculpt a small toad man. None of yhe available miniatures really fit the bill, so I started from scratch. After bulking out the body with greenstuff and milliput (to make it less bendy) I made good progress with the skin texture. The combination of micro beads, poppy seeds and super glue applicator tube produced a really nice warty skin texture. Next are the arms and legs. He will be a plain toad, only a hand weapon will be added inspired by Polynesian arms.
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