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  1. I really dig the green eyes and the subtle highlights on its mane. The orange is a good colour choice and well rendered. all in all I like it very much, especially given it looks like an illumination.
  2. A very innovative project. Love the hat and you translated the feel of the painting well onto the miniature.
  3. I am a big fan of scenic shots and the more artsy approach with dioramas and miniatures. Very cool shots. I love the one with the tape and pencil.
  4. Thank you. I decided to cut the base off (yes, after the painting not the best idea),so that I have more flexibility in terms of scenic staging. I want him perched at a shallow forest stream. Let's see how it goes.
  5. Very cool set of miniatures. Love the Anubis warrior. Looking forward to see where this goes. I also enjoyed reading the story. Always adds another layer to paint jobs.
  6. Almost finished with the Behir. Increased contrast of the legs and gave fangs and claws some texture. I want to put a bit more work into the back sail, maybe adding a bit more purple. Otherwise the base will be a tad more involved with this one.
  7. What I like: 1. Really like the flesh tone you chose. I also wouldn't say the highlights are bad. The transitions points to the shadows are crisp, but neat, so it kinda works for me. Did you try a glaze medium to alter the behavior of the paint? 2. I also enjoy the face. The eyes are good and precise. Suggestions to improve the current or next mini: 1. The straps and leather belts at the front blur a bit together, so maybe push the highlights and shadows in such cases more. It could be the sculpt or shallow detail, too. Brown lining might also work, but it seems you already did this. 2. The fur highlights are good, but I think almost black as a shadow colour is too stark a transition. A dark brown would be more subtle. 3. The weapons would benefit from a controlled wash to add depth and shadows to the metal. it looks fairly uniform at the moment and the shapes get lost in the reflections of the metal paint.
  8. The new version reads significantly better. I also like the NMM improvements. I get a gold vibe now. The highlights seem to work now, but I feel you can push the shadows even more. I think the difficulty with NMM is to place the reflections as they would would work in real life (which is why I usually go for TMM). Changing the tone of the loin cloth really made it pop. Great contrast between cloth and skin. Same goes for the hair. The flaming swords also came out nicely. Very smooth blends on the blades.
  9. Great result. Really like the colour of the grass and soil. I can appreciate that the focus is the NMM and I think the stark contrasts work well with the NMM style.
  10. Some suggestions to tackle the problem: Moderate effort: An easy way to make a cobblestone base is to get Greenstuff roller or just make a press mold. Drybrush the stones and then just add some fine soil in the gaps between stones. A brush here and there, finished. Even quicker: Get some soil, sterilize it in the oven. Sieve it until only a fine powder is left. Use the 100g you have for hundreds of minis. Just apply some PVA, sprinkle the soil on. Let dry and maybe add a second, diluted coat. Now add a shrub or two. Looks highly realistic and doesn't take much time. Easy peasy lemon squeezy: Another option would be to get some clear bases or go for plain black bases. Either way it doesn't take the focus away from the mini and gives it a classy look.
  11. Hope you get back into it. Great miniature, but I feel your pain when it comes to excessive flash.
  12. Very nice indeed. Love the face, the smooth skin, make up is spot on, the red of the cloak is well done, too, and the blacks well rendered. The only thing that I would change is the base. It looks a tad too plain for such an awesome miniature. A swampy environ or maybe just cobblestones would really add to it.
  13. What I like: 1. Very good brush control on the eyes. They work well with the menacing smile. 2. Nice blends on the skin and not too stark a contrast. 3. Very cool colour scheme and great work on the face. The verdigris scales are quite striking in contrast to the purple skin. 4. The flaming swords add a nice focus and third colour to the miniature, without taking away from the face. Suggestions to improve the paint job: 1. The loincloth could be a slightly different colour to the skin. At the moment it is hard to make out or to differentiate. A contrasting colour would work or just a slightly different purple tone. Maybe a cold purple as opposed to the warm you use on the skin. 2. I see some mold lines along the leg and arm. It takes the focus away from the great skin blends. 3. The gold NMM doesn't read as such, instead you have a nice yellowed bone effect or leather. To read as NMM the shadows need to be significantly darker and the highlights need to go up to pure white. 4. Her necklace and leg armour lack definition. Some dark lines around each scale in a dark green or dark blue and necklace item in a dark brown, dark purple or dark green would really make them stand out. 5. The flaming swords look good colour wise, but if you want them to glow, you need to push the highlights up to white. A glaze to smooth out the transitions would also help to sell the illusion. 6. Her hair could feature deeper shadows and brighter highlights. At the moment it is hard to make out the strands and it gets swallowed a bit by the face and skin. Pushing the colour more towards red may help as well. All in all a very nice rendition of the miniature. The colour scheme is very inspired and some minor nitpicks aside, I think this will work well on the gaming table and the display cabinet alike.
  14. Agreed, the NMM turned out well. Great concept, too. The stark contrasts on the robes look very good. Did you consider glazing over it with the mid-tone to unify and smooth out transitions?
  15. I Thank you, they become my favourite thing about this project. Thank you. All a bit experimental, but since I use a wet pallette I go more free form and work colours in different areas. I started work on the claws and teeth. The horns got some texture and the exoskeleton as well. Purple shades were a good choice. I may go back in and smooth out some of the blends, but I also kinda like some of the rougher textures on the bony belly. Overall coming along nicely. I thought I include a pic of the pallette for those interested in the range of colours used.
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