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    Wargaming (no kidding), history (Rome and Carthage), gaming (video and boardgames), drawing (mostly maps), pen and paper RPGs

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It all started with a box of Warhammer. It had some lizardmen and Breton knights, a rulebook and background information about the gaming world. I remember reading the books over and over, painting the miniatures multiple times, never quite satisfied when I compared them to the display pieces pictured in the books. In the end I never played a game of Warhammer and sold the stuff, but I was taken by this hobby.


After a longer hiatus I ventured into the Confrontation skirmish game. Beautiful miniatures, only a handful of miniatures per side and fun rules. After Rackham ceased to exist I was content with painting miniatures, but got also involved with  a local wargaming club focusing on 28mm historicals. Money and space prevented me from fully committing to the scale and so I turned back to painting sporadically.


8 years ago I decided to start out again and purchased my first 15mm army, followed by a bucket load of 28mm Bones miniatures. I began to paint the army, created matching terrain pieces, played more than I ever did before and really fell in love with this hobby again. Terrain creation really became my focus the last few years (especially trees) and while I still paint miniatures I really enjoy building various pieces, fantasy and historical.


After moving countries and a new family member arriving, hobby time has shrunk significantly. I still get to paint a bit and work on terrain projects. Currently I focus on painting my pile of Reaper Bones miniatures and finishing a Punic Wars project.



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