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  1. Both texture and flaoting rocks really add to the model. I also find the skin well done.
  2. The wood looks good. As a great 'years of spilled beer' look to it.
  3. Thanks! I would say my best work yet. High praise! Thank you. It was less straightforward than it looks. Lots of trial and error. I will feature a longer how-to on my blog. The firefly is attached to some nylon string that partly disappears in the foliage. I removed a few light reflections of the string in Affinity Photo to sell the illusion even more. Thank you! Really happy that the piece is so well received!
  4. Thank you @Glitterwolf Much appreciated. Thank you @Iridil. The OSL made my brain melt in some areas, but the frontal perspective - the most important one I would argue - worked out fine. In the future I would try to make the night areas a tad darker or emphasise the moonlight more. As it stands it looks ok and doesn't detract from the character in the cave, the true star of this vignette. The fireflies are something I will revisit in the future. I could see an entire scene where a central character is surrounded by fireflies illuminating her/him.
  5. Finally the spelunking diorama is finished (WIP thread). I am quite happy with the OSL, even though it was a struggle at times and obviously there is always room for improvement. The miniatures are two converted Bones Miniatures using Statuesque Miniatures heads and weapon swaps from the bitz box. The top level miniature was converted from 77049 Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger and the character in the cave from 77387 Lanell, Female Rogue. The base is entirely scratch built, only the fern is an awesome photo etch kit by Chichkovshop and the foliage by MiniNatur. The initial lighting sketch was applied by airbrush, using violet, orange and turquoise. I then went back in by brush and added more contrast with yellows, greens and blues. I don't think anyone tried to depict fireflies so far, at least to my knowledge. They are made of paper and Greenstuff. So, how do you like my second OSL attempt? What could I improve with the next one, which parts do you like best?
  6. Love the skintones adn eyes. I think the head to the right is the brain of the oprtation? The teddy bear is a great detail and well painted.
  7. Very nice freehand on the book and the yellow cloak and tentacles are well painted. Enough contrast, but still reading as a worn/weathered cloak.
  8. That is a nice oldschool, even goofy sculpt. I think you painted it well and I really like the orb.
  9. Well painted and the OSL is a nice additon. I would make the source brighter to really sell the effect, but it looks good as is.
  10. Thank you. These sculpts are indeed fun to come up with. I still have a few more in the pipeline. Great way to learn sculpting from scratch.
  11. Thank you! Thanks! The scene is already painted. I went for a torch-lit scheme this time, so the moon shines from above and down in the cave only torchlight illuminates the surroundings. I hope it comes across as such.
  12. Really shows how your brush control improved over time. I also suggest to focus on contrast next. Really push it to 11.
  13. Very nice indeed. You preserved the translucent crytsaline look, but added lots of character with the wings pattern.
  14. Beautiful work on the wings. They really make the model. Also well photographed. Very classy.
  15. The pustules are well realised and the face looks suitably mean-spirited. Maybe add some yellow specks on some of the pustules to depict pus.
  16. Really like the slight colour variations on the skin (very smooth) and high contrast. The eyes are particularly well done.
  17. That is a very humble cabinet of shame . Really liek the rats. Great contrast with the pink tails and kudos for painting the eyes, too. Fur pattern is also well realised. I really enjoy the pillars. Something else, reminiscent of relics adorned with cloth or flowers during medieval times.
  18. Some may have seen it in the Facebook Group already, but I am working currently on a spelunking diorama that is a study in OSL. My first serious attempt at OSL it turned out to be a daunting and mindbending affair. I established the base colours and lighting via airbrush and then went back in with brush. Still a few things to fix, but it is getting there.
  19. A few new shots of this long-term project. I decided to give the treefrog monk a tongue and the weapon of the Toad Warriror got some refinement.
  20. These simple minis have the danger of looking boring, but you achieved a rich and well highlighted skin and amazing faces! They really look alive and monstrous. Great job and shows one doesn't need skullz to make a mini interesting (more than one, that is ;)).
  21. Thank you kindly! I had a bit of a drag the past weeks hobby-wise, but I really enjoyed painting this goofball. Thank you! Yes, the Eye Beast kinda leans to the side on its original base (presumably the tentacles can't support it), so the acrylic rod was the way. Much obliged! Glad you like it! Much appreciated. The thin strings are UHU glue. Apply on a piece of scrap palstic, take a toothpick and apply to one tooth, drag it to another and pull the toothpick away with a rolling motion. best practise it first before the model is ruined. Less is more. The thicker string in the middle with larger droplets is a piece of nylon string with UV resin (Greenstuff World) droplets, I also applied some UV resin to the cured UHU strings to add volume and small droplets.
  22. The Eye Beast (77043) by Julie Guthrie is finished. In the end this almost counts as a speed paint, as it only took me around three evenings. The central eye really caused me headaches. First it was green, then I decided it needs more contrast. So yellow it was. I also tried out a layer of UV resin to get the glossy cabochon eye look and I think it worked well. What really helped speed up the process was establishing the base colours via airbrush. Everything else was just glazes with dark brown, turquois and orange.
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