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  1. Thank you, much obliged. I thought the pose just asks for it. Another cool idea would be a standing stone or rock face. If they ever release a Bones Black Behir, I might paint another one up Thank you, the colour scheme is definitely bolder than what I usually go for. Thanks! The scenery is a long standing project of mine: a modular forest board.
  2. I was working on this Behir miniature since April 21st. Quite some time, but with a toddler in the house and other hobbies I only managed a few hours every other day. The project started simple enough, but I had some issue to overcome and learned a few new techniques: UV resin as water effect, making tall grass out of straw, painting a lizard eye, painting fairly vibrant red and making a beech tree. If you are interested in the full story there is a WIP thread, too. All in all I am pleased with the outcome, but still need to improve vibrancy and contrast fu
  3. @chaosscorpion and @WhiteWulfe: Thanks! I thought the pose really asks for it. Finished the ripples on the UV resin pour (Mod Podge Clear). I also placed a littel frog and some tall grass using coloured straw. Final touches: - Adding some texture to the horn tips. - Painting up a raven and placing it in the tree. - Maybe placing a smaller bush.
  4. Thanks in any case. Didn't see that it was an old post! Still a great miniature!
  5. Beautiful work on the faces. The dark complexions really match the miniatures and give them a cool vibe. I also like the pink hair combined with the darker skin.
  6. Lovely work, as others have said, the fur is just beautiful. A rich, golden colour and that blend is smooth as silk. Would you be willing to share the colours used? Did you wet blend, layer the different shades and finished off with accentuating single strands? The base is also very cool, however I would add some acrylic gloss gel to the water with a bit of talcum powder (or anything that frosts ist) added to simulate the ice cracking.
  7. Thank you, and yes. I just knew I had to make use of the pose like that. Would have been significantly more difficult with a metal miniature.
  8. Finish my Behir and move on to the next project. I have a few options that excite me, but maybe something slightly simpler this time.
  9. Getting there with the scenic base. I added the beech tree (after quite some experimentation to get the bark just right) and poured the UV resin. Now I need to trim the edge, add ripples with acrylic gloss medium and fix the foliage with thinned down acrylic medium. Then it is photo shot time.
  10. Thanks chaps and chapesses. Cake was consumed and miniatures received. All in all a successful birthday.
  11. So, UV resin arrived, foliage for the beech tree, too. All set to finish the beast over the weekend. Intermittently I pushed contrast on the back sail and worked some more on the horns. I will add a light texture to the dark tips.
  12. Lovely work on an old sculpt. The face (eyes, lip reflections) is very good. The whites are also well rendered. I enjoy the contrast between cloak inside and outside, too. Overall awesome work. I have to admit I am amazed Tom Meier didn't start out with A-grade sculpts, but I guess even masters develop over time.
  13. I can only agree with @Glitterwolf they look very naturalistic and you achieved a high degree of verisimilitude. Looking forward to the final based version.
  14. I like the werwolf, too. I can't add anything to the video list, but overall I think the drybrush worked very well. While it is often seen as a "beginners" technique it is an important tool and I use it often, despite using other "advanced" techniques (not that they are really that advanced). I think more contrast is always a good way to go and getting control back. Washes and drybrushing are blunt instruments, I assume with some more control you can add highlights and shadows more precisely and push contrast and smooth out blends.
  15. Very nice conversion. I would keep the contrast as it is. Really pops, but doesn't overshadow the miniature.
  16. Nice colour scheme and overall paintjob. I really like the face and skin tone. Those lines are indeed curious. Assuming they prototype the master with a resin printer there should be no lines. As a suggestion to improve the next paint job: I would push contrast overall, especially in the shadows. The metallics would benefit quite a bit of more definition, as the details are hard to make out right now.
  17. Beautiful work. The OSL is spot on. I second that is quite impressive that it works from a variety of perspectives. I had a scene in mind with a moon lit clearing. I will use your work as reference.
  18. Lovely stuff. His expression is priceless and I also like the flying mushroom.
  19. Very nice. I like the pet and his master. Great contrast overall. I think the sand on the base is a bit coarse. Try chinchilla sand next time, really works for desert environs.
  20. Some people seem to use clay. I may need to do some research, especially given it is a curved edge.
  21. I remain a big Bones fan, but as mentioned in the epilogue, the grey material is better and I would love to see this miniature in a new Bones Black edition. I intend to use UV Resin by Greenstuff World. Seems to cure in 3 minutes with the torch applied or in about 30min in the sun. Reviews show that it dries crystal clear and can be tinted with Greenstuff world inks. Masking tape along the edge is apparently sufficient, but I think I will need to be careful. Not sure how well it levels or if it tends to enclose bubbles. I use a similar product for wa
  22. First bark layer on the beech. The fairly smooth skin of beech trees will be a challenge. The colour is already very close to the silver-grey of beech trees. Using a bristle brush horizontally on the wet filler, acrylic medium and sand paste worked well to achieve some subtle horizontal lines, characteristic for beech. I think I will lightly smooth it with some fine sand paper and it might be ready for painting.
  23. I darkened the mud effect somewhat, adding first a controlled wash with Agrax Earthshade and then some more body with acrylic gloss gel, Vallejo Smoke and some fine soil. Onwards to the tree. If I am lucky the resin arrives when all the vegetation is finished, then I can complete it.
  24. A significant improvement. Love the introduction of red to the skin. Always shows that the sculpts under the prepaints are pretty good.
  25. I will try mixing my own. I have gloss and matte medium, a variety of sands, filler and powdered pigments. If I find an effective mix I report. The try base texture above was achieved using filler, light pigment powder, fine sand and a bit of water. I think the same with more water and gloss medium plus a darker powder should do the trick.
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