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  1. For other Canucks wondering, the "new math" is as follows:


    If your order is under $85CAD - buy from a Canadian reseller. 401games.ca, boardgames.ca, legendswarehouse.ca or meeplemart.com all have 10 dollar flat shipping meaning they're now cheaper than Reaper.


    Between 95CAD and 150CAD - Free ship from Reaper is cheaper but could incur border fees.


    Over 150CAD - free ship if you buy from 401games, boardgames.ca or legendwarehouse


    Over 200CAD - free ship if you buy from Meeplemart


    RAFM is not dead but they take a long time to respond, no shipping updates, and limited selection. The site also hasn't been updated since like 2005.  I've ordered from them recently though so they're not dead.  Also has 10 dollar flat shipping.

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  2. I'm not sure how set on your plans you are, but there's a great set of plans for a "Gaming Dining Table" on Wood Whisperer that I'm dying to try.  The catch is that it's $100USD for the plans, but comes with 10+ hours of instructional video.  Frankly I'm considering it because it's the most professional-looking table going.  Very close to the GeekChic "Emmisary".




    As well, here's a ton of relevant links from Reddit (also when you're done, post all your pics on /r/woodworking).










    Also, questions:


    Where exactly does one pick up that much hemlock for so cheap?  "In a car park" seems like the most unlikely place to find a hardwood dealer...asking because I am also Canadian and now curious about street-peddling hardwood salesmen.


    (also your pics are all sideways)

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  3. What colors did you use for the wing's...flappy bits?  Asking because he's currently staring at me on my work bench.  I just glued him up so I need to gap fill and then lay down some base paints, and I really like the orange/blue contrast you've come up with, and it looks simple enough to be achievable at my skill level.


    As an aside, I dig the Wrought Iron on the rocks.  I saw another post (also yours?) which called it out as amazing for stone, and photo evidence to prove it.  So I ran to a Walmart and lo, it's just as amazing in person.


    Looks like at least a quick drybrush on the scales too :P

  4. Thermal printing is the devil.  There's no ink, so any friction against the surface causes the paper to re-activate and smear the writing, or cold temperatures which will just cause them to fade.


    I have to scan receipts from the store these days because otherwise they will literally just fade to nothing within 1-2 weeks of being in your wallet.




    Can you print some Avery labels of your own and stick them on?  Giant pain in the posterior, but at least you don't have to try to make your handwriting neat and tidy for 50+ bottles...

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  5. Is there an anticpated retail price for Ma'aldrakar?


    According to the Pledge Manager, shipping alone on Ma'al to Soviet Canuckistan is going to cost $45USD.  Add the exchange rate, tax, and border handling, and he totals to $160CAD.


    If he is going to retail for ~$100-$120 USD, I'm better off to wait.  If he's going to retail for much more than that, well, I don't need him that badly.

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  6. No Bones 3 for me I think.  The backlog is too large, and I get murdered between shipping, exchange rates, and tax.  Essentially, everything is <price>*2 because of those factors.


    I am watching the KS with mild interest though.  I've put the following on my wishlist:


    - Marthrangul

    - Mouslings

    - Kyra & Lavarath

    - Paint Set B


    If I put them all into the pledge calculator, they tally up to $71.  Add on $20 for shipping = $90 USD.  Convert to CAD = $115.  Add 5% tax = $120 CAD for 12 paints, 2 "epic" minis, and 8 mouslings.  That's way too much money.


    Considering I have about 250+ minis still to paint from Bones 1 and 2, adding 10 more at a price of $12 each is steep.  Even if you strip out the paints and say 10 minis for $10 each, it's still crazy.


    Reaper offers free shipping over $35 to Canada.  I'm better off waiting for retail prices and paying $0 shipping.  Mouslings will probably retail for $10-$15 (not much KS discount on those IMO, I find it hard to believe Reaps would charge more than $2 for a "small"-sized mini), the paints are $3.50 each = $40 US, and Kyra will probably retail for ~$35-$50.  So I'd pay $85-$100 USD.


    Still, Reaper runs a fun Kickstarter and I'm enjoying the ride even if I'm not on board this time :)

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  7. That looks super!


    If you're open to mild criticism, the only thing that I'd suggest is to thin your layers a bit more.  The transition between the colors is quite stark, and if you thin the paint a bit more they will blend together much more nicely.  It's more obvious on his back than anywhere else.  You might need to do 2-3 passes, but the result is that you won't be able to see where one color stops and the next begins (or at least it will be less apparent). 


    I'm guilty of this myself; most times I just want to finish a mini and can't be bothered.  Most times you can't even tell until you have a camera pointed at it.


    Regardless, this guy looks great and is certainly worthy of being shown off.  Bulging muscles abound.

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  8. Whatever you use don't use Gorilla Glue.  It expands 200-400% before it hardens and is designed for porous surfaces like wood.  It also dries puke-yellow.


    Goop would be my bet.  It will bond stone to plastic and stone to metal just as fine.  It does not expand, and is clear rather than colored.  The only drawback is that it takes a whole day to dry, and as the name suggests, it's thick as mollasses.


    e6000 is "Goop-lite" made for crafts...my verdict is "may as well use goop".


    Epoxy is the next thing I'd try.  Epoxy is currently holding my stainless steel sink to the underside of my granite countertop, so you know it doesn't f*** around.  Just move fast, because it will dry in about 2 minutes, and ruin everything that it comes into contact with (pants, shirts, floors, tables...).

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  9. The new Terminator-style CLIP 3D printers are apparently 10 times the resolution of the traditional "3D Printer".  3D printers are traditionally not really 3D, they're just layered 2D printing.  The new CLIP printers could break the detail barrier.


    Link to Terminator-goo "CLIP" printer:


    That said, I agree with others who have said that terrain is already printable.  Thingiverse is full of scale terrain that is interlocking and customizable.  Especially since Dwarven Forge went bonkers, there have been a lot more efforts to make fully interchangable pieces.  The only catch is that they're made of PLA/PVC instead of Bonesium/Dwarvenite.

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  10. I bought a 17x10" sketchpad and tear out a page, then use it as my painting surface.  When I paint a section, I can use my brush to daub the paper and write (with the brush if I'm lazy) what color it is or what blend it is:


    <daub> 2Linen 1GrsGn : 2 H2O -- Cloak

    <daub> 3Linen 1GrsGn : 3 H2O -- ^^ HiLite


    Can place the daub at any point through the painting, so long as it gets there.  I can annotate with a pen after I'm done painting.


    Then I just snap a picture of the page when it's full, and grab another one.  The sketchpad has like 250 pages, I've used maybe 15.


    Only drawback is that if you're doing drybrushing or flicking paint around you get blotches of spray everywhere.  Also if you're stupid and put your brush down then you smear paint on your records.  The section of the page near my water cup tends to have water marks too.

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  11. I wouldn't call it "discussed".  It was asked directly at least twice, once by you, and as far as I can see from that thread it was never answered.


    They went from "having detachable bases!" to being quite firmly attached.  Part of the reason I bought them was so I could use them for both display and play.


    It's like a car salesman selling you a car, and then when you leave the lot he switches it for a slightly crappier one in the hopes you don't notice.  It's a bait-and-switch as far as I'm concerned, except in this case we have no recourse and are just expected to put up with it.


    "The car I signed to buy yesterday had only 3000 miles, but this one has 5000"..."Oh no sir, you are mistaken, this is definitely your car". <_<

  12. Also puzzled about this.  They're "detachable" in the same sense that all Bones seem to be detachable: with a hobby knife.  Only one of mine comes away from his base, and it's at his feet rather than base-within-a-base that I thought it would be.


    Mildly bummed that they are attached.  They're super-spiffy sculpts but now I need to decide if I want to use them for gaming or display, rather than both.

  13. I have received and unboxed and begun frantically itemizing 15lbs of plastic, and in my searching I noticed that I have a 2" round base that has a ruined roman column.


    I can't find what it belongs to.  Or is it a stand-alone piece?


    The kickstarter page doesn't show an image of it anywhere, so I'm a bit puzzled since it seems to be 'extra', but there's nothing logical that it could have possibly come from...


    If needed I can post a pic of it later tonight; I'm on my phone at the moment.

  14. I figured I'd chime in and also update on my progress.


    Like the other Canucks in this thread I'm seeing a time dilation effect (large masses of Bonesium have been known to cause space-time warping, this is a well-studied effect).  Either that, or the monkey in charge of manually updating the tracking database has come back from vacation.


    In either case, as of 3 hours ago my status has been updated with 5 days worth of update backlog (oh, yes we were updating  your package all this time sir!) and my status is now "Package arrived at foreign customs office", with the location helpfully being specified as "CANADA".  Likely this is Toronto (which, along with Montreal, may as well constitute the entirety of Canada to many Americans).  So probably 4-5 days more yet before it gets here.  Nothing says "efficient, and effective mail service" like taking 3 weeks to deliver a package and retroactively updating your tracking. <_<


    Side note: Does anyone know why a package would ship to Toronto instead of through Sweetgrass if the destination is AB?

    Side, side note: Just saw the last post.  "Canada: farther away than Australia"

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  15. Just wondering if any one can point me in the right direction? I'm a wave 10 row UK but my tracking has not changed from


    Bensenville, IL, United States, Friday, 02/20/2015 at all since it was first emailed to me is their any one who I can email or anything to Check on this as seems ups won't speak to people regarding ups mi packages


    Please help/point me in right direction for help


    Thanks in advance


    Join the club.


    There are a ton of RoW orders currently either parked in Bensenville, or that just haven't had their status updated to indicate that they've left.  You should be able to contact UPS on the issue though, or at least find someone who will give you a status update.  If you do, report back.

  16. From what I understand, using UPS Mail Innovations saves quite a few people some nasty brokerages fees that regular UPS likes to charge. 


    I also remember that the US Postal Service near Reaper HQ couldn't handle the volume during the first kickstarter, so that likely affects things as well. 


    Fulfillment is complicated.  I hope all the international packages arrive soon. 



    I'd have probably done the same thing in Reapers' position.  They're not skilled at massive amounts of shipping, so the logical thing is to offload that responsibility to someone else.  Unfortunately the only cost-effective option is this stupid Hot Potato, pass-the-buck system that UPS has.


    UPS Worldwide does not charge brokerage according to their site, but I'm comfy that it costs more than using UPSMI.  At this point though I'd have probably swallowed an extra $5-$10 just to get a working tracking number.


    Judging by the comments from other RoW-ers, I think the tracker will probably continue to say "Stuck in Illinois" until they appear on our doorsteps.  This is only a PITA because of how coddled we usually are with tracking numbers; I'm used to getting a tracking update every time the trucker farts, so not getting anything for more than a week is just super weird.

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  17. Update:



    I swear sometimes it feels like UPS customer service is designed to completely give you the run around all the time. This is the reason I dislike UPS.


    I have no problem with UPS.  The problem arises from UPSMI.  Anyone can quickly tell you the logistics nightmare of transferring the 'ownership' of a package between 3 different shipping companies, complete with different tracking systems, and trying to get speedy, trackable service.


    As mentioned, UPS delivers their packages consistently and on time when used directly.



    Since it's not them in charge of the shipping, once the package is out of their hands, their job is done, so it might as well already have been delivered, for all they care.


    Pretty much.  And you can be assured that as soon as USPS has ridden their hands of it that they'll just shrug their shoulders if you need to contact them.  As soon as your package leaves UPS hands, it may as well be lost.  Customer service is going to have absolutely zero idea where your box is, and each company is going to just pass the buck until you go away.


    UPSMI is *NOT* customer-friendly, it's business-friendly.  The only reason Reaper chose them is so that they could have UPS be solely in charge of making sure everything gets gone from their warehouse floor rather than needing to wrangle UPS, USPS, and whoever else.  Instead, Reaper could have used UPS Worldwide and we would have a single tracking number with a single company and wouldn't have to get dicked around.




    A package "lost" in this context doesn't mean that it won't get delivered, it just means you have no recourse if it doesn't.  Your package may well arrive at your doorstep despite never receiving a single status update for two or more weeks.

  18. If I understand correctly, UPS "Mail Innovations" is not UPS, at least not in the usual sense.


    UPS picks up the package, and that's as much as they do with it.  Then they take it to USPS, and drop it off.  Then USPS gives it to Canada Post at the border.  So your package changes hands (and tracking systems) 3 times.  It's pretty dumb.


    @squarewave:  Bones should fall under Toys and should not be subject to duty.  Can you explain further why you were charged? (Do you have an invoice you could scan?)  I never get charged duty for my "regular" ~$40 shipments straight from Reaper...


    My purchase was made under the assumption that there would be no duty.  If there's duty I'm going to be livid.  Having to Pay $60 for shipping is one thing, doubling that is just theft.  If you paid $130, you'd have been better off buying your Bones at retail price and getting Reaper's >$35 free shipping.


    Edit: From here: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/travel-voyage/dte-acl/est-cal-eng.htm, the combined duty and taxes for a $300 package full of "action figures" sent to Alberta is $15 (aka: only the GST).  Again, you should not need to pay Duty.  However if you're in BC then you have PST as well.  The same $300 package incurs $36 taxes instead of just $15.  So if your package was $450, then yep, you paid $60 tax at the border, that's normal, and even if you use Ship-to-Blaine you'll still need to declare it, and pay tax at the border (you just save shipping).


    I'd ship to Sweetgrass, but it's an 8-hour round trip.  That's a full tank of gas, which voids the $40 I'd have saved on shipping, plus it takes a day of my time.

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  19. Still waiting for my Wave 2 shipment to arrive to Toronto. Getting frustrated that the UPS update has shown received at Canada Post since Feb 19th, with no movement since, or valid tracking number that can be used with Canada Post.


    Calgary here.  Ditto.  My message is "Package received for Processing by UPS Mail Innovations" -- Bensenville, IL, Feb 19th


    It's been there for six days now with no status updates.  I'm presuming that they're waiting for USPS to pick it up so that they can hand it off to Canada Post.  My hope is that UPSMI only updates their status once per week, because the only prior update was on the 12th.  That would mean they're due for a status update on the 26th.  If I don't hear from UPS by tomorrow I'm going to call.


    Having said that, I ordered a package from Amazon on the 20th and it's scheduled to arrive tomorrow having been shipped from California - 5 days, UPS the whole way.  Reaper ships by UPSMI and it's been 2 weeks, and it still hasn't even crossed the border.

  20. Was there a Reaper confirmation email supposed to be sent out along with a UPSMI email?


    I received an email from UPSMI with a tracking number on Feb 12, I'm Wave 2.  I've seen statements on the forums that people are getting itemized breakdowns of what has shipped.  I've received no email from Reaper to that effect.


    I have only a tracking number that says that the package is still sitting waiting to be picked up, some 5 days later.  I presume it's broken?  Do I inquire at UPS, the USPS, Canada Post, or Reaper? (Reasons to not use UPSMI #134534254).  UPS is telling me they don't have it (because their infallable computer says they don't, duh).  USPS doesn't have it, and there's no way it made it to CanadaPost in 5 days.


    Basically, I'm pretty sure my package is already lost.


    Also if someone at Reaper could please pull the fingernails from the person who decided to use UPSMI, it would be appreciated.  Maybe just stick their hand in whatever machine grinds and liquifies the plastic for Thomas.


    Edit: aha, got post-sniped by someone with the same issue!

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