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  1. Can anyone list the paint colors that come in each LTPK? I understand that they no longer give the paints that are listed on the Store page (they stopped using the crappy sample cups) so I figured that the colors provided also changed. I'm new to miniatures and ordered "Paint Set 1" from the Bones Kickstarter. I'm looking at investing in the LTPKs but I want to know how much overlap there is between the LTPK paints and the ones in the KS.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Where on the great vast open are you located? We've got one Winnie-pegger and I'm in Alberta


    I too live in Alberta. Calgary.


    Then might I suggest looking at Itar's Workshop's Kickstarter? International shipping on his stuff is CHEAP! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/554948184/itars-workshop-dungeon-terrain


    He is also heavier on the Accessories, like crates, boxes, coffins, etc.


    I've taken a look, but I'm really not thrilled. The blocks are really weirdly shaped! DF's blocks were simple to the extreme. With DF, you needed 4 types of blocks to create any room: Floors, Corners (walls adjacent), Walls (single wall), and Halls (walls parallel). The IW blocks require 'end cap' blocks, have weird "Cross" and "T" blocks, vary in size, and the blocks only really work for hallways (look at the overlap in the room below, and how the floor is made up of 1x3, 2x2 and 2x3 blocks).




    So it looks like a royal pain to use IMO.


    Besides, losing out on my impulse DF purchase has me evaluating the benefits of a DIY touch-screen table.


    EDIT: Sorry for off-topic. BONES BONES BONES BONES.

  3. Hey, bones are practically indestructible. I say we build a trebuchet somewhere in upstate New York. Ship all the Canadian orders to Watertown, drag them to the woods and have at it. We can meet up near Gananoque, then head out to gather them up.


    This sucks sometimes. Being a prairie-dweller, there's no nearby US cities that I can designate when I want free shipping. Vancouverites can just ship to Blaine, Torontonians can ship to Buffalo. The nearest city to me is Shelby Montana, which is like a 8 hour drive.


    This means I miss out on some awesome stuff, like Dwarven Forge (because there's no way in hell I'm paying an extra 60% of the price just to cover shipping).

  4. My concern exactly.

    I don't want to have to wait 6 months for my bones


    You don't get a choice. They arrive when they arrive, and unfortunately for us Canucks, that means putting some of our patented PolitenessTM to the test and being extra patient.


    In the meanwhile, go get some vitamin D while you can. Once the Bonenami arrives and we become shut-ins, at least we won't be transparent. In the event that it is also snowing where you live (as it is here, now), then you can always order the already-Bonesified minis, or go buy some metal, or prepare 250+ bases.


    If you're super impatient, eBay has some of the Vampire sets on sale for about $250. But, IMO if you're willing to pony up that cash, you may as well get 30 or so metals that won't be included in your Vampire set.

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  5. Sorry about that. I sometimes can't keep track of which forums I've posted what to. We're in the middle of trying to get the first shipments sorted - I know that everybody thinks it's just a matter of getting a box and doing it, but trust me, there's a lot we still have going on.




    I hope you can appreciate that.


    Cheers Bryan!


    I can certainly appreciate what you guys are up to; shipping thousands of orders across the US, and internationally is an exercise in paperwork (and double, triple checking).


    Thanks for your prompt and succinct reply.

  6. Hi Guys,


    I'm a Canadian backer of the Kickstarter, but I haven't heard anything from Reaper regarding shipping since the February 28th "Project Update #85" when it was announced that they were "still on track to ship by late March".


    I'm not sure how late it needs to be in March before "late March" arrives, but it's the 25th and I haven't received any further official updates. A quick surf through the forums hasn't turned up any recent news either, but I've seen scattered posts with nothing but rumor.


    I'm interested in getting some solid clarification on how minis will be shipped, especially to Canada. I've seen rumors that Reaper will not be shipping directly, but rather through RAFM (way over in Brampton, which means my minis take the longest route possible to my doorstep :wacko:), and if this is the case, whom do I contact regarding shipping information? What happens if my shipment is lost (is RAFM responsible or Reaper?) Will I be receiveing a shipment from USPS, Canada Post, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, Someone Else? Who is your shipping provider? Is it true that Canadians will be shipped to last? Will we receive tracking numbers? Will we receive our complete order or just the Vampire minis?


    I don't mean to sound cranky, as I'm sure the Reaper guys are buried in trying to sort through everything last minute, but there's been a profound lack of "How" and "When" for something that is supposed to start shipping in the next 4 days.


    ...As I type this I've found a post from March 21st on the Paizo forums from Bryan stating that shipping will start "soon" but will take 3-5 weeks to roll out: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2oyau&page=7?Have-you-locked-in-your-Reaper-Kickstarter-order#324. Would still like an update on my other questions.



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