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  1. Any ideas on how to get a misbehaving quetzalcoatl (or whatever that snake is) to stand up properly? Mine became so squashed that he's essentially planar. Boil & Cool doesn't work effectively, and he's so skinny and curvy that I don't think that I can pin him. Right now he's a snake-puddle and that makes me sad.
  2. Did you like Heavy Metal? The original cartoon film? Sucker Punch is best thought of as live-action Heavy Metal. Without giving anything away, if that old movie isn't your bag then you'll very likely hate Sucker Punch. It's... divisive. (but I love it) Heavy Metal at least didn't try to be preachy. The emotion and the action sequences in Sucker Punch didn't blend well, and the emotional stuff kind of ended up bleh. It made me actually kind of feel kind of bad for enjoying some parts of the film. At least Heavy Metal was only concerned with Beefcake and Cheesecake. Sucker Punch tries to make a film based on exploitation and the sex trade, and then thrusts 5 scantily-clad bodies in your face. The whole time the awesome action sequences are going on you feel dirty because you know what they actually are. It's like "here, feel bad for watching this whole movie you pervert". Inception came out the year before, and it was a far better dreams-within-dreams movie, but the action sequences in SP, if you could separate them from their meaning (ie, the way the trailers portrayed them) then it is a very awesome visual ride. It's practically every teenager's action-hero wet dream. It's what you get when your sister wanted to play Barbie while you were playing GI Joe. Watching a bunch of hot women in a B52 fly over a medieval battlefield to battle a dragon while "White Rabbit" is playing was incredibly satisfying. The movie is pretty awesome, but Snyder could have left out the "Sucker Punch", and just focused on the action (and explained some of what the f&$# is going on), it would have been a pretty good movie.
  3. I spent too much. Seriously. Last KS I didn't spend enough, and now I spent too much. Total acquired: Wave 2 GET! Core Set (durr) +1 Troll Slayer Sophie (I asked a friend if he wanted anything from the KS, this was the only thing he pointed out) Narthrax Lords of Darkness Mouslings (because reasons!) Heroes and Villains Water Elementals Hill Giants Blightfang (on the fence on him at the moment) DDS2 And I combined shipping with another friend who got Narthrax Blightfang Cinder DDS2 Total price: $326 + Shipping = $386 + Tax + Brokerage = $400. Yea, so much for that $250 budget . I might cull my Blightfang for a sack of 1" bases or more Hatchlings, but otherwise very happy with this KS. Shipping was a big Debbie Downer on trying to decide what would be worth buying. No paints, because even though they're cheap, I've acquired nearly 60 20 and I have a lot of colours that are very near to what was on offer. For $18 I'd rather get 5 bottles of paint I need rather than 12 I don't. I'm kickstarted out now. My pile o'Bones will only increase...and I'm going to need a separate room just to put everything come October next year. E: Also, I was watching the KS by phone, and saw the 3M email go out...and then the Pi reward get shown, complete with Sir Forscale. With 2 hours left I was like "Haha Reaper you funny" and turned my phone off And then we reached Pi!! (And then I had to sit down and think about things for a while, because Reaper made $141k just to hit an employee with a ReddiWhip pie.)
  4. Wow that keep looks amazing. Modular you say? Autobots, assemble!
  5. But that doesn't take into account people who pledged already and are increasing their pledges. Kickstarter math is hard. I assumed that because of the massive lull that people were done updating their pledges. Kicktraq does indicate an increase in the average backer contribution to $177, but I had used $180 to be safe.... *shrug* Whatever.
  6. Bones 2 is now the 9th top-grossing Games kickstarter! 8th place is 1.58M GBP, which is ~2.55M USD. 7th place is Wasteland 2 @ 2.9M.
  7. Well apparently my math was way off, or tons of people pledged $500, or there's several pledge trolls. We went from $2.468 to 2.492 and only gained ~55 backers. That's an average of $440 per backer.
  8. I was there. CE2 is fully revealed. Just not unlocked, yet. Yet. Ah. I misunderstood. Thanks.
  9. @ Reaper Can we get some clairification in the KS comments over CE2? There's confusion between the game board, the Updates, and an earlier post from Bryan. The board and updates both reference "Part 4" of CE2 (although the update says Expansion 4 Part 4), but Bryan had said earlier today that CE2 was done. It's causing confusion on the KS comments.
  10. I just meant the derivative of the Money over Time curve is tending towards 0. It's not trending negative by any means. @ ladystorm Is there an image in your post? I don't see anything. If it was posted to dropbox or facebook it's likely blocked on my end. E: can someone rehost the image to imgur?
  11. Still 250 backers from unlock and we've only had ~215 so far today. Might not unlock until overnight. Slow day IMO unless we get lots of fresh blood. Yes we've outperformed the average but still less than what I expected for today. I expected Bones 2 to get near 3.5M, and I don't think that will happen.
  12. Yup, Econ 101. Which fights pretty hard with Psych 201 for control of peoples' actions. I should sell tickets. Just don't make Philosophy the referee. Dungeons and Discourse! http://dresdencodak.com/2006/12/03/dungeons-and-discourse/ and of couse Advanced Dungeons and Discourse! http://dresdencodak.com/2009/01/27/advanced-dungeons-and-discourse/
  13. That's the 2nd reason I'm watching backers vs the pledge count. Trolls are likely to pop sub/unsub/sub but it should only affect the backer count by 1 rather than the pledge amount by several thousand. Genuine drops are only moving the pledge count by a couple hundred here or there. E: issue is that we're levelling off trying to power through this rough section. Everyone is pledged in who wants the CE3, so we need fresh blood, which is taking a while.
  14. If BKS 3 happens next year, it should be a small, targeted release of a few very large models or terrain. I think people will be pretty Boned out for smaller things. I'm learning not to watch the $$$; watch the backer number. $33k is required, and at $180 per backer we need 180 new backers. Current count is 14025. We will unlock @ 14300 backers.
  15. The pledge troll has struck again! And again. (I swear I'm not staring at the ticker). So we're stuck @ 2,467, with 33k to hit 2.5.
  16. Bloody ticker! We had 275 and it plummeted to 267.
  17. It matters to some of us :) To clairify, it matters if you are only interested in some portion of the CEs. "Is it really worth $50 for X?" or "Is it really worth $50 if I don't want Y?". For me, CE1 doesn't have enough minis that I want to warrant $50. I'll pick up a few of the models, but since what I want will probably retail for <$50, I won't buy it.
  18. http://www.wizards.com/dnd/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4wand/20130219 Apparently they eat stone.
  19. Very likely. I'd use them as a pair. $84k today so far, will beat Wednesday in 1K and Oct 3 at 98k. >$110k will beat yesterday and that's entirely possible. On track to be almost equal to Oct 2, which was the 2nd day and also 2nd-best day @ $225k
  20. Reaper if you are listening, can we please have Froglings to go with the Mouselings? http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/miniatures/visions-in-fantasy-critters.html Darksword pretty much has anything in the anthro market, apart from (a few) mice. They're not Bones-priced, but for froggy needs, they've got you covered. Also Reaper's Mouselings are more like Hamsterlings. The anthro mice through DS are a bit more mouse-y.
  21. Interesting tidbit time. Bones 1 is the 5th-ranking All-time Highest-grossing Games Kickstarter. Bones 2 edged out a spot as the 10th-ranked All-time Highest-grossing Games Kickstarter by surpassing 2.28M. 9th rank will be achieved when we surpass 2.49M and beat out the Homestuck Adventure. We will (nearly) simultaneously unlock CE3. To date, apart from the #1-ranked, $9M letdown called the Ouya, the Bones kickstarter(s) is are the only top-ranked Games kickstarters that exclusively deliver a physical product. I think the time-to-retail for Bones 2 will be a lot shorter than Bones 1. Picking up a few extra 2-packs of columns shouldn't be an issue.
  22. On the game board? He hasn't even crossed 2.387 yet for me. My screen shows the current total at roughly $2.44m, but Mr. Bones is a bit behind on his path. Yeah that's a bit weird. Shows that new people are opting to join in for addons, CE's and chunks of the Core rather than the whole Core. Also, the Addon waves only have 250 slots each, where the Cores have 2000. Also Also, there is a Wave 3 open as of my writing this.
  23. Ack. Anyone else see Mr Bones stuck @ 2.4M or is that just me?
  24. Gotta give it to Reaper here. I appreciate their Trick tactics. Rather than having one big cookie every $100k, we get 4 small cookies every $25k. They've realised we don't care what size the cookie is, only that cookies exist and we frequently receive them.
  25. Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the war room!
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