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  1. Well, 2.75 is still a nice number. That will unlock the Shadows and maybe something else in CE2...might make it worthwhile.


    It will be interesting to see if they unveil their Ruins sooner because of the stall. I recall someone saying (more or less) that the ruins were "in the cliffs" which would put it like 10 goals from this point. At $120k+ between goals, we need a small miracle to reach it.


    I'll try drumming up Reddit a little early maybe. I was going to post on Thursday, but maybe today is better.

  2. The core set is a great deal considering it is like 64 cents a mini.

    That's not even including the bases!

    150 minis by my count, excluding Mr Bones.


    100/150 = 66cents. A steal. However, Jack has a point. If you only want 15 of the minis in the Core, then you're paying $6.66 per mini, which isn't so great.


    My opinion? Get the full set anyways, then eBay it, especially if you have an early delivery wave. TaDaa! You just got your addons for free!


    Now I'm debating if I should grab a second Core just to sell, since I'm in Wave 2 and I'm sure some Wave 7's will want theirs before Christmas.

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  3. I have read what the Reaper philosophy has been on having multiple stretch goals going at once, and I tentatively agree. I was in for the Robotech KS, and did feel a bit let down that we didn't reach some of the last, long-awaited goals. In this case however I fear that the nature of the expansion packs is the monkey-wrench in the works. The chicken-littles aren't willing to invest in an incomplete expansion, and are vocal about it. The fence sitters don't want to invest in it either because they are not sure what the plan is if they do not completely unlock. Reaper mentioning they have a plan is not enough to tip the scales, and though we have some momentum I think the still mostly locked expansion packs are causing people to be wary.


    I'm there. I've not pledged for CE2 yet. I'm psyched for Knights, Angels, and Shadows but not at $50. I can get what I need from CE2 at retail for <$50 (with free shipping to boot). 1 Knight, 2 Angels, some town guards, Shadow Hound...$25-$30. The demon is nice, but we're over-demoned in this KS IMO.


    @Rich: I'm with you. The media attention is lacking and the new backer rate is low as a result; we're not moving. That said, we're still 4 days out. Most KS's don't hit overdrive until just 48h prior to close.

  4. I dont get it. Why would them being translucent purple be a good thing? If they are ghosts or slime or fire or ice, I get the translucent but wolves and tentacles? Are they not supposed to be painted?


    Check out some of the work done on the KS1 Fire It Up and Spectres miniatures (which were red and green). They look really sexy. I don't think translucency has been done before, except in prepaints, so people are still figuring out how best to paint them up, but there's some really stand-out effects already.

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    Reaper has said they have a plan for what to do if CE2 & 3 don't fully unlock in the normal course of things, so I'm not too worried on that front.


    On the other hand, I do think things feel very slow at this late stage in the campaign. During the first KS, we were knocking off stretch goals at the rate of 2 per day by this point, which built up quite a lot of excitement.



    I didn't see that announcement, so that's good. I presume they'll just chop the price of the CEs.


    I'm pretty sure this KS is front-loaded. Everyone knows already what to expect, and they came with wallet in hand on the very first day. Look at the number of backers per day between KS1 and KS2. KS1 was pulling 800+ (up to 3500!) new backers from this point until the end. This KS has 40 today so far, probably get to around 100.


    There's no "rabbit in the hat" this time. It's all on the table.


    Edit: Also, whatever Reaper did on the 15th brought in close to 500 new backers over 2 days. It's a weird little blip on that chart. Edit Edit: Ah, they announced Numenera and CE3.

  6. I think its much to early to even begin to speculate where this is going to end. But even if it ends right now it will still be a success for Reaper, the BONES line continues to expand and allows them to put product in the stores.


    Oh for sure. I'm not knocking the success of the line here, just that the Core's currently sit on dubious ground.


    I can also understand the 'frustration' on the KS comments too. These stretch goals are like a sports match; you watch and it builds up and up and thennnnnnn SCORE! The alternative is that you're really anticipating something awesome and the goal lets you down a little, so like any good fan you go rant about it for a while.

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  7. I'm indifferent over the last addition to Expansion 2, it's not something that I want and really, it means the whole Expansion isn't worth it for me, since I don't see Reaper being able to raise the funds to complete either of CE2 or 3. As we enter the final stretches, it's not ending with the bang that the 1st one did. The first KS was already ramping up quite significantly at this point (pulling 250k/day), and kicktraq doesn't indicate the same level of growth here.


    I expect the larger gaps between goals are stifling growth, as the next unlock is +$150k and the following one is +$132k. At the current rate, Maashaaf will be the last unlock. However, we'll probably get a bump in the last day, and may unlock the shadow beasts as well, which still leaves massive gaps in both CE2 and CE3.


    I will likely pull support for CE2 if it doesn't complete, which is very likely (unless we reach [i'm guessing] $4M somehow). The alternative is that something magical happens to both CE's to make them worth the money.

  8. New (final?) map segment:

    Probably not final IMO, but close. At 80k per goal, there are 19 goals on that image. That's 1.5M, so total of 3.7M. I'm not sure if this KS will go out with the same bang that the first one did, but I'm pretty sure it will at least match the 1st KS for dollars.

  9. The Final Cost website is out of date (they use 6% GST, amongst other things).


    Do the math yourself, or you're free to use my spreadsheet:





    If you do the math yourself, remember:

    0) Todays USD to CAD exchange rate is 1.03

    1) You pay GST (and PST where applicable) on the Item Cost, and Brokerage, and Shipping.

    2) "Toys" have no Duty associated with them. The closest Duty category that I could find for miniatures was "Toys - Action Figures".

    3) VISA/MC will charge you 2.5% of the converted value in order to process a ForEx payment. A $300 USD purchase will cost you an additional $7.72 CAD if you pay Amazon with a Visa or MC. I see no way of avoiding this, just be aware of it.

    4) USPS does not charge disbursement (yay)


    Using my spreadsheet, as an Alberta resident, a $250 pledge becomes $325 after shipping and taxes.

  10. (Musing) It would be nice to have an incubus figure who looks like he's in it for the fun too. At the moment I think Reaper's seductive demon figures are around 3.5% male.


    That'd be cool. Get some beefcake to go with the cheesecake.


    Although WRT the 3.5% thing, Reaper's mascot is a succubus, so if we discount Sophie what's the ratio?

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    I admit that finding reasonably armored women who aren't also dwarves can be a struggle. I think there's only a few ladies in Bonesium that don't have bare bellies and basketball racks. I seem to recall an article that pointed out that this problem was (is?) especially rampant in the miniatures industry.


    I can think of a few:






    There are others that kind of fit your description, but these seemed the most clear cut.



    Yea I saw those as I went back through Fig Finder. The second one you linked is the one I habitually call Lady Thor, and Martin's paint job on the metal doesn't help :). She's getting a red cape for sure. I might smunch up some GS and make a crappy hammer out of the sword too.

  12. Because I think outside the "box" :P


    Well maybe, but what's wrong with just jamming some wings on http://www.reapermini.com/FigureFinder#detail/14128? (granted you can't see her face...but you get my point). Wing-a-ling ladies is one thing, but succubus is another. The latter requires far more skin (although Figure Finder seems to indicate that you can have a covered midriff or two swords, but not both).


    Remember, succubi are in it for fun, so if you're looking for "Reasonably Armored Female Who Happens To Also Have Wings" then there's no point in having a succubus. </pedant>


    I admit that finding reasonably armored women who aren't also dwarves can be a struggle. I think there's only a few ladies in Bonesium that don't have bare bellies and basketball racks. I seem to recall an article that pointed out that this problem was (is?) especially rampant in the miniatures industry.


    It'd be sweet to have a few more models like the Grey Maidens that are actually properly attired for their profession. Off the top of my head Lady Thor is the only Bones female Fighter/Warrior archetype that I can think of that has proper armor. That Dragon Huntress might too...


    Edit: There's actually quite a few!....I should really paint some of these...



    <snip>Succubus pics</snip>


    These two in particular


    Great figures, also love to see them in bones but all 3 are on one foot, leaning forward and quite top heavy. The poses may need to change or be given extra support to work in bones.


    Good eye. My Merisiel refuses to stand vertical, despite being tortured at length in the boiling vats.


    10k to reveal. The ticker moved far faster today than I thought it would. I figured we'd need to wait until Friday for a reveal.





    <snip>Succubus pics</snip>


    These two in particular


    Great figures, also love to see them in bones but all 3 are on one foot, leaning forward and quite top heavy. The poses may need to change or be given extra support to work in bones.

    Well I think the first one would be ok beccause its its got a pretty large base...but the last two I would agree.....I just really want a succubus with two scimitars and heavy armor...I'd mod one if I was any good at it...need more practice.


    Succubi and heavy armor? Nonsense. What's the point of the former if they wear the latter?

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  14. I'm comfy that for as long as Reaper wants to continue making kickstarters, people will continue to back them. It's a great example of "pretail" (or maybe, super-pre-orders) that delivers a product that fills a niche, namely, cheap high-quality minis.


    So y'know, if you wanted to make a third $2M kickstarter I'm sure we could find supporters somewhere.




    Also - Note my SEXY NEW AVATAR by Naponatom! BOW BEFORE IT! BOW!!!


    I swear eternal fealty to our oppressive green overlord, and beg that his breath may start my intransigent BBQ so that I may cook ribs!


    You're a goblin and you can't start a fire?

  15. It seems like they are doing $50,000-$60,000 per day and from past repeat kickstarters that have big first day bumps, the end bump is roughly half the first day bump. That would be an estimate of another $500,000 climb with a $500,000 end bump. So it would be just under $3 million.


    But we will see soon enough.


    Depends on the 48h-bump. Even projects that have traditionally started very strong usually end with a bump just as large at the end (although my experience comes from watching video game KSs). Mighty No9, Project Eternity, Numenera Torment, all had an initial buy-in of ~700k, and then a final bump of ~700k again.


    There are a lot of bandwagoners that will join, but the media attention needs to sweep into action again. If Bones2 gets some major media attention 5-3 days from the end, it should be another ~1M


    Ooooh, Bones shipping containters :)


    "Why are our rewards late in shipping?"


    "We're waiting on the Bones shipping containers."


    "Which ones?"


    "The Bones shipping containers shipping containers."



    "The shipping shipping containers containers?"

    "No, the shipping containers shipping containers."

    "Well that's what I just asked."



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  17. Bah, budgets suck.


    It's going to be a challenge between CE2 and CE3 to see which one warrants my dollar. I've only got $10 of wiggle-room left so I can't have both. I can't imagine what some of you spend-thrift guys have dropped so far, but then again you don't have to drop $80 on shipping and taxes.


    This isn't even the last week and I'm out of money :(

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