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  1. cmorse

    Paint bottle issues

    3M has done it on some of their glues. My experience was the alignment ends up being the biggest issue causing them to eventually bend and snap off.
  2. cmorse

    Bloodborne : 24 hour EB

    According to the FAQ most bosses are around 100mm
  3. cmorse

    Bloodborne : 24 hour EB

    That one is marked KS exclusive, so not much of a chance it will be cheap at retail.
  4. cmorse

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    If they answered the question people could just buy something similar at an art supply store. My guess is still goat hair, though the guess of rabbit that some other people are mentioning is a possibility.
  5. cmorse

    Printer's inks?

    They are metallics so I doubt there would be any concerns about fading. My guess is they'd be similar to using enamels.
  6. cmorse

    Airbrush protection discussion

    Disposable dust "masks" should be avoided, but disposable dust "respirators" should be fine as long as they are rated high enough (as long as it's water based acrylic rather than solvent based). They look similar and generally get lumped together, but not all disposable masks are bad. Things sold as surgical masks/antiviral masks are a bit trickier and you have to check the label for their particulate filtration level. Many will be as good or better than common respirator filters, the downside is they aren't made for heavy usage and will clog up faster. Of course any time you use the nastier acrylics, enamels, or spray cans particulate filtration isn't enough and an organic vapor filter is needed. On thing about those that a lot of hobbiests overlook is that once you open them they are on a timer usually 3-6 months depending on the brand after which they should be replaced even if they've been barely used and still seem good.
  7. cmorse

    Airbrush protection discussion

    What you need for protection depends a bit on what brand of paint you use. For example Tamiya acrylics (solvent based and flammable) require a more expensive solution than Reaper (water based and non-flammable) and most other types of acrylic.
  8. cmorse

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Probably the "EXCLUSIVE TO KICKSTARTER" on it's kickstarter page.
  9. cmorse

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    A couple of the "prototype" brushes are definitely badger. I'm thinking the ones they are selling might be goat though.
  10. cmorse

    Dullcoat not dulling?

    Is it a new can of dullcote? The are occasional reports of people getting cans that spray satin or even gloss with the problems go away by replacing the questionable can.
  11. cmorse

    Pearlized or colored metallics?

    I've watch some videos on candy coating recently, which is spraying transparent paint over metallic. Deep reds didn't seem a problem. I think you'd have to basically paint it as a silver dragon with all the shadows and highlights done with different metallics then do the red coat over everything.
  12. cmorse

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    With a board game that's not all that relevant. You don't need anyone else to own Catan to play the game once you have it. It's not like a typical miniatures games where all the players buy their army, this is a one person buys the box and everyone uses it kind of thing. As far as the actual complaints, there are a couple good points. The main one being the concerns about compatibility. This was already an issue in one direction where retail buyers would be limited in which scenarios they'd have enough pieces to play. Now they've also created it in the other direction due to all the retail scenarios being written to use pieces unavailable outside of the retail base game. With one of their selling points being continued support with downloadable scenarios they've suddenly gone from all the new scenarios working with the kickstarter version and all the smaller scenario working for the retail version to each version requiring an entirely separate set of scenarios. Another is if they continue the addition and use the new content across the retail expansions kickstarter backers who didn't go all in may find themselves require to buy the retail version of the base game in order to use the retail versions of expansions. If they were to release the new game tiles to buy outside of buying the full game these thing wouldn't be a concern at all, but the update itself suggests the whole purpose is to encourage kickstarter backers to repurchase a retail copy of the game.
  13. cmorse

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    Kickstarter exclusives, super exclusives, and now only available in the retail core set exclusive! I think I'll be ending up with plenty of stuff without buying another copy of the base game to get the new exclusives, but they definitely just kicked a bit of a hornets nest.
  14. cmorse

    Wood grain on flat surface

    I think at one point I watched a how to video where they used and old toothbrush with lots of the bristles hacked out to do wood grain at minis scale.
  15. cmorse

    Rune Wars Going Away?

    I think it's been assumed dead by most since December with heavy speculation that it wouldn't making it to the new year starting back in June-July. Light speculation starting even sooner.