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  1. If it's always happening at the same height look for something that might be catching or binding at that height. Otherwise it's probably a partial clog caused by the bowden tube slipping or being badly cut. Print and install the hot end fix if you haven't already.
  2. Another factor is the paint you're putting the wash over. The more matte it is the more likely the wash will cling everywhere it touches, which can lead to tide marks and staining.
  3. Also haven't don't much with white glazes, but just from how the pigments behave you probably want a zinc white rather than a titanium white.
  4. It looks like an HDD so as long as it didn't get damaged somehow it shouldn't lose data due to not being plugged in. SSDs are the ones that will eventually lose data if not plugged in. How quickly they start losing data depends on the type of SSD and the temp. It it's in the 80-90s the drive could be corrupt inside a month and should be powered on weekly to avoid data loss. If they never leave an air conditioned house they should be powered on at least every 6 months.
  5. Krita is the main free one that is designed specifically for that purpose.
  6. If it had something that required a 6001 it would show up in the sds. They can hide the exact ingredients, but they aren't allowed to hide if something requires specific safety measures. It does say "Breathing dust or mist may irritate the nose and throat." Dust and mist are both in the realm of particle filters rather than vapor filters. Another indicator is that many of the things that need a 6001 will have a picture of a flame on the bottle. You should still check the SDS, but most of the solvents used in paint that give off organic vapors are kinda flammable.
  7. 2097s are what I use, mostly due to getting a big pack of them on sale. They aren't really full on organic vapor protection, only nuisance level. It's carbon filter's main purpose is to eliminate smells, not actually protect you. After it's thin carbon filter stops working they still function normally as a particulate filter, so you don't really need to worry about the change interval relative to other particulate filters from a safety perspective. Again though it really depends what you're actually spraying. If you need organic vapor protection they are a bad replacement for 6001s.
  8. The SDS says N95 are fine for Createx 4011. Though being safer certainly won't hurt you it also won't really help you if you aren't using something that the 6001 is meant to block. Things that don't actually turn into vapors and specifically organic vapors aren't to care about the active carbon in a 6001. If you aren't using something that gives off organic vapors, which in mini painting usually means volatile solvents, it won't actually give any extra protection. As soon as you add something like isopropyl you are in the organic vapor category.
  9. The pink are fine for the dust from paints like Reaper. Airbrush cleaners are more questionable so you'd have to check the SDS for the specific one you use. Any of the acrylics that contain solvents, like Tamiya, need the organic vapour cartridges. If you add solvents as a thinner to a paint like Reaper you'd need the organic vapour cartridge. In general checking the sds should tell you which type of filter to use if it's a paint that's meant to be sprayed. If it's not a paint that's meant for an airbrush you might have to dig deeper to be sure. P vs N shouldn't matter unless you're doing some
  10. It's also worth keeping in mind that not all acrylics are the same. With some, like Reaper and (most) Vallejo, you only really need to worry about the paint particles. With others, like Tamiya, you also need to worry about the vapors.
  11. Yep, that tends to take care of most clogging issues all on it's own.
  12. If you haven't done the hotend fix yet, it's the simplest and most effective way to end clogging due to bowden tube slipping, which is the main cause of clogging.
  13. I own mostly Reaper HD paints and don't really have any complaints about them, but if I were to choose one brand and never buy paint from any other brand Vallejo would be the easy choice. They are a full on paint company. Want to slap craft paint onto some terrain? The make it. Want multiple lines of hobby paint that are distinct in the ways they behave, they have at least 3 or 4. Want to paint minis with artist acrylic gouache, fluid acrylic, or acrylic ink , or...? Sure. Want to start with fluid acrylic and add all the different additives yourself to make a custom hobby paint? If you really
  14. Same price? That sounds like either an amazing price for the SSD or a terrible price for the HDD. Amazon has the 4TB WD Blue for $75, I wouldn't bother with something like a black just for storage. Samsung SSD tend to be somewhere around $200-300 for 2TB.
  15. I think in the long run the 200x170x~ build area would be more limiting than the more standard large formats like 350x350x400. Especially since the higher quality settings seem to be more limited. There are a few things it would do better, but unless those are the majority of your planned uses it's an easy pass.
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