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  1. Flow improver makes to metal flakes settle a lot faster so you need to mix your paint puddle every time you dip your brush, but also make metallics go on much better and smoother.
  2. That's true for most W&N drawing inks, but not that specific one. You'll find most white inks are pigment based even if everything else in the line is dye based. Likewise the india ink and metallic ink in the line are also not dye base. Those just aren't things you do with dye.
  3. There is a lot of marketing going on in art materials these days, particularly with acrylic paint. The ink most people use on miniatures in recent years is what used to just be called high flow acrylic paint. The ink part is marketing and can confuse a lot of buyers. If you want what most people are using buy something with acrylic in the name. There are lots of pigment based ink that are not acrylic and there are people who use them on minis. They used to be fairly commonly used for washed, but they aren't what most people are talking about when the say they use ink today. The ink you have is
  4. Yeah, I was disappointed in the dinosaurs. To me they seem like they lack the subtlety of the originals, but maybe they will be better once they are sculpted. I do like the other trees though so I'll probably at least get those since it looks like now that the kickstarter is over you can get them separately instead of as just an add on to the main sets.
  5. It's probably the same or very close. It's very straight forward, so once you start doing it you'll likely have no trouble even without looking anything up.
  6. Disappointing to see that the trees aren't part of this. The buildings are nice enough and if stls had been part of the original kickstarter they might have had me. At this point though there are so many options at better prices that I don't thing these are nice enough to justify their cost. Interesting trees like they originally showed are something that doesn't have a flooded market though, particularly the dino-trees.
  7. That one is harder to say say just from a picture. If the main problem is just getting the supports off and otherwise it's printing well I'd probably start by fiddling with the supports to find a setting that made them work.
  8. The wrist is just going to be a smooth flat surface though. If it doesn't end up smooth enough just sand it, adding filler if necessary.
  9. Wrist down seems like the obvious choice as long as it looks good in the slicer.
  10. If it's always happening at the same height look for something that might be catching or binding at that height. Otherwise it's probably a partial clog caused by the bowden tube slipping or being badly cut. Print and install the hot end fix if you haven't already.
  11. Another factor is the paint you're putting the wash over. The more matte it is the more likely the wash will cling everywhere it touches, which can lead to tide marks and staining.
  12. Also haven't don't much with white glazes, but just from how the pigments behave you probably want a zinc white rather than a titanium white.
  13. It looks like an HDD so as long as it didn't get damaged somehow it shouldn't lose data due to not being plugged in. SSDs are the ones that will eventually lose data if not plugged in. How quickly they start losing data depends on the type of SSD and the temp. It it's in the 80-90s the drive could be corrupt inside a month and should be powered on weekly to avoid data loss. If they never leave an air conditioned house they should be powered on at least every 6 months.
  14. Krita is the main free one that is designed specifically for that purpose.
  15. If it had something that required a 6001 it would show up in the sds. They can hide the exact ingredients, but they aren't allowed to hide if something requires specific safety measures. It does say "Breathing dust or mist may irritate the nose and throat." Dust and mist are both in the realm of particle filters rather than vapor filters. Another indicator is that many of the things that need a 6001 will have a picture of a flame on the bottle. You should still check the SDS, but most of the solvents used in paint that give off organic vapors are kinda flammable.
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