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  1. For a fraction of the price ($20-30ish?) you can buy a cheap airbrush and pump sprayer to use as a compressor from a hardware store. You'd get better results on miniatures. That's how Plasmo started out airbrushing.
  2. Here's what they have to say on the subject "We are removing MTG singles from our website for two reasons. First, board games and miniatures are more profitable. The profitability on MTG singles has gone way down over the past 24 months. Second, MTG singles is a giant labor drain. We are having a hard time hiring enough workers and when it takes an insane amount of labor to pull, pack and buy singles it just isn't worth it. I could use those employees in a much more profitable way somewhere else in the company." I think it's noteworthy that they said 24 months. That means this isn't strictly a covid thing.
  3. Adding to what Inarah said, Reaper was doing it with metal castings. That means every part of the mold that wasn't desirable as a bits purchase could just get melted down and recast. In the case of plastic sprues the less desirable parts go in the trash. A couple more examples in recent years. Asmodee no longer offers replacement parts to board games citing the labor cost of organising the parts. Miniature Market has just announced an end to sell Magic singles, again citing the labor cost of opening and sorting packs of cards.
  4. Forge World is Games Workshop themselves. I'm not sure what the old mod packs looked like, but I imagine what they sell through Forge World is the closest thing to a modern equivalent.
  5. Maybe, but it's worth keeping in mind that the tacky miniatures due to spray varnish problem existed before bones and is still a thing even with metal miniatures. I think I even have a couple Reaper metal minis that are still a bit sticky after many years of me never getting around to fixing them.
  6. The Forge World stuff? I think they still do that, but it's not really the same as just selling bits. A set of arms and heads that match up to a box of plastics while costing more than the box of plastics it goes with doesn't exactly fill the need of someone wanting 2 extra arms holding a certain plasma gun.
  7. A GW bits catalog for parts off plastic sprues would never happen even if it were a company other than GW. The cost of cutting and sorting the bits would be more than the entire sprue.
  8. For the price of a phone lens that's worth bothering with you can probably get a manual focus macro for your Nikon or a 50mm+extension tubes that will give you better results. That being said, have you considered just using your current lens and cropping? The results will be as good as anything you can get with a phone + an add on lens.
  9. I didn't back it, but I've been following it off and on. As best I understand it there is no mobile app that you can download it's a web based app that you just go to their site to use. I'm not sure if there is an actual mobile app in the future or the web app is what they meant from the start.
  10. If you want to do the red, yellow, blue option I'd highly recommend doubling it to have a warm and a cool version of each. A good starting place is buys some inexpensive acrylics and painting some color wheels. It wouldn't be as good of an experience as higher end single pigment paints, but it's a pretty classic place to start learning the fundamentals of color mixing.
  11. I think the biggest issue you'll have at that price point is quality control. The exact same brand and model might last years or days.
  12. If you are using soap the amount is so small that bubbles shouldn't really be a thing. If they are you probably used too much. Really though, if you're going to do it just buy a bottle of flow aid. It's $5-10 and will last the rest of your life and you won't need to worry about whether any of the additives in the soap will react in funny ways with the paint
  13. I don't think you can replace nulin oil or contrast paints with anything Reapers lines in a satisfactory way. Likewise you couldn't replace Reaper's triads with Citadel paint line. There are options outside of Reaper though.
  14. For random plastic basing bits you can just make push molds from minis you have. You usually only need one side that looks nice.
  15. The main thing you wouldn't really be able to do is all the sanding that a lot of model car people do. If you weren't planning on doing lots of sanding anyway you'll probably be fine with acrylics.
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