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  1. cmorse

    Citadel Contrast paints

    Guerrilla Miniature Games has done a fair number of videos testing different things with the paints. Nothing too fancy, but covering a lot of the basic how does it work over this and that.
  2. Regarding the fittings. There is a bit more to it than 1/4 vs 1/8. It's also BSP vs NPT. The 1/8 stuff you're getting will have BSP thread. The 1/4 on the compressor will have NPT threads. Ideally your adaptor should be 1/8 BSP to 1/4 NPT which are harder to find and a bit more expensive. On 1/4" pipe BSP and NPT are close 19 threads per inch vs 18 thread per inch. There are people who will throw on extra teflon tape and just cram them together, but you're much better off if you can find the correct fitting. (All this is assuming the compressor you are borrowing in a shop compressor) As to why they have different fitting it's pretty simple if you think about it both Badger and Paasche airbrushes are manufactured in the US, why wouldn't they use the same fittings that come on every standard air compressor made to be sold in the US and Canada? Most other Airbrush companies are in Europe and Asia where BSP is much more the thing. Again they are just using the standard fitting for their region. To make all this a bit more annoying, every once in awhile you'll come across no name airbrush compressors that use unlabeled NPT threads (because Badger and Paasche) or even have incorrect mixes of the two.
  3. Can't tell you anything about that specific kit, but it seems pretty standard for an inexpensive set off Amazon. The compressors are usually the same as the name brand ones, but may or may not have have gone through as much QC. The impression I got when deciding what to buy was that they usually as long as they don't burn out right away they last pretty well and do a good job. If there is no warranty on it make sure to put it through the paces within whatever the return window is. I ended up going with a store branded "quiet" compressor instead. Not as quiet as a typical airbrush compressor, but not super loud either. It was also slightly cheaper, 2 gal air tank, and I liked the idea of being able to also use it on tires and nail guns. It also had a 2 year warranty that involved throwing it in my car and driving to the store if I had trouble, which was actually a big part of my decision. Also since I had decided on a Badger airbrush it meant I didn't have to think about thread adapters and my entire system works with stuff from any hardware store. Since you're planning on getting a Neo the thread advantage wouldn't be there for you though and you'd have an easier time with connections on the compressor you're looking at.
  4. The only issue you're going to have with the compressor, aside from it being cheap and noisy, is the connections. Most airbrush stuff has British threads (BSP) while that compressor has US threads (NPT). Somewhere in your line you'll need an adapter or other work around. If you buy a moisture trap/regulator pay attention to it's thread type too. If you buy one online marketed for airbrushes it will probably be BSP while if you go to a local hardware store it will probably be NPT. Not a big deal if you're buying an adapter, but it will change which side pf the regulator the adapter goes on. That said I believe the Paasche hoses you're looking at are NPT (Badger hoses are as well) and would work with the compressor's fittings as well as hardware store moisture trap/regulators. However, it won't connect directly to the Iwata airbush you're looking at, so you'd need an adapter anyway.
  5. cmorse

    My Spray-booth Building Journey

    A good source for cheap blowers (not spark safe) are old hepa air purifiers once they stop selling the right size filters for them they sit in closets and thrift stores unused forever and the blowers in them are made for moving air through filters without a problem.
  6. cmorse

    Time of Legends: Joan of Arc

    Looks like US stuff is actually with Fedex now. Delivery next week.
  7. cmorse

    Paint bottle issues

    3M has done it on some of their glues. My experience was the alignment ends up being the biggest issue causing them to eventually bend and snap off.
  8. cmorse

    Bloodborne : 24 hour EB

    According to the FAQ most bosses are around 100mm
  9. cmorse

    Bloodborne : 24 hour EB

    That one is marked KS exclusive, so not much of a chance it will be cheap at retail.
  10. cmorse

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    If they answered the question people could just buy something similar at an art supply store. My guess is still goat hair, though the guess of rabbit that some other people are mentioning is a possibility.
  11. cmorse

    Printer's inks?

    They are metallics so I doubt there would be any concerns about fading. My guess is they'd be similar to using enamels.
  12. cmorse

    Airbrush protection discussion

    Disposable dust "masks" should be avoided, but disposable dust "respirators" should be fine as long as they are rated high enough (as long as it's water based acrylic rather than solvent based). They look similar and generally get lumped together, but not all disposable masks are bad. Things sold as surgical masks/antiviral masks are a bit trickier and you have to check the label for their particulate filtration level. Many will be as good or better than common respirator filters, the downside is they aren't made for heavy usage and will clog up faster. Of course any time you use the nastier acrylics, enamels, or spray cans particulate filtration isn't enough and an organic vapor filter is needed. On thing about those that a lot of hobbiests overlook is that once you open them they are on a timer usually 3-6 months depending on the brand after which they should be replaced even if they've been barely used and still seem good.
  13. cmorse

    Airbrush protection discussion

    What you need for protection depends a bit on what brand of paint you use. For example Tamiya acrylics (solvent based and flammable) require a more expensive solution than Reaper (water based and non-flammable) and most other types of acrylic.
  14. cmorse

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    Probably the "EXCLUSIVE TO KICKSTARTER" on it's kickstarter page.
  15. cmorse

    Artis Opus - Series D: Brush Set

    A couple of the "prototype" brushes are definitely badger. I'm thinking the ones they are selling might be goat though.