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  1. 5 hours ago, Marc said:

    Great info!


    So, you clean and condition your synthetics with the brush soap? For some reason I thought that was just for natural hair brushes.


    You need to use soap that isn't harsh, but you don't have to use brush soap specifically. You might as well though. You'll want to buy some if you ever use natural brushes and it's one of those buy it once and it lasts nearly forever kind of things.

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  2. 37 minutes ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    I'd heard something about CITES paperwork expiring, and then something about a bunch of legal red tape and bureaucracy preventing them from renewing it. 


    The broad CITES agreement for sources of Kolinsky imported from China and Russia expired and the meeting that it would have been extended at was canceled due to covid. I believe this fall is when the meeting is happening now, so thing might change fairly soon. Kolinsky itself isn't actually banned, the name Kolinsky is just commonly used to hide sales of mongoose for India, which is banned.


    If I understand it correctly it's not that Rosemary isn't doing the paperwork and certifying their brushes. It's that they don't want to do the paperwork for every single order that individual customers place. They are still doing it for large batches sent to retailers, they just don't have that many US retailers.

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  3. You'll find it pretty common for people to do the bulk of their painting on each mini with cheap synthetics and then to their finishing work with a kolinsky. Having one or two Kolinskys is a bad thing. I strongly recommend against paying lots of money for "good" synthetic brushes. The difference is quality control and the branding, not the quality of the nylon fibers. If you buy 50 brushes for $10 you can toss to wonky ones yourself (or use them for things that the wonkiness doesn't matter) and have far more brush life than you'd get out of one $14 brush.

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  4. I'd recommend getting either a size 2 or 3 rather than a 1 and 0. Smaller brushes just mean that the paint dries on the brush faster and with any of the quality brushes you listed the tip of the size 0 and tip of the size 3 will be equally as fine for detail work. Pupils are about the only reason to use a brush smaller than a 2.


    As far a the brush I use the most goes, it's cheap size 2 synthetics of amazon that were 50 for $9. 80-90% of a mini can be done with a cheap brush just as well as with an expensive brush. Then use the nice brushes for that last 10-20%.

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  5. On 8/1/2023 at 3:33 PM, Marc said:

    I'm very intrigued by the WetNDri Paint Tray Pallet

    I don't think we are allowed to post product links, but Amazon sells it. Anyone have this one?




    No experience with that particular one, but since in use there is little to no difference between the fanciest most expensive wet palleted ever and baking sheets on damp paper towel it's probably fine. At worst the paper will suck and you'll need to buy parchment paper to replace it.

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  6. To try out a wet palette just get some parchment paper and set it on a damp paper towel. If you don't like it use the rest of the parchment paper to make cookies. Using both is my preference. The wet keeps paint from drying out too fast, but there are paints that will seperate or get too runny. If you are looking for a good dry palette consider a Pop-It fidget toy.

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  7. 1 hour ago, CorallineAlgae said:

    My Gambler's Chest came in today. It's a massive box. Probably going to be another long wait for the last wave.


    Last wave? There are at least 2-3 more waves left as things stand.

  8. 15 hours ago, Zloyduh said:

    Yeah, the white ones do. But the new black ones look more like Citadel to me. 6 for $30 - too good to be true? 😄


    Citadel synthetic brushes aren't really any different than the cheap ones of amazon either. 50 brushes for $10 is what I last bought. I've have one in the bag so far with loose bristles, which is for the price is fine. The tips don't curl any faster than the expensive ones, they are mostly all made out of the same nylon that likely comes out of the same handful of factories.

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  9. Looking back through their other projects there is apparently still outstanding stuff from Solomon Kane, their second kickstarter. It seems to be the case for a lot of the older games and they recently dumped the stock that might have been used to take care of at least some of the undelivered items.

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  10. 5 hours ago, ManvsMini said:

    Anyone know if anything is going on at Badger Airbrush? I've been trying to contact them for almost two months to resolve an issue with the quick disconnect that was missing an advertised adapter. I originally heard back from Ken within a day of emailing customer service, sent him back the requested information, and have been ghosted since then. Several emails sent, been trying to call them Friday and today, but their phone options give me the run around or send me to a voicemail.


    Really starting to annoy me, as I haven't been able to use my airbrush. I need that adapter to have the right connection to my air hose.


    I think you have this a bit wrong. To attach to a 1/8 BSP hose you don't add an adapter, you remove the one that is preinstalled.

  11. 3 hours ago, Fencig said:

    thanks that's helpful, what you describe suggest a solvent/acid based primer, AKA " etching primer" , and by most pro painters opinion i believe is the best primer you can use on metal.  Really odd that your getting that reaction from a water based acrylic polyurethane, but it's good to know about the need for ventilation. Would be nice to see an MSDS for Stynlrez


    All water based polyurethanes still recommend being in a ventilated area to use due to the polyurethane. Vallejo's airbrush primer is also water based polyurethane and it's easy to fine their msds info. Stynylrez is likely very similar.

  12. 1 hour ago, ManvsMini said:

    @cmorse really appreciate your help (and patience!) with this. I want to make sure I get this right before I start buying the hose and adapters. So if you don't mind double-checking me?

    • My compressor has a 1/4" NPT male fitting, and comes with an to make it a 1/8" BSP male fitting (I checked, and the fitting is inside the box)
    • The Badger Patriot 105-2XR is a 1/8" BSP fitting (near as I can tell)
    • The Badger 51-042 QD coupler can hook up to either 1/4" hose or a 1/8" hose

    So, with that in mind, my logic is the following:

    • Use the 1/8" BSP adapter male fitting on the compressor
    • Buy the Badger QD  coupler for the airbrush
    • Use the adapter ending on that quick-release to make it 1/8" BSP male fitting
    • Buy a hose with two 1/8" BSP female ends

    Sound about right?


    Badger airbrushes use M5 .5mm connections. Some come with an adapter to 1/8 BSP, but for most that's a separate purchase. 


    I took a look at my setup and I have the Badger 51-042 QD, it actually solves everything. The male side is an M5 and attaches to the airbrush directly and the female side is an 1/8 BSP with an M5 adapter over it. So that adapter plus a 1/8 BSP f/f hose should do the trick.



    A note about the sizes of connectors and why it's such a pain- The listed size and the actual size won't match. The 1/8" in BSP is talking about what the inside diameter would be if those threads were on a steel pipe. That's why if you look at an 1/8 BSP connector it looks around 1/4" and a 1/4" BSP connector look 1/2". NTP is the same, but the US version. On the other hand the M5 that Badger uses is actually 5mm on the outside, so it looks like what you'd imagine 1/8" connector to be.  


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  13. A hose that matches the compressor's fitting (looks like 1/4″NPT, but check what the listing you order from says), a female quick connect that attaches to that hose , and a Badger male quick connect. The airbrush end of the hose doesn't need be Paasche, you might even find one that has a badger end, it doesn't really matter since the quick connection is standard and takes care of the adapting. 

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  14. 5 hours ago, ManvsMini said:


    Ended up getting this (the Badger Patriot 105-2XR Arrow, small cup), as well as finding the Paasche air compressor/tank I wanted on sale as well. Order just got placed, so the airbrush journey is officially underway! I'll buy another one with a bigger cup later down the road if I determine that I need it.


    My own research shows I'll need to buy some adapters to make the fittings work between the Badger airbrush and the Paasche compressor, I'll have to contact Badger to make sure which adapters will be needed. Still need to order some hoses, the brush holder, thinner and find a good deal on a spray booth; wish they'd list the decibel rating on the fans for those.


    I'd suggest getting a hose that matches the compressor and get quick releases to go between the hose and the brush. You'll end up with some extra quick connect bits, but you shouldn't need any extra adapters.

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