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  1. One other thing to keep in mind. Even once all the KS stuff is shipped they'll still have to go though and repackage everything for retail. So probably add 2-3 weeks after the all the KS have shipped for everything to be in distribution. My ball park guess would be late June early July if things go well. If things don't go well in customs who knows.
  2. That makes it easy to search for. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mary-Kay-DISPOSABLE-STYROFOAM-TRAYS-Pack-of-30-NEW-IN-PACKAGING-DISCONTINUED-/121100213519?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c32229d0f
  3. Yes. 55, 60, 65, and 75 are all identical.
  4. 1) No that wasn't always the plan. Back in October, prior to any issues, Reaper had this to say "My job is to have everything promised in the KS into everyone's hands during, or before, March 2013." Things do happen though. 2) I've gotten the impression that they have them all but I can't really say. The cost would definitely be up there though. Depending on how much is still outstanding it could easily turn their current small profit into a lose. 3) The stuff from china will be here before anything in quantity is made here. Even without having read anything official in that regard I can say that with confidence. All the current molds say "made in china" they'll need to be retooled to use here (and they are also still in china).
  5. If they could go back and rephrase it I'm sure they would. There are now stretch goals for another 7 ships miniatures, double sided tiles, and for the floating city to become playable.
  6. How about "First party (wiped out by) a lvl 3 White Lion, then another survivor died of starvation at the settlement, which brought our population down to 4 people. We nearly brought him down, but poor survival point management lead to 2 early deaths and tho it was close he got the rest of us"
  7. To deal with the shine on the dwarf the best thing you can do is take your photos before using any varnish.
  8. Yeah, when shipping seemed to have stopped for weeks I figured it was one of two things: 1. Not everything had come in from the manufacturer. 2. They had miscalculated the cost of shipping and we're slowing down to figure things out. So, I was relieved to hear it was #1. I figured #1 wouldn't be the case since it contradicts the earlier statement that they weren't going to ship anything until they could ship everything. I'm glad they tossed the earlier plan though. Even if my stuff isn't shipping until later it would have been silly to be still sitting on everything that could have already gone. Note to Reaper; Look at the lack of rage in all these posts. Unavoidable issues generally are better received than no info at all.
  9. This information is contradicted by the text for the $60 pledge Harbor of Refuge which says: "For those of you who have already pledged at higher levels, you an either re-pledge at this level, or we can refund you the difference." That text was because they added the $60 after there were already a number of $75 pledges. So if someone pledged $75 before the $60 and 65 were added but missed switching they are still offered the EB price.
  10. Speaking of reaching into hot things with your bare hands, anyone else play snapdragon?
  11. If he hasn't gotten the rest of his stuff yet then this was probably from going to a trade show rather than part of his pledge. I came across mention of this over on facebook. Still great customer service though since he could sell it for any price he wanted and chose the most generous.
  12. I think the best way to go about it would be to do the kits first and then start deciding what other colors you want to add.
  13. I understand that, but what good does it really do if they tell us they are 50% done? If the first 50% is only single boxes of vampire, and from the sounds of it single vampires make up the vast majority of the orders, and the last 50% consists of huge orders it will take longer to ship the last 50% than the first 50% (note that these percentages are drawn out of thin air and have no basis in reality). Telling us where they are at in the shipping process could very well lead to unrealistic expectations on when any given person's reward is going to ship. Although a KS update would be nice, if they are in full shipping mode at this point that means someone stepping out of the lineup to prepare and post it and we lose their time from the shipping process. It doesn't actually go any good, but it would make us all feel a little more informed, vicariously part of the process, much like we were during the initial phase of the kickstarter when we were getting lots of updates. I'd be happy with something along the lines of "Shipping continues. Were waiting to hear back from Canada. At this point we've sent out shipments to all 50 states, and 20 different contries. More next week!" I think the issue is that we're all really excited, and Reaper does such a good job, that the expetations are high. Are we the vocal minority? Yes. But we're vocal because we're such big fans. A once a week update would help keep that excitement up, and keep it fresh. What good? It would show progress being made. The last official updating on shipping was over a month ago. It stated that shipping had started along with mentioning reapercon. Since then there have been no updates regarding shipping posted to the kickstarter page. Sure you can find a few things out if you go digging between the kickstarter comment, here, facebook, several other forums... Is it really too much to want to see official progress reports posted where they should be that aren't over a month apart? Before someone mentions the most recent update there keep in mind that the last update on the kickstarter page doesn't mention anything regarding the kickstarter at all. As I've said before, I don't mind the amount of time the shipping is taking, it's very realistic. The communication for this portion of the project however, in my opinion, has been sporatic, scattered, and intentionally obtuse, with reasons given for the obtuseness that quite frankly leave me shaking my head.
  14. Freebies probably wouldn't end up an issue since they could always stop adding more. Its probably the storage space and shipping that would start making them take a bigger hit. They'd have to rent a bigger or multiple warehouses and probably use a fulfillment service for shipping (I'd hate to see the shipping queue if they didn't). That would mean that every option would likely have to be boxed and bar coded while still in china adding to the packaging cost, the freight and the final shipping cost.
  15. I wouldn't really worry yet, but if you didn't have any extras it might be worth it to email them. Unless you're Canadian. Nothing has shipped to Canada yet.
  16. There was never a no nudity rule for bones. It's only Legendary Encounters that the avoid nudity on, pre-paints being deemed more attractive for a younger market.
  17. [citation needed][please] I, too, believe in double posts... Here you go.
  18. The main investment in making LE are the molds for the minis themselves. That's already done now. From here ordering prepaints for the new bones will be no different than ordering for any of the current LE figures. Having a kickstarter for that would be like having a kickstarter for casting a new metal mini. Yes, they have to pay for the pewter in advance but they don't need a kickstarter to buy it. It's very unlikely all of the new bones will be painted, but they've already said at least some of them will be. What will probably happen is once they get a bit of sales data on how the various new bones sell through normal channels they'll pick out the ones they think will do well in the LE line and have a batch painted.
  19. No reason for a Legendary Encounters kickstarter. They are already set up for getting bones painted. All the need to do is pick out color schemes and minis then place their order. The place in china painting them isn't likely to care whether its the current LE dwarf or one of the new ones. Not likely to happen until they've finished up all the shipping and getting unpainted bones into distribution though.
  20. That's if they suspended all other use of the machines. Potentially a big number to leave out if they get any US production going in the mean time.
  21. 28mm? That would put everything around Nethyrmaul size.
  22. I'd definitely avoid going over f16 on a d5000. Even that is pushing into fairly heavy diffraction issues. F11 is ideally the smallest you'd want with that camera sensor. If you don't have a cable release you can just use the timer. Since you're probably shooting indoors you can get away with a cheap tripod as long as you can attach a weight to it.
  23. That's true too. Until Reaper has multiples of that injection machine, their inhouse production capability is going to be limited. I don't think Reaper will ever own enough machines to deal with a production run on the scale of the kickstarter.
  24. I'm dreading when people realize that everything for the next kickstarter will also be made in China.
  25. Might end up even cheaper if one of the big online stores carry the full sets. Not sure if its going into full distribution though.
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