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  1. Also that $75 retail is likely based on what they think the production cost of a normal run would be. For this huge run their cost is probably lower than any future run will be. We do know that for Kaladrax they did lose money (intentionally) on each one though, probably in the $5-7 /ea range if I were to make a guess.
  2. As the only guy among the regulars in my current gaming group I've ended up with the impression that if you reverse the numbers there isn't really that much difference in how women behave compared to men. They are possibly ever so slightly more subtly. Maybe.
  3. How about instead of finding a head to match a cobra trooper going the other way around? Find a cobra troop that matches the nova trooper heads! http://www.joebattlelines.com/reviews/toys/comicpacks/comicpack44.htm
  4. As long as you leave out the ones labeled as heavy bodied I'd say they Liquitex is somewhere between miniature paint and craft paint. Probably a bit closer to miniature paint than craft. Exact results will vary by brand. Heavy body artist paints should be avoided.
  5. Yes, Reaper paints are better than craft paints. No, craft paints aren't so much worst that they should never be recommended. If someone needs to get a screw out and says they can't find a screwdriver the words butter knife will pass my lips before the idea of telling them to go buy one ever even enters my mind. If someone is going to become a serious wood worker they should buy the best tools they can afford. If they are going to dabble in it here and there that's a waste of money until they decide want to be serious.
  6. Are you sure its dead? Poke it with a stick.
  7. Two lines that start at the same place and then go in different directions really isn't what parallel means.
  8. http://calphotos.berkeley.edu/cgi/img_query?enlarge=0000+0000+0204+0642
  9. Selling stock is transferring ownership of part of the company in return for capital. Kickstarter does nothing of the sort. If you think you now own part of Reaper you are misguided. Commercial loan? You can't pay back a commercial loan in product at any bank I know of. They give you money in return for the promise of repayment of that money along with interest. This type of transaction is not allowed via Kickstarter. A bond is very similar to this and is also not allowed via Kickstarter. Reaper needed cash to pay for molds. In order to do this they pre-sold the merchandise that would be created with those molds. A product does not need to exist yet for this to happen. What Kickstarter did was create a structure for Reaper to say that they wouldn't take any preorders unless they could get at least $30,000 worth. Kickstarter has other functions as well, but when in comes to merchandise it's most comparable to a pre-purchase in both legal terms and effect.
  10. Wow, that article is completely different from everything else I've read about that. Way to go journalism? I think, with it's current terms of use, from a legal stand point kickstarter is very much like preordering (if payment is collected at the time of the order, which varies by seller). You give them money, in return they promise to give you goods at a later date, they are legal bound to deliver those goods or give a refund. That's not a lot different from a preorder is it? If I preorder from a store and that store goes bankrupt the result is also the same. There is absolutely no way to draw a similar parallel with anything having to do with wall street.
  11. At this point I believe there is only one case of someone suing a project creator due to fulfillment They won and took every last cent the project creator had left forcing them into bankruptcy over a $90 pledge... Obviously though most of this has little to do with Reaper. Reaper is delivering everything per the terms of use.
  12. Here is a quote from that faq regarding fullfillment. "Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project? Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill." Also the faq is simply a summary of the terms of use. It has no legal relevance while the terms of use do.
  13. Pretty much everything regarding the Kickstarter terms of use and requirements of fulfillment seems off. http://www.kickstarter.com/terms-of-use?ref=footer
  14. Wow, that's a lot of misinformation crammed into a post about how people need to educate themselves.
  15. I absolutely love this game. Cheap and efficient table top skirmish rules. Do you have a reference that you can link to support that? "As per my agreement with Reaper, I am to produce a ready-to-play free PDF using images from the figures." http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/songofblades/message/22233
  16. There's at least one person offering to buy out unhappy backers. Thus far, no one has taken him up on it. Probably because someone being anxious to get something sooner doesn't really equate to not them wanting it at all.
  17. As I said, I've no problem that they missed the March date. What bugs me is they that keep saying they didn't miss it.
  18. I'm not really bothered by the delayed shipping. Even if its May before my order arrives that's fine. The insistence that because a small number shipped in March it should be considered that Reaper met their initial shipping date estimate annoys the hell out of me though.
  19. Song of Blades and Heroes is supposed to be coming out with a stat list for everything in the kickstarter.
  20. I was referring to current progress not estimates on thing that haven't shipped yet. The last such update was that 1000 orders had shipped.
  21. If the address change was made using the pledge manager weeks ago there is pretty much zero chance that it shipped to the old address.
  22. For others who were thinking about skipping season 1 in favor of just buying the tiles; I contacted CMON and asked about buying the season 1 spawn and item cards. They are available for $10 shipped in the US. So if you're getting season 2 thats basically everything you need to also play all of season 1 for $35.
  23. I think had Reaper gone with shipping the highest dollar value orders first even more people would be mad than there are now. You might even be more angry with the result than you are now. A number of the highest value orders are going to stores. At $600 your order would likely have ended up shipping 1-2 weeks after the $6000+ retailer orders (Reaper has confirmed at least one store ordering 60 vampires). That would mean that if reaper had shipped those high value orders first pretty much anyone else,including you, would receive their orders after non backers could buy them in stores and online. Would that be better?
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