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  1. While there are a few people yelling NOW! most people seem to just be trying to figure out their place in line. Some might not be asking in the most polite fashion but there is just as much nastiness in the kickstarter comments coming from the people (backers, not reaper) who are telling them to quit asking. Which of course leads those wanting information to be nastier and more vocal in return.
  2. I really don't think there are too many people asking "are we there yet". People are asking for ETAs and how many miles were driven today. The questions get asked over and over again in absents of answers. A daily update in an obvious location would probably shut most people up. note: this thread is not an obvious location for most backers.
  3. There are some conflicting reports on this. Numerous people are saying they have gotten them today from other projects. I personally haven't received any email notices in weeks even for regular updates. I suspect their system is buggy and that was just a quick reply from a customer service person that had no other answer to give.
  4. But most of the Kickstarters that I have seen people tend to be encouraged to continue discussions in their forums rather than continue to comment on them in the kickstarter. It amazes me that it didn't occur to some people that they might be able to get more information on the company forums than they would in the kickstarter comments section. Most backers are probably interested in getting their information through backer updates. The people complaining now probably weren't interested in discussion or reading through 100's of comments. They were just checking new updates and that's it. Not an issue for me since I have been reading here, but looking back at what was said in the updates compared to everything I've read here and elsewhere I can see where someone just reading the official kickstarter updates would be frustrated. -Edit- It probably also doesn't help much when the more in the loop people respond in the fashion of the post directly above mine.
  5. I think a lot of the issue in the kickstarter comments vs here is that there has been a lot more information here that most backer would never see.
  6. Hah, you apparently haven't read the comments on kickstarter :P
  7. Somehow I think a poster for $85 with the non-US shipping isn't going to go over great.
  8. Making them clear is likely just a matter of leaving out the ingredient that makes them not clear. The D&D board games have translucent minis that are also pretty flexible.
  9. "In Prison Outbreak, Six survivors of various backgrounds, such as a family man, an urban native or a heavy metal fan, battle to purge a zombie-filled prison into a shelter" The story line is that they are breaking into the prison rather than trying to escape it.
  10. A quick look at the kickstarter page comments says that as of March 11th the information in update 13 is still accurate. That suggests they are shipping in April. Seems straight forward and pretty recent. I'm not a backer though so thats about all I can tell you. "Creator Wyrd Miniatures on March 11 All of the stretch goals will be sent out at the same time. We will be making more updates in the future and hopefully showing some of that stuff off. Sorry, 4 months was a typo. 3 months is correct, as stated in update 13."
  11. If I were to back this at the $100 level + $25 for the season 1 tiles how far short of season 1 would I be? Aside from the 6 characters and the different item cards is there anything else I wouldn't have? Can anyone think of a reason that this isn't a good idea?
  12. I'm not sure if it's just suffering from bad writing, but here is the reason giving for the kickstarter. "we started this campaign to raise about $900 because Kenzie was going to camp and her brothers were asking why she was going to RPG camp b/c it's not like she was going to be able to make a good game. Together, Kenzie and I decided to do this campaign to prove to them that she was smarter than they thought and she deserved their respect." Based on that she was already going to the camp before any of them ever thought to kickstart it. I'd hesitate to call the motives for the kickstarter cute or high minded (earning her own way doesn't seem to factor in to the explanation), but they certainly are very 9 year old in nature.
  13. Looking at that list I see one thing that strikes me as unfortunate. There is no way to buy just the archers from the pathfinder goblins.
  14. Why do I have a feeling this will end up with way too much support resulting in a fulfillment and tax nightmare for the family?
  15. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46335-bones-ltpk/page-2 Post #22 He was referring to all the pre-order sites rather than Paizo in general I guess.
  16. According to ReaperBrian the pre-order prices on Paizo were correct. Though they are probably subject to change until the official announcement. So unless Reaper and Paizo are running a scam together....
  17. According to the pre-order prices the "Bare Bones—Learn to Paint Kit: Fur & Armor" will be $25 and the "Bare Bones—Learn to Paint Kit: Fur & Armor Deluxe" will be $50. Its probably a safe guess that the deluxe version will have the video while the standard won't. As of yet there is no information on if/what other differences there will be between the two versions. (DVDs are still much cheaper than thumb drives. Download codes probably win for lowest cost though.)
  18. Resizing the picture in photoshop so that the base is the 80mm they state it makes it about 5 inches including the base. The garrick dragon ends up about 7.25" including it's base.
  19. According to your link "roughly 1:100/15mm scale"
  20. A special award for painting Reaper's second largest dragon?
  21. I wouldn't be so sure about that. If Kal is 11" to Neth's 14" tall I'd say Kal's base is the larger of the two based on the pictures. As long as Neth's is tall but bulkier.
  22. If Wyrmgear is still at 7" tall then yes. I thing Nethyrmaul was supposed to have ended up just over 14" tall. With the added width to go with that 3-4x larger is probably a pretty good estimate. I kind of wish I had ordered him but at the same time I still have no idea what I would have done with a 14" tall zombie dragon (I'm still a bit sad both extra big dragons were undead...).
  23. From what I can tell by the pictures I bet if you cast it in metal the new Kaladrax's tail alone would out weight the entire old model. I would be cool to see them side by side in a photo. Particularly if it was the revised bones version that they haven't shown us yet in the picture.
  24. Glue the one you broke back together? At least the way I'm picturing what you described it doesn't sound too bad.
  25. At the moment I think it is. That may change depending on what else ends up being added to the army box.
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