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  1. From what I can tell by the pictures I bet if you cast it in metal the new Kaladrax's tail alone would out weight the entire old model. I would be cool to see them side by side in a photo. Particularly if it was the revised bones version that they haven't shown us yet in the picture.
  2. Glue the one you broke back together? At least the way I'm picturing what you described it doesn't sound too bad.
  3. At the moment I think it is. That may change depending on what else ends up being added to the army box.
  4. The intro video for kickstarter is definitely more appealing than the indiegogo one was.
  5. Probably not. Most of the stuff for Drake is being cast in metal and it's pretty likely the resins will be of the more traditional sort. At this point I'd also hesitate to call these "bad". Its more a delay concern at this point that may or may not materialize to an extent to be noteworthy.
  6. I have no intention of washing them all at once. If you dig through them enough times deciding on what to paint next you'd get enough oils from you hands on them that you really should rewash them before painting anyway.
  7. I posted a 25mm true scale mini in the "Dip method mess" thread over in painting tips earlier today. No direct size comparison with it but you can see Laurana in the distance looking slightly bigger even though she's well behind cat warrior.
  8. Yeah, it's not that I think a proper figure would be that hard to find its that I don't currently own any and don't want to buy any minis at the moment. Even after looking through those sprites and digging through the d&d game boxes again there were no particularly good matches. I do have a third option in that I have a friend with piles of ~2" prepainted JRPG minis but its hard to say if she'd ever part with even a single one to be maimed with repainting at my hands. And I got started right after I decided anyway :) The alterations and priming were done last month, no paint was applied until today.
  9. Yep, that's the stuff. Though what I bought was the satin finish rather than the gloss. It doesn't matter that it is oil since its meant to be the final coat aside from a bit of matte spray. Here is what I have along with the results. No matte has been added. It's probably also worth noting that the OP has it on way thicker than what I used. Selective inks and washes will pretty much always look better than dipping. The benefits of dipping are that its fast, looks better than no washes at all, and seals at the same time.
  10. (goes and measures 25mm heroic Laurana from ltpk 2, 31mm to her eye) I take it back, they aren't extra heroic, just ordinary heroic.
  11. As I said I have nothing to paint that would qualify for the theme. I just figured I'd do the closest I have to the feel of the theme, no expectation of getting theme points.
  12. Just to try keeping people reading this thread straight, neither one of the minwax products pictured in this thread is the correct one for dipping. You don't want the oil based or the water based stains. What you want is labeled Polyshades. Its a combination of stain and polyurethane. Otherwise as a water based option there is mixwax Wood Sheen (I've never tried it and there is less info regarding it's use).
  13. Since I'm lacking anything that actually fits I'm going try Vermina. I picked her up with my LTPKs for added practice. Out of what I have she's the one that I think looks most like something that would show up in a JRGP. I can't bring myself to actually buy anything new with all the bones arriving later this month.
  14. I do believe I read that making a video for it is what is delaying the bones learn to paint kits.
  15. Alright, now that the theme is clear, I'll have to admit that I also haven't played much in the way of JRPGs. My current minis selection is pretty much limited to Castle Ravenloft and Legend of Drizzt. Anyone have any suggestions of figures for either of those that would convert well into a JRPG character?
  16. I think you should reword the description a little. My first thought was also to think that could be pretty much any mini ever made and then why bother with a theme if its that broad? Then I realized you probably meant just Console RPGs...
  17. This would be the extra lazy/simple anyone can do without difficulty version. Rather than setup lights I just set the box on my chair and pulled the desk lamp down. I feathered the light, meaning the brightest part of the light is aimed at the side of the box rather than the mini. The card behind him is giving a bit of back fill, before the shot it was in front of the mini to set the white balance. The light is just a standard compact florescent. Since I'm bouncing and feathering its just the bare bulb with no diffuser. The most important thing is to use a tripod. The expose for this picture was 1/3 second. It would be a mess if I tried to hold the camera myself. The camera I used was overkill and then some. An Olympus E-M5 with a Sigma 105mm macro lens set to f/9 and 200 iso. I could take the exact same picture with the spare camera I photographed scene with (a 7 year old dslr) at less than 1/4 of the price and no one would be able to tell the slightest bit of difference looking at a web photo. If I were to set up something fancier I'd probably use a cheap ebay light box (the $5-10 ones) along with 3 daylight balance compact florescent attached to cheap lamps. One light fixed directly above, almost right up against the light box. The other two left and right adjusted however looked best for the picture. Probably wouldn't need any reflectors, though have one aiming a bit of light forward never hurts. That would be almost like doing work though, so I went with simple lighting. I was kind of thinking It would make a cool open thread in the showoff forum to have people post their final picture along side a shot of the setup they used to take the picture with the camera and lighting left setup exactly how it was in the picture they post. This was my trial run for that, but I need to do it during the day so that there is enough light to see the setup better.
  18. Not really. We already know know Reaper's plans. Their waiting for the last shipment. Its currently on a boat. Once it arrives and goes through customs (which could take anywhere from a few days to a few years) they will sort it and start shipping starting with the smallest orders first.
  19. The wallet tweets go back to November 24th. Google has them cached. Here is the video for the project http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC3irO5ke78
  20. Dwarf #3 is here. No chunks missing on this one. It's mold line is way too prominent to call it perfect, but its certainly in the realm of acceptable.
  21. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8486718963/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8486718431/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8487808816/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8469999168/'>
  22. Now, the LE sculpts were going to be brought out as Bones regardless of the Kickstarter. It's not like they started a new KS project for them after the first had finished. What I was getting at is they are using their available resources in an efficient manner rather than have people twiddle their thumbs waiting for something they don't need to wait for. It would have been a waste on not to produce the LE Bone while the Kickstarter bones were having their molds made. The only benefit would be that you could say you didn't make any other new bones until the kickstarter was done. Mantic is claiming different sculptors were being used, if true why sit around waiting for sculptor #1 to finish a huge project before you let sculptor #2 get to work on a smaller project? The only benefit is so that people don't get upset that the smaller project got released before the big project even though it started later. The big project is still on schedule but someone else got something first. The only difference was that Reaper explained what they were doing better and Mantic merely said Dredball would not effect the King of war timeline without adding any details. Seems like Mantic is doing a pretty crappy job with updates and keeping statues questions answered on kings of war. Based on Mantic role for this projected though it made me cringe that people wouldn't back this due to dredball being done before kings of war. I haven't any of the three.
  23. I just noticed that a couple hours before this thread started Mantic posted something addressing the question of work flow between Dredball and Kings of War as well as the lack of pictures for Kings of War. Basically all different sculptors, 7x the tooling needed, finished sculpts are going straight to the tool maker to keep everything on schedule.
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