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  1. For the price of a phone lens that's worth bothering with you can probably get a manual focus macro for your Nikon or a 50mm+extension tubes that will give you better results. That being said, have you considered just using your current lens and cropping? The results will be as good as anything you can get with a phone + an add on lens.
  2. I didn't back it, but I've been following it off and on. As best I understand it there is no mobile app that you can download it's a web based app that you just go to their site to use. I'm not sure if there is an actual mobile app in the future or the web app is what they meant from the start.
  3. If you want to do the red, yellow, blue option I'd highly recommend doubling it to have a warm and a cool version of each. A good starting place is buys some inexpensive acrylics and painting some color wheels. It wouldn't be as good of an experience as higher end single pigment paints, but it's a pretty classic place to start learning the fundamentals of color mixing.
  4. I think the biggest issue you'll have at that price point is quality control. The exact same brand and model might last years or days.
  5. If you are using soap the amount is so small that bubbles shouldn't really be a thing. If they are you probably used too much. Really though, if you're going to do it just buy a bottle of flow aid. It's $5-10 and will last the rest of your life and you won't need to worry about whether any of the additives in the soap will react in funny ways with the paint
  6. I don't think you can replace nulin oil or contrast paints with anything Reapers lines in a satisfactory way. Likewise you couldn't replace Reaper's triads with Citadel paint line. There are options outside of Reaper though.
  7. For random plastic basing bits you can just make push molds from minis you have. You usually only need one side that looks nice.
  8. The main thing you wouldn't really be able to do is all the sanding that a lot of model car people do. If you weren't planning on doing lots of sanding anyway you'll probably be fine with acrylics.
  9. Which I'd recommend doing even if they said yes. Their inventory system is not something that would withstand people having anything on hold for that long. You'd likely never received any items left on hold.
  10. According to the system requirements page the minimum you need is a Pentium 4 with 4gb of ram. Those were discontinues over a decade ago. So even an i3 should run it. It would just be a question of how slow can you tolerate.
  11. Just write it on the side of the roll. That way when you lose it it won't matter anymore.
  12. All you need to do is go into your filament settings and enter the price. After that it will also give you a cost estimate.
  13. Set your price based on how often you want him to ask for the same favor.
  14. You could also try flattening the base using hot water, the same way you would for a bent weapon or arm.
  15. I picked up a variety pack of 18 makeup brushes off amazon for $12. You should also be able to find them cheap at walmart or target or really any place other than a specialty shop. If for some reason those aren't options you can probably get a set shipped directly from china even cheaper through ebay or ali.
  16. Given what Epic's recent releases have looked like I'd hazard that the multiple poses isn't going to mean there are two fewer other things, just that there are that many more models included.
  17. This is the sort of thing I'm sure some has actually tested and done a youtube video about since it get argued often enough. Anyone have a link?
  18. That's what you'd think until you take a brush that you were using red paint with and you got as clean as you could without soap, then run it across the soap and wipe it on a paper towel. The amount of red that comes out for the clean brush is surprising.
  19. I'd suggest dusting before rinsing. I have a big fluffy makeup brush I use for it.
  20. Just double checked. From this month on it's two throwback sets every month. It's was their hitting 500 patreon thing.
  21. As I understood it the two throwback sets per month is going to be their standard going forward, not something to just bulk up old sets.
  22. This is Vallejo's Old Silver Violet on the egg. Doesn't show it the greatest, but it gives the feel of it.
  23. Remember to make sure you clean you airbrush really well after using Shifters. I just sprayed some gloss varnish over black and while there was no metallic bits left these was a slight iridescence. The brush had been washed a several times. The amount of iridescence was small enough that it hasn't shown on anything else until now, but the gloss over black made it visible. Fortunately I was putting the gloss on the black for more shifters...
  24. Probably the most important thing to do is write down what you're scaling something to in case you need to reprint part of it.
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