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  1. Take the nozzle off and soak it, rinse it, wiggle a needle around inside it until its entirely clean. The most likely cause was that the cap wasn't on all the way when it was shipped. I had a few that were completely clogged in the ltpks and they work perfect after being cleaned
  2. Reaper had an interesting little blurb during their kickstarter about how what people ask for and what they actually buy having very little to do with each other.
  3. If its set at 200 iso that's your problem. With an older point and shoot you want the lowest possible iso number. Back when I had a 4mp canon (a G3 from 2002) I was using 50 iso on it with good results up to 5x7" glossy and ok up to 8x10".
  4. Another idea for you. Check around for refurbished deals on outdated cameras. You can get one of these http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympusepl2/16 for about $200. http://www.cameta.com/Olympus-Pen-E-PL2-Micro-4-3-Digital-Camera-14-42mm-II-Lens-Red-Factory-Demo-64010.cfm
  5. If you're going to buy it at best buy just go there and browse the choices. At that price point you aren't going to find many major differences among the major brand options. In my opinion for cheaper point and shoots the panasonics are a touch better and the nikons are a touch worse than the rest of the pack, but the differences are really pretty minor. Go there, play with them all, pick your favorite.
  6. If he wants to kill it at 300% funded he set his start goal too low. He'd probably do better just dropping the bonebacks as a stetch goal and moving forward with the wolf riders in the last few days. Given how much action happens in the last 4 days of most kickstarters its plenty of time if he makes the change now. Canceling the whole thing could end up alienating the current backers and risk them not coming back.
  7. Given how fast they fixed it they may have just mis-entered it from the start rather than recalculated later. If it was intentionally that high they probably would have sold through all 100 before anyone even thought to double check.
  8. What is the reason why you're not shipping the simple, vampire-with-no-extras pledges now as soon as you get them in? I'm not second guessing here and I know there is going to be a sound business reason as to why not, but I'm just curious as to what that is. There is! I'm excited because I know the answer!! OK - so, the total number of pledges that could be fulfilled without the Options (which are all in the second shipment) is just over 400. As we do not yet have the Options in the warehouse, I cannot reliably give a shipping start date, although we are still predicting March. Given that, it would be quite the PR challenge to have a few hundred backers receive their goods and not the others, since we never specified that this shipment would also be in "waves" like Sophie was. We've watched Kickstarters get eaten alive by fans for shipping taking months and months, and there being long stretches between groups. It's a minor problem, but the space gained by 400 Vamps being shipped would pale in comparison to the fury gained when we shipped one group today, and waited another 2-6 weeks for the next group. Now, there's a second non-PR related reason. We have a contract with UPS to get a special bulk rate, and they will leave container trucks here, we fill them, they pick them up as they fill. That does not yet begin, so if we did begin shipping now, we'd not get the special rate, and shipping is easily 30% of our expenses here, and we'd like to keep that down as much as possible. I hope that clears things up a little. So does this mean it will be an issue that I used a PO box for my address? I can switch it to a street address if need be, but I much prefer packages to come through USPS.
  9. I'm not a fan of limited editions that actually effect the game. If it's just a visual thing though I see no issue. The must have the alternate art card or the whole game is worthless crowd I find a bit crazy.
  10. Why bother freezing unmixed? Again I've only played with magic sculpt, but by all reports it has a shelf life of decades. If I freeze it unmixed will I get an extra 50-100 years out of it?
  11. I've only done it with magic sculpt but I usually ball it before putting it in the freezer and roll it in my hands to thaw it out. Takes about 30 sec to thaw. How long did you freeze it for? At best you can add maybe 20-24 hours to ts life.
  12. I think very few are charging cost. What they are doing is charging wholesale rather than retail. Or retail - a bunch of free stuff that knock their profits down to wholesale like. No distributor to pay either which makes the kickstarter/amazon fees pretty much a wash. You mentioned Kingdom Death. Almost every add on he had along with the game itself was at full retail. Even if he screwed up his estimates a bit plus gets soaked on shipping that's a whole lot of room before he drops below cost.
  13. I can't think of much else to do with him so here he is. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8486718963/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8486718431/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8487808816/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8469999168/'>
  14. I'd guess the issues have less to do with the outstanding deliveries and more to do with miniature choices. First the choice to focus solely on goblins and second the order of them in the stretch goals. If there is a demand for the wolf riders he should be staggering them in with the bonebacks. Can't blame people for dropping now. 5 days to go and less than halfway to the wolf riders. Sure they could hold on to the end then drop but that could create an even uglier scenario of unfunding other goals at the last minute.
  15. Don't hit your head on the ice when you jump in. Aside from that hope its warmer out than it is right now.
  16. This is not entirely accurate. Yes, Reaper has received at least a copy of the majority of the Bones models (if not all of them by now), and yes, they have recieved a signficant shipment of models for Vampire pledges (last I saw, the number was 5000-ish). This is by no means, however, the majority of the product that will be needed for rewards fulfillment. The Vampire level sets alone will account for at least 3x what they've recieved thus far. There's still a lot of product to go. As for when in March, I think we won't hear an official announcement from Reaper until they are ready to ship them. With the unpredictable nature of the time product spends tied up in Customs, any announcement before they know that the last truck has left Customs and is on its way to Reaper HQ would be premature. ~v To my understanding they currently have all the vampire pledges and very few of anything else. However production is finished and everything else is currently at sea on its slow journey to the US. Once its here its all in the hands of customs...
  17. Song of Blades and Heroes has some basic leveling for short campaigns. If you add Deeds and Glory it's campaign system gets filled out a lot more. I don't recall Showdown having leveling but its a free download so there is no reason not to check it out. I've never played it, just looked through the rule book.
  18. I've never had paint chip off of a zinc plated washer. I prime with gesso, paint, seal with satin finish varnish, and pad the bottoms with card stock circles attached by glue stick.
  19. Customer service put a little message on the order slip for the packing/shipping department. I'll be mighty shocked if there are any issues with this one.
  20. I have him out of the blister now, he's actually a bit worse than he looks in the picture. The two halves of the mold are misaligned more than I thought. What looks like a bit of flashing on the left edge of the shield (and his left edge in general) isn't, it's the ledge between his two halves. Number three should be getting here sometime next week. While I've certainly had some issues with items in my orders the customer service has been great.
  21. Something else to keep in mind about macro lenses. You don't need a modern one. You will rarely ever use auto focus with macro. An old Tamron 90mm SP that is manual focus only is still a great lens. There are many articles out there listing which old macro lenses are as good or nearly as good as the latest thing from any given company.
  22. Here's how the new guy looks still in the blister. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8473427409/'>
  23. Well, my replacement dwarf showed up today. The answer is yes, Reaper does apparently hate me. This one has the shield melting away, lots flashing, and from what I can tell without having removed it from the blister yet its going to need some green stuff to even it out in a few places. I think between the two Dains I have now I can probably/hopefully end up with one that looks like he is supposed to but its going to take a bit of doing.
  24. The camera itself should be great. The pancake would likely leave much to be desired for miniatures (though good for most other things). Does it also come with the kit zoom lens? While not amazing close-up wise it doesn't look bad for it either. Some cropping would probably be needed but not absurd amounts. Sony's macro lens is relatively cheap at under $300. I have no idea how good it is but it's probably pretty decent. Personally I'm an Olympus mirco 4/3 fan. For marco I use an EM5 with a 105mm macro lens and its amazing. :)
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