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  1. Alright, here is a WIP of my Thor from the Icewind Dale timeline. So far I've just base coated him in his more or less traditional colors. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8469999168/'>
  2. I have a friend with a shelf full of those. They are a larger scale though. About 2 inches tall and imported from japan. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they exist in something closer to 28mm. Getting them produced here is just a matter of convincing a company they wouldn't lose money on them.
  3. Looking through the new reaper bones it doesn't seem to me like realistically armored women are all that under represented. Naked men with swords and spears are just a google search away in quantities that likely match the current demand for them. The stereotypical male "sexy pose" is a sucked in gut and puffed chest, you'll find that in pretty much every mini line. What more exactly do you you want?
  4. Anyone notice that due to the quiver the male spider centaur is more naked than the female? The Snake-man is showing off nearly as much of his charms as Medusa. The lizard man w/ spear is as naked as the day he hatched.
  5. I think there was a Reaper post at one point saying their molds cost $20,000-60,000+ each.
  6. The mites have potential. I have a bones kobold and its a bit too big and from what I can tell in the pictures the goblins are a bit bigger still. 15mm might not be a bad idea. I supposed I'll actually have to make my way over to the local store and look around and compare sizes of stuff.
  7. So out of my half dozen or so current projects this is the one that's getting the most focus. It's my construction of a free maze/labyrinth game called Labyrintus. I'm scaling it to work with Reaper's gremlins, you'll notice one standing the by the 1/2 painted wall. The game plays up to 4 players each with 4 playing pieces which makes the gremlin set perfect. Does anyone know of any similarly sized minis that come in convenient sets of 4? It'd be fun to have 4 different factions rather than 4 sets of gremlins. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8460759530/'>
  8. Look through the WIP threads. They give a pretty good overview of what the kit teaches. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46281-opengroup-wip-l2pk4/ Otherwise if you have need of most of the colors in any particular kit it a good deal just for the paint.
  9. Is there an open wip thread for this hiding somewhere? I'm nearly done with a rather garish base coat.
  10. Yep, Reaper has taken care of my issues. My post here was more of a "Why me?" than any doubt that they would.
  11. So... Now I ordered kits 3&5. Kit 3 came with no brushes at all and kit 5 came with a 3/0 rather than 0 as well as one bottle of paint with its cap off. I'm probably fine for brushes at the moment and the paint sounds like its fine when I shake it aside from being clogged but 4 out of 4 kits with something off... Does Reaper just hate me in particular? -edit- Add to that that the dwarf's ax in kit 5 has no blade...
  12. Well, since there is a Ravenloft Hulk I think I'll try my hand at painting Thor from The Legend of Drizzt Board Game.
  13. The only bones grab-bag I'd be interested in would be cheap random filled bags of miss-casts. Something like that could be fun for people that want to chop stuff to bits and use the parts.
  14. And done. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8438199813/'>
  15. cmorse

    Lighting Help

    Oh and as far as what to put the bulbs in, regular desk lamps are great. Preferably with the inside of the shade either bare metal or painted white.
  16. cmorse

    Lighting Help

    If those lights are getting hot its probably a bad idea to have them that close the fabric of your light box. My preferred photography lights are daylight compact fluorescent. They don't get all that hot, they put out lots of light, and they last forever. Based on what your light box looks for a standard setup I'd put one on either side like you have in the picture then add a third shining in from the front/above that doesn't get diffused by the light box.
  17. Here's where I'm at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8425560286/'> http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8425560286/'>P1280399 by http://www.flickr.com/people/[email protected]/'>coreymorse, on Flickr
  18. Kit 2 came with a note correcting the paint inventory so my assumption would be if they intentionally changed the brushes they'd do the same, if only to prevent a dozen emails asking about it. If when they write back they say it was intentional that with be fine with me. However getting the brushes listed certainly seems like a better set to me. There is certainly nothing to complain about value wise. If you bought everything for kit 1 off reaper's site separately it would cost about $54. As far as stiffness on your flat brushes did you check both of them? One that I got was pretty soft while the other is quite stiff.
  19. I already sent them something. I was more wondering if I should give it a try with what they sent or wait on replacement. Sounds like waiting might be the way to go.
  20. LTPK 1&2 received. Content inventory failed. How important is it to have the right brushes? I ended up with two 0 and two 2 flat and am the missing 5/0 and 3/0.
  21. Expanding on that idea a bit, has anyone tried thinning with straight Future rather than the typical watered down version?
  22. It would be cool to see some sort of huge moving fortress along the lines of Eureka Miniature's turtle tank. Though other than a turtle of course, since Eureka already did that.
  23. I can't imagine there being anything to put in a new Kingdom Death update at the moment. The last one talked about waiting for the money, timing on the survey, and thoughts on the pledge manager. What else is there until the money transfer gets wrapped up? With the time line on this I expect fairly long stretches without there being any info worth updating people on, unless he does like Reaper and holds back pictures and info so he can space it out.
  24. I'm assuming Kingdom Death is going to be delayed 2 months or more. Not exactly a problem though since I backed it with that in mind.
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