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  1. They come together for the purposes of the kickstarter. Not surprising that they've separated them for retail so that people can buy just Hyrekia if they want without having to pay the full Kaladrax price.
  2. As I recall the production for the kickstarter cases was being out sourced due to the volume being to high to reasonably do in house. That makes it much less likely to be effected by these issues.
  3. As far as reaper minis go, definitely bones. After March the selection will increase drastically as well. The other thing that might be worth watching out for are sales on the D&D adventure system games. They sometimes drop bellow $30 on amazon and come with 40+ plastic minis. Here is someone's current project with one of them in the WIP forum http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/46912-legend-of-drizzt-boardgame-wip/
  4. Best way to avoid that for pretty much any kickstarter is the check the creator comments section every now and then. I generally just go there instead of ever even looking at the main comment feed. http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/poots/comments
  5. In the Garret, P.I. series (Glen Cook), unicorns apparently are velociraptors. He never describes them, but dewclaws, sharp teeth, and carnivorous habits all come up. Sounds like Glen Cook had been reading P. C. Hodgell.
  6. $3.49 vs $16.99 for the minotaur. I think 5 plastic for the price of 1 metal is a reasonable incentive to consider bones.
  7. It varies depending on the reward. Some stretches add to the base game so you get them at $100. Most of the other free stretch rewards are at the $150 level. A lot of the rewards are options that aren't free at any level, however a few of those options are made free if you pledge over $300 regardless of which level. This is currently the best what you get at what level chart - http://kingdomdeath.com/ks_images/kingdomedeathv650.jpg
  8. I think this thread may be relevant to your interests. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45430-kickstarter-faction-proxy-armies/
  9. Pick any number within 10-20mm of your actual scale to use as your "scale". What's he not understanding?
  10. Lots of companies make giants that big. Except instead of calling them miniatures they call them action figures. McFarlane tends to make some nice ones in the 6-8 inch tall range.
  11. I'm pretty sure that the mm really means cm.
  12. Is there any new information/clues regarding the bones LTPKs now that its December?
  13. Just buy the PDF from paizo for $11 and print it out yourself.
  14. We have one. We use it. I have used it for taking pictures for over 7 years. The translucent nature of the material is the problem. Oh - backlightling just makes it worse. We find we get the best results with only one light, instead of our usual 3 light rig, but those still aren't what I'd call good pictures. Give them a light coat of talc/corn starch, wipe most of it off the raise areas while leaving the reliefs well dusted, use a black background, single light source from the front lower left.
  15. To my understanding spin casting is cheaper in low volumes, pvc injection is cheaper in high volumes. Bones are pvc just like this project but with a proprietorial pvc blend. I think it might already come with enough to make a chess set. Is there any chance of you posting a picture of your pvc trial mini next to an average sized reaper mini?
  16. When a court looks at whether parody is fair use or not it goes way beyond "is it funny?" The first big thing they look for is mockery. Just making a D&D monster cute, while it might make you smile, is a punchline without a joke. Nothing is being mocked, its just being made cute. Another big thing is whether it something the company might do themselves or license to someone else. Making a character into a chibi? That is definitely in the realm of things WoTC might actually produce themselves.
  17. The only thing surprising is that WOTC beat GW and Disney.
  18. The preview gallery and the greens gallery are probably where you want to look. They have everything though not just kickstart.
  19. While it might not be an amazing value its also not a bad value. If you went the al a carte option you might not save anything over what you'd pay at you local store. Any of the higher pledge prices you'll be unlikely to beat outside of the kickstart. Unfortunately I was more interested in Shadowsea than I am in Deepwars so I'll be waiting to see if that comes back in the future.
  20. As far as prices the current line is probably a good starting place to make guesses from. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones
  21. She's on my list of figs I'd like to have, and if by some miracle she was a surprise bonus figure to accompany Kaladrax it would be tres' cool. Surprise bonus? They already said she was included for anyone who ordered Kaladrax. She's neither a bonus or a surprise, just part of your order.
  22. They do have a regular forum. http://ganeshagames.proboards.com/index.cgi?/ Hardly any one uses it though.
  23. The wing bone is looking bulky due to the camera perspective. Wide angle closeups lead to all sorts of weird distortion. You traced the tail wrong in the concept art. You seem to be confusing the tip of the woman's staff for the tip of the dragon's tail.
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