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  1. Based on past comments roughly 2-4x the kickstart price. Most of them should be in the 2-3x range. Cthulhu and Kaladrax may be in the 4-5x range since they were discounted below cost for the kickstart.
  2. I did a fair bit of forum searching on this subject in the past. What I found was a lot of people never had problems, a few had issues from the start, and a lot of people start with no problems but develop sensitivity, sometimes severe, to the stuff through use.
  3. Assuming they're using a descent digital camera made at any point in the past ten years that really should be a problem. In the case of a large model like this one though you lose detail simply because of the resolution its displayed at. Of course while I'd love to see a higher res version I probably wouldn't post one any larger either unless it was of the final production model rather that the master sculpt.
  4. If you browse the comments on the update it is officially stated that this is the finished model. The one caveat is that it wasn't assembled quite right for the photograph, the front kite shield should be positioned higher to cover the large rectangle. They also say its highly unlikely that different shield options will be included.
  5. You'll always be able to find companies that label the wrong scale for marketing purposes. With 1/72 at least you can clearly say if its scaled right or not. There's no caveats about 28mm measured to the eyes, top of head, whether its "heroic" or if the base is or isn't included. Its just correctly labeled 1/72 or it isn't.
  6. Heroic 28mm is 32mm scale to the top of the head instead of the eyes thus the "heroic" in front (that's what it means). Also part of the confusion is that in Europe they measure to the eyes and in the US we measure to the top of the head so there's automatically a difference based off of who commisioned the sculpt. If you think this is driving you craze try looking into 1/72 scale for plastic models, which is what 28mm is supposed to be (or so I've been told many times, though 1/54 comes up a lot too), and you'll find yourpeice is anywhere from 15mm to about 40mm depending on the company--there's no real consistancy at all. 1/72 means that 72 inches is scaled to 1 inch. 1/54 means that 54 inches is scaled down to 1 inch. Anyone telling you 1/72 is 28mm has no clue what they are talking about. 1/72 is roughly 22.4mm to the eye on a 6 foot model. 1/54 is roughly 30mm to the eye. 1/58 is closest to 28mm assuming the company making it defines 28mm as a representing the distance to the eyes on a mini that would be 6 feet tall, but since 28mm is just a statement of size rather than an actual scale it can mean whatever the manufacturing company says it means (28mm to the eyes, neck, top of head, waist, knee of a 6 foot person? Entire up to the company that slaps the label on). Expressing scale in mm rather than a proportion is what lead to the mess of scale creep and confusing labels (heroic?) that exists today.
  7. The kickstart was in part to start moving bone making to texas. They said up front that it would take a good chunk of time to make this move and because of that all the minis to fill the kickstart orders would still be made in china. Future production will be gradually moving to texas though.
  8. cmorse

    Base sizes

    What reaper say on scale in the FAQ section is that their 25mm heroic is 28-30mm scale and features heroes that can be up to 8 feet tall (or possibly even more). It's probably the 8 foot tall 30mm scale humans that make it seem like their scale is a bit wonky
  9. I wouldn't count on Kaladrax or Cthulhu retailing for $20. Pretty sure both were discounted a bit extra as the final thank you stretch goals.
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