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  1. There were a lot of people this spring/summer buying any printer they could get their hands because of the articles about printing face shields and masks. I'd imagine quite a few of those ones will end up selling with little use.
  2. Creality Slicer is just an older version of Cura that comes with printer profiles made by Creality. It lacks the latest features in exchange for already being mostly bug fixed.
  3. You can probably buy a used or refurbished i7 for under $500 pretty easily.
  4. Pigment based inks are a pretty broad category. Aside from the acrylic type people here are interested in here they might use shellac, gelatin, or a variety of other binders. In some cases they use no binder at all or the pigment itself is the binder. There are also iron gall inks that works through a chemical reaction.
  5. Really the ink people use for things like zenithal highlights shouldn't be called ink. It's high flow acrylic paint that was rebranded ink by marketing departments. There are a few brands calling it ink at this point though so no going back. Like others mentioned just make sure if you're wanting to get artist ink for minis that it's acrylic ink. The ZZKOKO ink you bought is for fountain pens and there is no way to get it to behave the way you want it to. It's dye based instead of pigment based and doesn't have any strong binders in it. You could let it dry for years and it would still react to water. If you want something to do with it you could use it a with a paint brush similarly to how water color paint works. Getting a cheap fountain pen for it could also be fun. Keep in mind the ink would still bleed or even wash out if the paper got wet, so it's no good for things like writing checks.
  6. The slicer on the sd card doesn't work right, but there is a new version on creality's website that seems to work fine. Otherwise the facebook group has profiles for the updated Cura and Prusa. My fun continues. I got hit with a US Customs bill for a not small amount due to the paperwork having the wrong value on it... Creality told me to pay it and they'll reimburse me, so I'm awaiting their reply to the receipt I forwarded. Sent it on Friday, so hopefully hear back tomorrow or Tuesday.
  7. My first thought is that it's little bits of dry paint on you brush coming off.
  8. Just to make sure it was clear since I can't tell from your reply. Mixing white and zinc white are the same thing in most brands of acrylic. On the occasions when mixing white isn't just zinc white you'll find that it's just a blend of zinc white with some titanium white. There might be a brand that labels something else as mixing white, but for your purposes I'd just ignore that possibility. I think my bottle is either Golden or Utrecht. I still can't find and was thinking I should try it some more since you reminded me I have it. You can probably also get it from Vallejo in their fluid acrylic.
  9. Any specific reason the question is focused on tube paint, it's just zinc oxide white? I have a bottle of fluid zinc oxide around somewhere that I've used with mini paints. I never used in a lot and have no idea where it is at the moment, but as I recall it did what it was supposed to. Zinc oxide is much more transparent than titanium oxide. That makes it ideal if you want to lighten a color with white, but without making the color more opaque than it is. I'd say it's ideal if you wanted to lighten a color for glazing. If you wanted to try it out there is really no reason to buy it in a tube all you'd be doing is making extra work for yourself, just get it as a fluid acrylic
  10. At least they aren't in the middle of a lawsuit over Time of Legends anymore? In regards to validation copies and mass production it varies a lot from company to company. Any given component could have already been signed off on and already fully manufactured or everything could be final samples waiting on approval for everything at once. Anyone's guess what Mythic is doing though.
  11. I would guess the concern involves the possibility of the magnets falling out of the tiles and being swallowed rather than the tiles themselves being swallowed.
  12. Looks like without the stretch goal the box comes with the correct number of goblins so the stretch goals aren't needed. As far as the 200k increment, that's not out of line with other kickstarters for add another mini sculpt when they are injection molded. Particularly with 37 days left. There is a limit to what will be added no matter how high the funding goes, from a marketing perspective it's generally a bad thing to hit that limit too soon.
  13. If I recall correctly it's something some people do with specific minis, mostly for earlier runs, that are too soft and sag under their own weight. It's not meant as part of the washing/cleaning stage. I don't think it's ever been recommended as a step for every mini even by its proponents.
  14. Just be careful about the "only acrylics" thing. Being labeled acrylic does not guarantee anything. You don't want to be spraying Tamiya acrylics unless you're venting it outside for example.
  15. That's how mine's set up. It's fine if you only use paints where just particulate is the concern. There is going to be more acrylic dust in the air from what the fan doesn't suck up than there will be from what the filter misses. That's why you need to wear a respirator even if you're venting it outside. If you're using paint with toxic vapor it's a different story, that should alway be vented out of the room, if you can't you shouldn't spray it.
  16. Stynelerez is fine for sealing, really almost any primer, paint, varnish, lacquer would work. Ideally you want to do both sides at the same time and keep the first coat light and dry. Mdf is like a sponge and if you only do one side at a time the side you do will swell and can lead to warping.
  17. I'd probably go with 1/4". Check the plywood carefully if you're getting it at a home improvement store. Finding a piece that isn't more warped than the terrain might be a challenge. You might have better luck finding a flat piece of 1/4" mdf. If you do find something flat make sure to seal both sides so that it stays that way.
  18. My experience with Reaper metallics is that if you throw them away you wouldn't miss them. I replaced mine with a set of Vallejo Game Color that I got cheap. I know that the Game Color metallics aren't the best, but compared to the Reaper metallics they seem pretty darn amazing.
  19. I'd guess the bad proportions are their "it's parody" legal cover attempt.
  20. It's hard to tell for certain from the picture, but with the size of an umber hulk I think those results shouldn't be a problem on FDM. There is a lot of detail to be found or lost in orienting .08mm layers at the right angle.
  21. There is definitely a reason people have been shifting to Stynylrez since it came out.
  22. Isopropyl with something non absorbent like a toothbrush is mostly going to just move stuff around rather than get it off the model. You're lifting the grease and oils, but not actually removing them so when the alcohol dries they just settle back on the mini. Soap and water works because once you lift the oils you then rise them away with more water.
  23. Here's what how the prints look with some paint thrown on to bring out the details. The only clean up I did was zapping them with a heat gun. Certainly not high grade, but better than I was expecting for default setting and the .4mm nozzle.
  24. First test prints. The cat failed because I turned it off halfway through and left in overnight. It did successfully resume, but got knocked loose after about an 1/8". This was expected since the bed was cool for hours before the resume. Some stringing on the mini, but it was just using cura defaults.
  25. Daler-Rowney and Liquitex are good if you want to use them in an air brush, I think the little hobby bottles are a waste of money for airbrushing. If you're using a brush the smaller bottles the hobby companies sell are fine. Ideally I'd say get a few bottles of different brands to see which you like better, but the convenience of just buying a set is nice too.
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