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  1. I think krylon primer might be on the do not use list for Bones.
  2. If you use a spray box without any suction you'll end up with acrylic dust coming back at you and out into your room. You generally won't see it at first, since the particles are very small, but it's there and it can build up. If you aren't wearing a mask you'd be inhaling that dust. Exact how bad it is for you is something that's hard to say, the non-toxic label is regarding swallowing the paint rather than inhaling it though. If you look around online you can find pictures of how color builds up on masks over time. For my spray booth I use and old room hepa filter that's had it's filters discontinued along with two furnace filters, one course the other hepa. I also where a particulate mask. You also say just acrylic paint, but be aware there are several brands of acrylic paints on the market that contain solvents, like Tamiya, if you use any of those you should wear and organic vapor respirator. If the acrylic paint says flammable on it, like Tamiya, you should also be careful about what sort of fan you use on you spray box. Most normal fans would give you a low, but real, risk of fire with those paint. Personally I just don't use any of those types of acrylic.
  3. I haven't tried this primer, but as I understand it the Mecha primer is Vallejo's version of Stynylrez and is pretty similar in formula and how well it works. I do have the Mecha matte varnish and it's turned into my favorite for both brush on and airbrushing. Stynylrez is what use for primer and it's works great with an airbrush or brushed on.
  4. I wasn't trying to suggest the price was amazing, just that it's not crazy out of line. Some of the other brush kickstarters run many times the standard cost of compatible brushes. If these are alterations (even minor) the amount they cost over the standard DaVinci brushes seems like it probably makes sense from a cost perspective. Whether it make sense to actually pay the premium for them depends on whether the tweaks he say they did are things you've been wishing for.
  5. For I'd either get GW or Army Painter. I'd probably suggest getting one of each to start with and see which you like better. For colors I'd start with a black and dark brown, then a flesh and sepia. Beyond that I'd just make you own as needed for most color and only buy something if you has a specific reason to.
  6. I'd gently wash it to remove any finger oil and if that doesn't hurt the primer you should have no problems with it. In general as long as it stays clean more time after priming isn't going to hurt anything and with many primers waiting 3-7 days between priming and painting is actual better.
  7. I think 800 out of 10,400 surveys still being outstanding after 1 week is pretty normal for a kickstarter even without surveys ending up in spam folders.
  8. I've seen a number of people report that it ended up in their spam folder.
  9. The set of 4 comes out slightly cheaper than getting Raphael 8404s from Blick before shipping, so the prices aren't that out there.
  10. If you have a drill press an easy and cheap version of this could be made with a 1" forstner bit and a 1x6 board. Just draw some guide lines and set the bit to go 3/4 of the way through.
  11. He said compared to the Series 22 they'd have bigger bellies and more bounce in the tip. I'm pretty sure the "perfect" brush for painters like him is just minor tweaks to what's already there. I thought he had said who the manufacture was, but I can't seem to find it now.
  12. It's not really gone just relocated. All their NA product is warehoused by Asmodee now so it's sold out of the Asmodee online store. It would be nice if they rethought the entire Asmodee deal though.
  13. I think everything made it to retail, but was in fairly limited quantities. Once something sold out it was gone, nothing had a second print run.
  14. I was admiring their restraint in not having any laser swords on the minis. Then I saw the cannon tower.
  15. There seem to be two theories. The main one, if I'm understanding it right, is it's a better quality spare part replacement for the Z axis optical sensor that is already included. People were asking for it because the sensor on one of the review units had issues. Though that particular review unit also had one of it's belt tensioner smashed, so it may have been a case of physical damage rather than the part quality. The second one is that it's a replacement part for the filament run out. In either case you shouldn't need to buy one unless the included one fails at some point.
  16. No, but they now use Asmodee as their North American distributor. That means that outside of items received directly from kickstarters CMON products effectively no longer offer customer service in NA from CMON itself. With Asmodee in charge of customer service replacement part for missing and damaged components no longer exist and the only means of service is working directly with the store the game is purchased from with varying results.
  17. The way I understand it, once you start getting that big the weight/momentum of the build surface moving back and forth can start causing problems. Something like the Ender 5 Plus, though a bit smaller, is probably a better configuration for large prints.
  18. The board they originally were coming with was the same or similar to the silent board that they've been selling as an upgrade for the current printers.
  19. The stretch goal drivers won't really be any quieter than the initially included ones. They will be maybe slightly more precise. The main feature is they put out a lot less heat so overheating the board is less likely to happen. I think they might also have a few extra tweaking options that won't be relevant to most people. It's really similar to the 32bit upgrade in that it's nice to have in case you every do something where it matters, but most people will never notice the difference.
  20. I think it's one of those games where you get out of it what you put into it. If the people playing get into it then it would be fun, but if they just play it it will fall flat. It's also a semi co-op, which means it can break fairly easy if people "don't play it right"
  21. Not one of their last three projects. Checking the comments though it looks like some people are still reporting their games as just arriving within the past couple weeks.
  22. Or around $5-10 from a local hardware store.
  23. While I think it's unlikely she got permission, they've been more open to licensing recently. The Dune board game is even back in print now.
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