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  1. As of April 29th they are still saying August.
  2. To add another one, it looks like stores are canceling preorders of Joan of Arc 1.5 and it will no longer have a retail release "due to circumstances beyond their control". I suspect that the legal problems that they were certain would be wrapped up in their favor in no time are dragging on and potentially not as solidly in their favor as they thought.
  3. It's pretty unlikely FedEx would pay anything on the claim even if CMON filed one. As far as they are concerned once it's marked delivered that's it. There have been rare occasions people have reported success, but they are exceptions and usually seem happen when a police report is filed.
  4. I'm wondering what the 32 bit board will do to delivery time. I got the impression that a lot of the production was already underway or done. If the board upgrade was as unplanned as it seemed I'd imagine that will push delivery back for the people who choose the option.
  5. The biggest issue with the Ender 3 is that thermal runaway protection is disabled by default (fire risk) and the board doesn't have a bootloader installed so turning it on is somewhat of a hassle.
  6. Looks like there is going to be a limited quantity early bird discount of $164 off whatever the price ends up being.
  7. One of the good things about Creality is that when they release something new and people start finding problems with it then tend to fix some of those problem is subsequent production runs. So people buying a printer a couple months after release might be getting a better printer than what someone else has. This is also one of the bad things about Creality, since there is a good chance if you're in the first batch of people getting a new design you're probably getting something flawed. There seems to be a lot of new features that haven't been consumer tested yet on this one.
  8. The price seems like too much for what it is, but at the same time with custom injection molded ABS with what's likely to be a pretty low production run I don't think it could be much cheaper.
  9. It's a Moman 96 led rechargeable panel with adjustable color temperature. I paid $30 for it. It's meant for photography and video work. A full charge would last about an hour I think if it were on 100% power, but that's a lot of light. For painting I use it at 5-10% power along with the ambient light and the battery lasts for hours. I do also use it for photography and no complaints for that use either.
  10. Yeah, cleanup is quick as long as you don't let a pile of paint start accumulating outside of it. A couple things to note if you wanted to do something similar; The cutting mat holds the paints in place when its close, if it's left off the paints can migrate to the shelves on the other side. Also if you look under the handle there are big washers. They stick out so that when it's close and you pick it up the handle is supporting some of the weight of the paint half rather than all of it being on the hinge and latches. Without them it was putting torque on the hinge.
  11. The shelves have a layer of sheet metal glued to them and everything from the minis to the soap has magnets on the bottom. No conventions, just local trips so at most it get carried in and out of my car. If I were to using it somewhere that I'd be carrying it around more I'd definitely want replace the pvc with something lighter. It would be easy enough to do.
  12. here you go. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/91303-portable-paint-case/&tab=comments#comment-1936830
  13. Pictures of my portable painting set up. It's pretty heavy with the pvc pipe and could be made much lighter with foam core or cardboard tubing.
  14. I have something along those lines. It was pretty easy to make and could probably be done with fairly basic tools. Mine only has paint on one side and holds 96 bottle. I was going for full portable so the other side holds minis, a wet pallet, water cup, brush stand, and led panel. Could obviously double the paint is everything else was separate. You aren't kidding about the weight though, even with paint in only half of it, it weighs a ton.
  15. Look at the 3x3s. There are a few that I think could easily fit on a 2x3 instead.
  16. I don't know, the River Horse games exist so licensing can't be too high.
  17. The sets definitely seemed like they are designed to make you buy all of them to have any sort of color variety, hopefully they aren't the only option at retail. The October delivery means if they are late at all there is a risk of frozen paints anywhere in the north.
  18. Maybe primer/base coat colors just like the ones GW has for their contrast paints.
  19. I don't think there is one thing that's going to work perfectly with every type of technical paint. I have airbrush medium, airbrush thinner, fluid matte medium, heavy gloss medium, and a selection of additives like flow aid and matting agent. If I had to pick just one for the paints you listed I'd probably say airbrush medium.
  20. Nuln oil always has a bit of a shine, but it will be worse if it's not shaken well enough. It also comes in two versions. Make sure you have the regular as opposed to the gloss version.
  21. I've seen a number of recommendations to add a tiny bit to a large glass of water for rinsing bushes and thinning paint. It's also not uncommon in the airbrushing world to thin paint with water that has a touch of dish soap in it. I think the important thing with additives is that that you shouldn't add them to your paint bottles. Mix them on your palette, especially before you've tested them. This doesn't just apply to the weird household additives people come up with, don't expect additives from different brands to play nice with your paint even if they are for "acrylic" paint. There is a lot of variation between some brands on what goes into their acrylic paint.
  22. I've had no trouble logging in or downloading. Just logged in now and the page was quick and responsive.
  23. Alcohol is very brand dependant. Tamiya acrylics are typically thinned with isopropyl instead of water. Adding it to Reaper paints the same way would likely be a bad idea though.
  24. A single layer of enamel that leaves each section concave and gives dimensionality. Hard enamel is when each segment gets completely filled so that the top is flat.
  25. This is something to be aware of regarding CMON at the moment https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/45581/annual-report-delayed-trading-suspended-cmon?fbclid=IwAR1SquWmVuleOhkP4lWL4p3zkaCEXsrXvQNrvRqFetZ93-IG4TgyafmFpxE
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