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  1. Thanks guys. Really was enjoyable to work on. May have to work on another set of them for myself actually...
  2. So far the only painting I got done was the exchange minis. Hopefully will get a couple more done, but not looking too good. 1-4. battleguard golem, oswald, rioter, and undertaker.
  3. So here is what I painted for Siri for the fall exchange. I was asked to try something new, non-standard weapons such as polearms. After some looking around I found that the Japanese Edo Era used a few different types of non-lethal polearms for catching criminals. So this is where the different polearms came to be. Had some difficulty with the battleguard golem as his polearm kept trying to break on me, but i think it turned out okay-ish. The easiest one was the rioter's polearm. Any upstanding group of monster catchers has to have a designated "mule" to carry their supplies right?
  4. Do you like them siri? I was trying something new with those polearms. lol
  5. Here are the promised pics of what I was sent. Camera was not co-operating with me very well im afraid though, so a couple are blurry. If you have better pics Tarsemina it would be great to see them. I really like the way the base sets up on this. You did a fantastic job painting him up. Thank you for this.
  6. Received a mysterious package today and upon opening it. There was a slightly smaller, much more colorful box. Inside this was a wonderful looking miniature and a great display base. I did have to do some very minor repairs to the basing, but I am extremely happy with how this one looks. Thank you so much. Will post pics tomorrow.
  7. Will post pics tomorrow after work. 1-4. red marble sarcophogus 5-10. mimics
  8. Just posted what I got done in the June thread. fair amount of work considering work was hassling me to be extra productive. people wanting food and drinks... lol oh well, at least painting got done, but more stuff came in so i think i am losing the war against the plastic mountain...
  9. Finished. I got the last of my rats done, four kobold spawn points, and the other rex that comes with SDE. 1-16. Rats! 17-20. Kobold Spawners. 21. Rex 2.0
  10. Slowly getting through all of this project. Hopefully soon I can get a group shot of everything from the kobold warbands finished. Just a few touchups here and there are needed, but these are essentially done. I definitely am ready to start the arena style battling for this game, even if I am still in preference of the skeleton groups. Well enjoy the sights!
  11. Here is the second Rex that came with my SDE game. I decided to do this one up in purples instead of green for the skintone. I like the way it turned out, though I am beginning to see that a new system for photographing things is in order... Oh well, at least he is finished for now. Still a few places that may need touchups, but nothing too drastic. Hope you all enjoy seeing him!
  12. Here is the last of my rats! Frost covered blue guys! Hope you all enjoy.
  13. Wow thanks everyone. I had painted up the storm giantess in bones a while back for mothers day and she liked it so much that eventually we got to this idea of an outdoor faerie garden. Everything you guys have suggested give me hope that it is possible. I just have to gather the right ingredients. I like the snowglobe idea, but not sure how that would go over with my mom or her friends. I will look into the weather resistant/uv sealer and paints. metal is probably the best option it looks like though as I have never created a mold or tried to re-cast anything. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  14. I recently got asked by my mother and some of her friends to paint up some of my miniatures for use in their faerie gardens. I am more than glad to, but thinking about it more I have a few questions. I know that these gardens are outside, so what ever I do will have to be weather proofed. I am not sure what materials to use whether it is bones, resin, hard plastic, or metal. I also am wondering about the paint or sealers. Personally I would create the gardens inside a green house, but these ladies would like it viewable to everyone... If anyone can help by giving advice that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. Thanks for the advice Traxia. I will try that to see how it works out.
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