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  1. Hey Folks - Thanks for all the great replies! Now I know what to expect. I am thinking about picking up some of the other Bones releases online here. Any recommendations? I'll probably snag the minotaur and the bugbear, the skeletons look a little weak, but they're bendy so I wouldn't have to worry about them snapping... I really wish Reaper had done some Oriental minis for the Bones line :( Like either Samurai/Ninja or at least the Ogre Mage! Now to grab some paints from the pledge manager! Brian Blue Kabuto www.bluekabuto.com
  2. Howdy Reapers - I was lucky enough to be a backer for the Bones Kickstarter (vamp level) and while I wait to receive them, I had some questions... In my eagerness, I stopped by my FLGS and picked up a pack (77005: Ogre Chieftain). When I opened up the package I noticed that they seem to be made of a more "bendy" type of plastic - like those from a boardgame, not hard like GW plastics. Are the Kickstarter Bones minis going to be like this or will they be a harder firmer plastic? Will they be multipart or single castings? If so, what type of glue is required for them? Also, do they require any sort of primer or special paints to adhere to them? Thanks in advance! Brian Blue Kabuto www.bluekabuto.com
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