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  1. Hey Folks - Thanks for all the great replies! Now I know what to expect. I am thinking about picking up some of the other Bones releases online here. Any recommendations? I'll probably snag the minotaur and the bugbear, the skeletons look a little weak, but they're bendy so I wouldn't have to worry about them snapping... I really wish Reaper had done some Oriental minis for the Bones line :( Like either Samurai/Ninja or at least the Ogre Mage! Now to grab some paints from the pledge manager! Brian Blue Kabuto www.bluekabuto.com
  2. Howdy Reapers - I was lucky enough to be a backer for the Bones Kickstarter (vamp level) and while I wait to receive them, I had some questions... In my eagerness, I stopped by my FLGS and picked up a pack (77005: Ogre Chieftain). When I opened up the package I noticed that they seem to be made of a more "bendy" type of plastic - like those from a boardgame, not hard like GW plastics. Are the Kickstarter Bones minis going to be like this or will they be a harder firmer plastic? Will they be multipart or single castings? If so, what type of glue is required for them? Also,
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