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  1. This is what I ended up going with...


    Reaper Master Series High Density Colors - Brilliant Red

    Reaper Master Series High Density Colors - Pale Saffron

    Reaper Master Paint Amethyst Purple

    Reaper Master Paint Antique Gold

    Golden Skin Triad

    Reaper Master Paint Clear Red

    Vallejo Game Color Wash: Flesh Wash

    Vallejo Game Color: Goblin Green

    Red Hair Triad

    Reaper Master Paint Oiled Leather

    Old Favorites I: Triad

    Silver Metallics Triad

  2. I am buying a second "batch" of paints, and I would like some suggestions.


    My first "batch" consisted of red (ink) oops, yellow, blue, green, white, black, bone/off-white, silver, brown, and a 'dwarf' flesh.


    My second batch will consist of an actual red paint, a reaper hd yellow, a purple, orange, a gold, a lighter flesh color, a really light "mithril" silver, a highlight for my blue, green, yellow, red, and a flesh wash.


    I have a really good black wash I made, and a not-so-gread brown wash.


    Any thoughts on other colors I should maybe get?


    I also have a spray primer I'm basically happy with, and a spray-on matte sealer.

  3. I wasn't attempting to spark any fires or upset anyone. I am sorry that international backers will not be getting anything until March, I'm just concerned about when I will.


    rpm has to be done first. and dont spark the fire anymore dude. they will prolly send it in march anyways.
  4. Badoctor, are those 'dipped'?



    I am having a hard time remembering which figs I did during the KS as opposed to after the KS. I did not find out about KS until mid August, so I'll start the list there:


    bones minotaur

    bones bugbear

    reaper medusa

    reaper Indian shaman

    LOTR Gollum


    15 figures from the megaminis King's Court collection that I have had sitting around since Christmas.

    bones bugbear, modded (september)


    Current total 21 with another 2 works in progress that may be completed tonight. A few of the completed ones shown below:



  5. I'll be getting the paint sets soon (as soon as the rpm is out, anyway), and I was wondering what people suggested doing for painting practice pre-March. I'm pretty awful when it comes to painting, so I started on some of my son's little green army men... Not really enough detail to get decent practice.


    I'd like to get a good cross-section of figures without paying much as I'll be getting way more minis than I could ever paint come March.


    Just something cheap to help me practice different techniques before I'm actually painting...

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