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  1. Could someone list the paint colors with the 4 sets that are available? Or link to the 4 pics? I KNOW I'm getting 1 and 3, still on the fence about 2 and 4.
  2. What are your favorite miracle washes using ink, not paint, and future floor wax.
  3. http://www.paintingclinic.com/clinic/guestarticles/magicwash.htm Thank you Heisler. I think I may try this tonight... I may even have some future floor wax from my sculpy days... If not, a quick trip to the store should do.
  4. Will the Matte medium counter the 'shiny' finish of future? Two Hobby Lobbys in my area, and one Jo-Ann's didn't have any flow improver. I looked in the 'craft' paint section, as well as the art paint section.
  5. Well, as far as pre-bottled goes, I'm just trying to get prepared for the gajillion billion minis I'm getting from kickstarter... I'll have to look at Dr. Faust's forums, thank you.
  6. I did ask an employee. No luck. And if I buy at dickblick.com, I pay 4.99 for the flow improver, and 7.99 for s&h :(
  7. Ok, so I was looking for flow improver today, and Hobby Lobby and Joanne's did not have it. I want to make a wash similar to Les's wash recipes... I have the ink, distilled water, and matte medium, but no flow improver... I've read Future works as a flow improver, also dish soap works... So, anyone have a suggested recipe with the inks, and matte medium?
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