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  1. Be careful! "Gorilla Glue" is not a cyanoacrylate superglue, It foams and expands. Are you talking about "Gorilla Glue" brand Superglue?
  2. My favorite orc flesh color is a pinky elf/maiden flesh with a few drops of a bright green
  3. I used to get $10.00/hour for my color acuity. So I am a professional too. :-P Seriously, just because you have objective evidence that you are good at color matching doesn't mean I'm not better. It just means that all I'm hanging on is the internet, my subjective experience, and a big ol' arrogant streak. And you full well know I did one of those online jobbies for the test. It's all I need for this completely nerdy argument. And I am more accurate than a machine too, sparky. Machines are terrible at color matching.
  4. I endorse that solution and bury my obstinate delusions. It's as much green-brown as green is blue-yellow. I can't believe I just got into a epeen duel over color knowledge....
  5. Primary colors don't exist anyway, everyone in this argument (Including me) is basically wrestling on a house of cards. I do get that people perceive it as "green" but there are lots of reasons why. I know if I want OD, I take yellow and add black.
  6. As per milspec CMYK %: 0, 8, 26, 58 C=0 M=8 Y=26 K=58 Wow, Yellow and black...
  7. OD is very clearly yellow. There are other "military greens" that are bluer, but OD is not green. Of course this argument would need to establish what exactly we are calling OD. And what we mean by yellow and green. It will turn philosophical. OLIVE DRAB, right?? Thats RGB #666600 What is RGB #FFFF00 Why its pure bright Yellow! Do not disrespect my color authority. I've got mutant eyes that pick up two different color palletes.
  8. Desaturated dark yellow. The most efficient way to make it is adding black to Yellow.
  9. http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/case/sku-down/08705
  10. I have a moderately large Warhammer army of dwarfs that my wife bought for me my first birthday after we got married. About 5 years ago, I made a solemn vow not to buy another miniature until they were done. I am now DONE!!!!!! Here are my last 4 models. I'll post some pics of the whole army later I think. Anvil of Doom Engineer
  11. Here is mine, It's not the greatest picture, but it's not the best paint job. I'm happy with it, looks great on the table.
  12. 3X Magnification Reading Glasses. .99 at the dollar store. Done.
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