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  1. Hey ced1106, Yeah they're why I asked. Only a few of them are tagged. I forgot there were actual dinosaurs in there too. Thanks!
  2. Hey Reaper, Will you please put the Dinosaur tag on all the Bones dino figs? It'll make it easy to find them all at once. Right now it's only on a few of them. Thanks, L
  3. I'll reiterate my request for left-handed human adventurers. You could do them in Chronoscope, from an alternate future where handedness percentages are reversed. Or, you know, dungeon delvers would be cool too. (And I'm not even a southpaw.)
  4. HA! My Head is in the mail along with a pair of Copplestone Evil Genius Hitlers so I can build the Head as the Hitler-bot escape pod.
  5. That's great! Super-fun comic. This guy'll go great with my Cowbots. And with my broader collection of cigar-smoking gorillas. Guess I'll check Six-gun Gorilla off the list and move on in my quest to Grape Ape. Anybody know where I can find a 7.5 inch-tall gorilla fig dressed like Angus Young?
  6. Yeah, I could use some Tiefling noggins.
  7. A kindly-faced, feather-winged Lammasu. Handedness not important. Heh.
  8. Left-handed human adventurers. Seriously. There aren't any. And I don't mean dual-wielders. I mean honest to goodness straight-up southpaws; weapon in left hand and shield, torch, lantern, sack, &c. on the right. They appear to be the most fantastical 28mm medieval miniature idea of all.
  9. I'd like Thundarr- and Heavy Metal-style giant riding bats cast to take a flight stand and with a low-pro saddle so I can put any human-size rider I want on them. Giant riding rats and daddy long legs would be cool too. Thanks, Legion
  10. I'd like a couple of two fig packs for Spriggans. One gnome-size and one giant-size in each blister. One blister armoured the other not. Or one blister male the other female. You get the idea. Legion
  11. Hi All, I've got two -- and going to pick up another -- of her. I want to mod one because I'm a bit mental about none of my figs looking the same. Has anyone used different Reaper feathered wings on her body? If so, can you tell me which numbers? Thanks much, Legion
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