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  1. Diet Dew here - love it - oddly one of the few things that still tastes good to me while going through chemo
  2. Fantastic paint job - really great! Sigh - another mini to add to my wanted list...
  3. Looks great - will the top be removable when complete?
  4. wow sad that I missed this KS completely - minis look really good :o(
  5. Wow - love it - great paint and conversion!
  6. wow - completely missed this one - Epic and fantastic barely touch how great this side project turned out - congrats!
  7. A little late to the conversation but I ran across: Ristul's Basing Kit Runic Tables & Altars Pack MINT on ebay - not sure direct link is allowed but these look like fantastic wizard tables for pretty cheap - I may snap up one myself....
  8. wow - that dwarf airship thing is something else... I am not totally on board with the aesthetics of the GW AoS line, but I have to give credit that is a really amazing model there; spendy, but it looks like you could put many, many hours of good fun painting time into it and result out a masterpiece....
  9. Excellent jobs on those minis - really well done given the soft details etc. They do have some good sculpts in this series - I may be the only one that wishes they would do an alternate release of them for "advanced" enthusiasts where they were cast in resin or metal so they have better, less soft or poor detail/features....
  10. very nicely done - I like the colors achieved on the cloak very much
  11. Thanks! I shall send an inquiry via Kickstarter then
  12. Yeah - I think Guard can field squats - like they are from an imperial planet with extremely high G or something to sorta explain it? Halflings as well - they may even still have a troop type (ratlings? Not a guard player so unsure on that)
  13. So if we are in the USA and only had ordered one box of the plastic warriors via the Kickstarter should I already have it in hand? Just unsure if there is a problem with mine or if I am just in the last group to get them
  14. I think probably OK - maybe need to upgrade to a larger base to match the current state (not through the 8th edition rules yet so unsure if they are a stickler about base sizes....) Though if your mini seems dramatically smaller than the current Wraithlord, I am wondering if maybe what you have is the smaller Wraithguard instead?
  15. Top notch paint on her - I also would not have noted it was a 3D print without the close up and notes about that
  16. Very well done - kudos! Have to add nice job on the OSL as others have noted...
  17. petrov27


    Yeah - that rocks - the orange/brown really works nice on him well
  18. looking good there - as others have noted the basing is tops
  19. I have little expectation or hopes but I will give that the new guy's communication is a significant change for the better
  20. very nicely done - I like the little bits of color here and there Yeah I imagine this one is a tough one to keep straight in Bones material
  21. fantastic - really well done paint on him! GW has done some really interesting and cool larger models in the past few years - not really been following them for some time but 8th has re-ignited my interest - hard not to drop big bucks on their website as I get caught up (this mini was real tempting....)
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