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  1. Talae

    Warbands of the Dark Beyond

    I locked in for this
  2. Talae

    Monster Fight Club

    I had EB normal for 3 sets of trees. I went with two green and one fall color. I added on a blue crystals set, a 3x3 gridded mat (would have gone with 4x3 but not an option in gridded), and a set of bushes. This should work well for my needs.
  3. Talae

    Arcknight rpg spell effect templates 2.0

    Interesting idea. I will have to contemplate this one. Some transparency sheets might be able to accomplish a similar goal.
  4. Talae

    Monster Fight Club

    That is a lot more than I will be ordering...
  5. Talae

    Monster Fight Club

    What are people locking in for this one?
  6. I never finalized mine. I guess I know what I am working on tonight...
  7. Had a board game getaway weekend and played a ton: 27 plays in four days of 20 games. 17 of those were new games to me.
  8. Talae

    Warbands of the Dark Beyond

    I just realized I haven't filled out my survey for this one. I backed at $35, but at the solo level. I am not sure what I was planning to get. Thinking Narbaz ($8), Undead ($20), and not sure...can I use the rest towards shipping?
  9. Talae

    Batman: Gotham City Chronicles - Season 2 by Monolith Kickstarter

    I dodged the first and am tempted by this. What is the mini quality like? How does the game play stand up?
  10. Talae

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    I finally locked in for Bleakwood Hall plus Gloomy Wood and Bustling Market.
  11. Talae

    Sparrow Paints a Temple Dragon

    Looks great so far!
  12. How much are these printers down to these days?
  13. Talae

    Atlantis Wood Elves 5/22

    I think that Atlantos Miniatures is what Gorilla with a Brush has been mostly painting and posting on Twitter (his recent giants and whatnot).
  14. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS 6.66 - Hellscape

    I really wanted to be safe from this one...