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  1. Got a proper base printed for this guy: Then tried out a different resin for this guy: Here are the two resins:
  2. Archvillain revealed most of the March set already.
  3. I printed these and assembled them last night. Not sure what happened to the head so that is on the plate for today's attempt at a merrow.
  4. Another mini successfully printed. Third time was the charm...well not for the base.
  5. Printed this guy for my daughter to paint (I let her pick from anything from the Archvillain February release and the Antimatter Games recent Kickstarter and this is what she picked which made me laugh a little). I also printed this guy a second time on the same settings with no luck. He is now printing again with modified supports and a slight change in exposure time. Guess I am starting a squad of these stealthy guys. Lol
  6. Now attached to the base and also had a failed print that turned out interesting enough I may keep it. Failure close up: And the failure in action:
  7. Printed this guy from AV overnight last night (the base is printing now):
  8. I figured now that I have the machine up and running I should start a proper thread to document my progress. Here is what the first weekend had in store (Sir Forscale for scale): Here are some solo shots. This first guy I didnt think to resize and came out larger than intended. He will serve as a goliath or half-giant. He came with the only Patreon I have backed so far - Archvillain. Two pieces - mini and base: My second mini (and the one that made me realize I made the right choice getting into Resin) was this Couatl from Antimatter Games. Five pieces - base, body, torso and wing, other wing, and head. The base gave me some struggles to the point I gave up on the presupported file and opted to learn basics of supports in Lychee: The third and final mini of the weekend was this guy from Archvillain. He turned out great other than water this white chalky stuff is. Note - he is attached to the base by only the knee, so neat pose: Not a bad start, if I say so myself. I have already been tempted by many Patreons but am attempting to hold fast and stick with one for now. I have lots of minis sitting in files that I can tap into. (This resolve might not hold until March, lol).
  9. I am curious. Do most of you that back a Patreon drop and add each month? I ask because I backed Archvillain for February, but have no need for the Skaven stuff of March. Is it better to hold out a month or to shift those funds to another Patreon to try out?
  10. Here is what I printed today while learning how to use my wash and cure station (Couatl from Antimatter Games): Front Back Blurry scale shot The base failed so I need to reprint it.
  11. Hmmm. I backed Archvillain Games. Epic and Artisan Guild are tempting as well, but I should probably spend time going through what I already own before messing with new stuff too much. Bestiarum looks good too, but I don't know that many of those would see use in my games anytime soon. I am intrigued at printing out some busts, though. That is one aspect of the hobby that I haven't gotten into and printing them seems like a good idea. Any favorite sources of busts for resin printers?
  12. Here is my first mini (that I didnt check on size before printing, lol): Now to find something else to print. Maybe some busts? Anyone have any free or cheap suggestions?
  13. Printed two successful Amerilabs Towns tonight and now trying my first mini. (even though my cure station arrives tomorrow). The print quality is night and day from my FDM experiences.
  14. Epic is tempting. Their March stuff might pair okay with Archvillain's February stuff.
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