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  1. The hydra unlocked over the weekend. The Sea Goblins are up next:
  2. I think these might be my favorite sculpts of the KS so far:
  3. Ouch is right. I pledged at $1 for this one and am not sure I will be increasing my pledge.
  4. My mat arrived today and looks great! Can't wait to try it with some actual gameplay!
  5. Do you think $30 is all in for the STLs or will some end up as add ons if unlocked?
  6. Antimatter Games is a weak spot for me. Doubt I will be able to resist this one.
  7. Good catch. I will have to try those out.
  8. I just got the initial shipping notice for my playmat.
  9. The one with the octopus is even better 🙂
  10. Well, the playmat isnt here yet...
  11. All in for old and new plus the playmats. Is there a Marvel Bible? Probably... Of my all in pledge, I only have the two core boxes. This is going to be a massive amount of content.
  12. We have played the Marvel United base game a handful of times - enough to get everything to the table at least once, but we finally managed to get the Xmen base game to the table this weekend (Sabertooth vs Jean Grey/Wolverine/Storm/Beast). Just in time for the expansions to arrive in the next day or two. I wonder which we will get to the table first - any suggestions? Note - my total shipment weight is just over 48lbs!
  13. Got my shipping notice for a delivery next week.
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