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  1. Talae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    WorldWorks Games? If so, I have two of those built: one in color and one black & white. I use them a few times a year and have always had such nice comments on them.
  2. My replacements arrived today for the missing and broken parts in my Bones 4 order. Everything looked good at a glance, but I havent assembled or anything.
  3. Talae

    Mantic : Terrain Crate 2 KS

    This is what two-months-ago-me thought. I really should try and figure it out to be sure if that guy knew what he was talking about.
  4. Talae


    I didn't assemble him all the way for the pic, but I hope this helps.
  5. Glad to hear you enjoy this one. I bought it on sale but it hasn't been played yet (just like too many others).
  6. These look great so far! Nice job! I haven't been able to sneak any painting time in recently. Hopefully I can soon. In the meantime, I hope many others continue to post (with pics) for motivation purposes.
  7. Talae

    Bones 4 scale question

    Guilty. That is what I get for posting at work.
  8. Talae

    Bones 4 scale question

    I am disagreeing with this. Scaled up short people definitely look different than taller people.
  9. Talae

    Bones 4 scale question

    Here are the first two images I found with that search phrase on Google: The guy in the middle of the second image isnt even up to the tallest guy's shoulder.
  10. Talae

    Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles by Monolith, Kickstarter

    I am regretting not backing. This was hard to say no to. This doesn't bode well for my Will Save.
  11. Talae

    Dwarven Forge KS 6.66 - Hellscape

    I am anxious for something smaller in scope and more targetted than the recent KSs.
  12. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petersengames/cthulhu-wars-the-daemon-sultan
  13. My schedule went crazy over the weekend. Anyone else making progress while I have been slacking?
  14. Talae

    Using brown liner

    Brown Liner is magical and makes the paint stick much better than many other options. The minis you are referencing were sprayed with Brown Liner through an airbrush, then a white as a zenithal highlight so I see what details to paint.