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  1. That seems super cool! I will have to try this out to see what I should be getting vs what I have selected.
  2. Watched some Black Mirror instead. Maybe I should have painted...
  3. Haven't had the chance to do anything else but I am tempted to put in some work tonight. I am also tempted to play Call of Duty, so there is that...
  4. Here are a couple of shots of much of the collection: I think there are 17x3 of those plastic drawers. Most of those house Dwarven Forge and I would guess 60% is painted. There are also some of the other containers that are Dwarven Forge. I also have an IKEA Alex drawer that is all Dwarven Forge and is probably around the same percentage painted. Overall, lots to paint and the first post is only one of these drawers worth.
  5. I feel like I have made threads like this off and on for years. I have so much unpainted terrain still. The goal here is to use the recent Dwarven Forge Kickstarter as inspiration to get lots of painting done. Starting one unpainted drawer at a time with some stuff from Caverns Deep. I started last night and made some decent headway today after our remote RPG session. Here is what was in the first drawer: Pokorny Earth Stone: Drybrush of equal parts Earth Stone+Cavern Drybrush with a couple drops of School Bus Yellow: Next is to pick out the water in a few spots and then move onto another drawer.
  6. The Office is by far our most watched Netflix show. We have been watching it start to finish again recently, but is one that is rare to go a week without at least an episode being played in our house. I started Haunting of Hill House yesterday. Nobody will watch it with me but it is the best TV I have watched in a while. I would put it above The Boys, Umbrella Academy, The Good Place, or Vikings that have all been watched recently.
  7. Wow. This show is great! One of the best Netflix shows I have watched. Too bad there is only one series and I heard the sister series Bry House gets mixed reviews.
  8. Started the series "Haunting at Hill House" while painting last night. Seems like a good show.
  9. This review might help people decide on their pledges: https://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=11840&p=188821#p188821
  10. Confirmed: Heart of the Wilds Up next: Majestic Waterfalls Deluxe Tree Extensions Escarpments - Advanced Builder Escarpments - Winding Stairs Raging River Terrain Tray 2 pack Possibly will add in coming weeks, but not sure: Erinthor Cliff Ledges Wyvernstone Scatter Mountain Driftstone Titanstooth Escarpments - Convexes Escarpments - Concaves Oracle Pool Deluxe Any critique for me?
  11. These are some cool cats and kittens...
  12. Those resin pieces are awesome but wow are they expensive! I am thinking of going for Heart of the Wilds. It plus some water tiles and maybe some strategic tray add ons would make most outdoor builds possible.
  13. Recently I watched The Ritual and The Void on Netflix. Both worth watching. Last year I went through a kick and watched a bunch of stuff recommended by Sandy Petersen from the 60s and 70s that I hadn't seen like Planet of Vampires and quite a few other Mario Brava movies or those inspired by him. Paying attention to which scenes use red or blue filters or whatnot was rather interesting. The focus on intentionally lighting the scenes differently was something that really changed how I watched the movies.
  14. Wow. That is lots of trees.
  15. I ended up in at the $40 level. I am likely to add more in the PM.
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