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  1. I am thinking I will go Journeyman and add the Airport All-in pack and the Legendary Dragons. Before I submit, am I missing something obvious?
  2. I didnt expect to be in the first group with my entry level $1 pledge, but I am.
  3. I went for $1 and hope I can figure out the right pledge for me in the PM.
  4. I guess what I am looking for is a sales pitch as to which level to go for and why. The airports are what caught my eye initially.
  5. I am fence sitting on this one still. Quick someone change my mind.
  6. Yes. Eberron could use these. That is my plan.
  7. Some games from the last couple weeks while my wife and I work through what we are calling our Quarantine Board Game Battle (we play the games and she picks the one she wants to play most again): My wife's and 9yo daughter's first game of Scythe. It went well since we have played quite a few games of My Little Scythe over the years. My wife even preferred it over Clans of Caledonia. My wife's first game of One Deck Dungeon. The majority of my games with it have been solo. Was nice to play two player but not sure if I agree with her and this one beating out Fallout in our challenge. Fallout went well. We played co-op with the New California expansion. Lords of Waterdeep was another new one for my wife. I also had never played in person (only the app). Great game. This one goes up against Kingdom Death. Not sure which will win. Here is the current standing of the QBGB: Finally, a bonus few games beyond the challenge, all with the kids:
  8. My wife has started binge watching Golden Girls. We have also picked up with Vikings again.
  9. So far Tiger King and Peaky Blinders are what we have watched. We also watched the remainder of the Star Wars movies with the kids that we were already working through. I think Ozark is next.
  10. Nostalgia makes me want to love this. In reality, it isn't speaking to me like I would have thought it would. Even the minis aren't drawing me in. Not sure why.
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