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  1. I have the Celestial Coatl and the Grotesque Circus Bundle from Archvillain in my cart. Not sure what else will find the way into the cart while I am looking at MMF...
  2. I thought I missed it. Your post likely just cost me money...
  3. What would you suggest to me if I were to buy only one or two things from the MMF sale? That could mean it is such a good deal that it is too good too pass up, but it could also mean that it is such a uniquely amazing mini that it deserves to be on display at my house.
  4. Stonehaven has some great large-huge sized sculpts and would be what would likely draw me into pledging.
  5. Switched back to Hulk for some blending work. The highlights are kind of washed out here, but maybe I should overcompensate and bump them up another notch anyway. Thoughts?
  6. Started Black Widow tonight because I can't seem to finish my minis before starting more, lol. Eyes are done but everything else still needs more highlights. I am likely to pull the hair up into more of an orange.
  7. Did some highlighting and decided I need a different color for the belt and buckles - maybe black and gray? Then the shield and base.
  8. Captain got eyes and some basecoated leather. Hulk got some green.
  9. Might call this one done. Any thoughts on her?
  10. Thanks! It has been a nice day with the family. I even got a few geeky gifts that I wouldn't have bought myself, which is always nice.
  11. I recently backed the X-Men version of this game on Kickstarter and that prompted me to get the retail game. I have decided to try and paint it up before we play the game. Here is my progress so far. First I used my airbrush to prime black and then a zenithal white spray. I chose the minis with flesh showing and started painting those. Then I worked on Captain Marvel - all done except the flesh needs some highlights, the base needs to be painted, and then some misc touch ups. Captain America is up next and here is the pr
  12. True. I am not worried too much about it. I am off this week so it would have been nice to have them but that window is already gone so I am back to "the minis will get here when they get here." Now I am more focused on how much to budget for the PM when it reopens (anyone know when that happens? Maybe around beginning of business on the 6th?)
  13. I am Backer #4 in Wave 1 with one of nearly everything. Delayed for sure. Not sure for how long yet.
  14. I had no such issues with mine either.
  15. Not sure exactly why but I am getting Gizmoduck vibes combined with clockwork from CoH.
  16. I dont remember seeing a basilisk mini without legs. Interesting choice on the part of Epic.
  17. So is it just basically a preorder then? One that might get some stretch goals?
  18. I dont remember seeing a crossover or deadly encounter this month for AVG. I am having no luck navigating Patreon on my phone to find it.
  19. Is there anything this month for WWT or AVG that I have to worry about downloading before the end of the month? I am out of town until late Momday night.
  20. Archvillain is going Egyptian for next month with the theme: Empire of Sands - Sekhmet Awakens
  21. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Marrow is a bigger surprise than Mastermind for me. The most asked for now seems to be Galactus but that seems unlikely for a mini due to the size necessary. Still surprised to be missing Morph. Would have loved to see Gladiator and Lillandra and similar.
  23. I was really hoping for an All In with Storage Solution option at the end. This is a ton of boxes. It would be a great option for adding an exclusive Morph mini. Any guesses at which might be the final stretch goal?
  24. I see what you did there.
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