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  1. 1:1 scale and having to store the ship in the yard.
  2. Some great minis in this one. Excited to see what is up next
  3. FYI, my shipping notice is from my UPS account and not directly from Reaper.
  4. The ship with the blue sails might work as a Sky Skiff for Eberron and might almost be worth the $10 by itself. Very tempting for sure.
  5. Giving me vibes of the Gummi Bears show from the 90s.
  6. I am still trying to wrap my head around the expansion itself. I own everything for CW but not sure this is worth picking up for me. Not sure it will actually see the table.
  7. Looks like this one isn't on track to fund. I wonder if Gamefound just doesn't get the same kind of traffic or if it market saturation or what. They look like they would be super useful tiles to have.
  8. Surprise an entire expansion has been being manufactured this whole time: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petersengames/cthulhu-wars-the-daemon-sultan/posts/3594788?ref=bggforums It doesn't really say clearly, but it is assumed this will be given as a consolation for increased shipping costs.
  9. I have some Printable Scenery stuff and some Fat Dragon stuff that I could add to. The Shadowgrove stuff seems like it is on the right track. I will check out the others you mentioned too. Thanks.
  10. What are people's favorite terrain Patreon's? I am specifically hoping for things that compliment the Dwarven Forge I own, especially the forests and outdoor terrain.
  11. I haven't played D&D in a year and yet I gave into a Dwarven Forge purchase today. They are raising their prices 10-20% soon, so it gave me enough of a nudge to build a cart of items. The cart of like $550 was a shock so I cut it to like $300. I went with two heavy forest tiles, one light forest tiles, and the light puck. I resisted another deluxe waterfall and a few packs of the ruin arches. The upcoming Cities Kickstarter is likely to be rough on my wallet.
  12. My wallet agrees, as this is what I own most of.
  13. Alright, you inspired me to start painting a few pieces:
  14. Found this humorous: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2918128/satire-post-failed-kickstarter-blacklist-miniature
  15. I definitely wish I could justify buying a bunch more right now. Alas, with so much sitting unpainted I have to resist buying more - for now.
  16. I have not run or played in a TTRPG for almost two years. The last year was limping along prior to that. Once I took a minute to realize I was the only guy in the group putting in any effort, I stopped trying. I mean, going digital during the pandemic wasn't actually all bad, we actually had more consistency in attendance for a while, but the interest just kind of waned and the weird thing was it took that for me to realize the people we were playing with were not in other parts of our lives - not birthdays, or board game nights, or anything. Fast forward to now and my game time is spent as a mix of video games and board games. This is the longest stretch of time without me involved in a TTRPG game since I started playing in middle school. One of the things we now have is a more solid group of friends that we play board games with. Two of these couples have some interest in playing D&D as a one-shot or maybe a few of them. Also, my two children (9 and 12) are showing interest and one of the other couples has some kids that are in the same age range and potentially interested (8-14). Talks of me running something for the adults and/or the kids has been going on for the last couple months, but seems to have picked up speed enough that I am actually starting to put pen to paper. My plan is to stick to first level and pregens using the 5e rules. One guy keeps mentioning the Starter Set or Essentials, but I don't think those are for me. I also have also loved the idea of Eberron since before it was even published. I have run and played in more adventures there than anywhere. I haven't formed my thoughts fully yet, but that is my plan. I will put a website together as a quick landing page for story and characters soon enough. First maybe I will hunt down a link to my last one. Thanks for reading my ramblings. If there is interest, I could come back and elaborate my plans as they unfold.
  17. It would have been even more money spent and likely even more loss of face for them to have shown up. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  18. Maybe they should have left a tip jar for donations at their empty booth.
  19. I want to laugh at this but it is more just sad.
  20. I have played like 70 times. It is a great game. Still don't need to own it all.
  21. I honestly could sell half my Cthulhu Wars stuff and still have more than I will ever play...and I don't know anyone personally that has played the game more than I have.
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