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  1. Interesting video. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Marrow is a bigger surprise than Mastermind for me. The most asked for now seems to be Galactus but that seems unlikely for a mini due to the size necessary. Still surprised to be missing Morph. Would have loved to see Gladiator and Lillandra and similar.
  3. I was really hoping for an All In with Storage Solution option at the end. This is a ton of boxes. It would be a great option for adding an exclusive Morph mini. Any guesses at which might be the final stretch goal?
  4. I see what you did there.
  5. What about a joint effort of renegade members of House Cannith and House Vadalis?
  6. Fantastic Four surprised quite a few people. Dark Phoenix turned out great. Alpha Flight has been a constant request. Not sure what surprises they have in store for us. Some of the teams are still missing the more obscure members and some versions of the big names are missing but duplicates aren't popular. What do people think about the value of the big pledge?
  7. No way Nightcrawler isn't in. I bet they hold him until the final 72hrs or so to generate hype.
  8. Morph and Nightcrawler are still not revealed. Anyone think we have a chance to see Gladiator and Lilandra?
  9. I cut back to Archvillain and White Werewolf Tavern. I might add another, but haven't decided on one yet.
  10. Apparently the guess for that was wrong. Kitty being a stretch goal means Kurt will likely be too.
  11. Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride are expected with an Exaliber expansion in the final 72 hours sometime. Not sure what major names we still have beyond that.
  12. The mech things are interesting too
  13. Starting to think he will be in the final 48hrs. I was originally thinking that might be reserved for a Deadpool expansion (would be great to see Gwenpool, Headpool, and Dogpool). Not sure where the rights are on that though.
  14. The entire expansion being in stretch goals was not expected.
  15. I think that is my only critique of AVG. The scale consistency is off. Even the minis might need to be scaled at a different percentage than the bases.
  16. Going all in on this is tempting. My kids are turning 11 and 8 this year. Perfect age for this game and the chibi minis seem fun to paint. The nostalgia is high on this one too. I spent a lot of time watching X-Men as a kid and the comics were a decent amount of my pull boxes in my teens/early 20s . The previous KS options might suck me in due to movie nostalgia. Is there somewhere I can buy the base game and actually get it soon to try this out?
  17. Today has been a big day for reveals. Most of the big names are out there now.
  18. These have been my favorite parts of the Archvillain releases the last two months. Last month was this one:
  19. Here is the Deadly Encounter for this month from Archvillain Games: I havent had a chance to look at the stat blocks for them yet, but I am loving this collaboration style for a monthly release with Titan Forge.
  20. Careful with the commerce link. Don't want you to get in trouble.
  21. Going all in on the STLs is tempting but I am not sure it is in the budget right now. I have been spending a lot on hobby stuff lately.
  22. Interesting. I wonder if the STL files will actually take a year to deliver. Seems they could be available much sooner.
  23. Lightning Octopus? I didnt know I need one of these until reading that.
  24. Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, and Colossus are pretty much guaranteed. We also are still missing a ton of characters and some of them are pretty big names: Morph, Jubilee, Forge, Bishop, Cable, Cannonball, Hepzibah, Marrow, Pixie, Cloak & Dagger, Namor, Domino, X-23, Hope Summers, Multiple Man, Wolfsbane, Black Tom, Banshee, X-Man, Beak, Daken, Puck, Squirrel Girl, Bastion, Leech, The Shi-ar, Mojo, The Hellfire Club, The Nasty Boys. I am probably leaving off a ton, too.
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