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  1. This is tempting. Quite possibly the most tempting hobby BF deal I have seen. I only bought some KDM so far.
  2. I wish Roll20 would have had a sale on either subscriptions or on the various 5e products they have.
  3. I held off on the rulebook. It sounds like the card pack might come with stickers for the current book. It is also speculated that there will be more updates before Wave 4 is all shipped.
  4. I went with just the card pack and then ordered a Gigalion from the store. The rest was tempting but I really can't justify it right now.
  5. This is more than I was hoping to add. I am tempted to add the Nightmare Ram and the 1.6 cards. Any advice on something else from this instead of the Nightmare Ram? Ivory Dragon, Death Armor, Screaming God, Inverted Mountain, Frogdog, Black Knight, Nightmare Ram, and Oblivion Mosquito. Also, I haven't added any of the things like Pathfinder heroes, Super Survivors, etc.
  6. I don't remember which expansions require which other expansions. Anyone have a handy list?
  7. What are people's plans for the PM this week? According to myself two years ago I have a few things I could pick up: This leaves me without the Ivory Dragon, Death Armor, Screaming God, Inverted Mountain, Frogdog, Black Knight, Nightmare Ram, and Oblivion Mosquito from the KS. Also, I haven't added any of the things like Pathfinder heroes, Super Survivors, etc.
  8. I went with this, but switched up from evergreen to the snowy paint scheme.
  9. Here is the pledge (all unpainted): Heart of the Wild Swamp Swells Deluxe Waterfalls Winding Stairs Advanced Builder Erinthor Cliff Ledges Huge Hummock Titanstooth Tree Extensions Bayou Barge Raging River Multi Pack REMINDER - PM CLOSES SUNDAY
  10. Talae

    Altar Quest

    Ignore this post. Nothing to see here.
  11. Nice! Does that build have much of any stilts? Might be worth getting for elevating tiles.
  12. Confirmed now: Heart of the Wilds Majestic Waterfalls Deluxe Tree Extensions Escarpments - Advanced Builder Escarpments - Winding Stairs Raging River Terrain Tray 2 pack Erinthor Cliff Ledges Titanstooth Still undecided (not going to make it?): Escarpments - Convexes Escarpments - Concaves Oracle Pool Deluxe Wyvernstone Scatter Mountain Driftstone Texture Mats/Battleboards
  13. Makes sense. I guess it would make sense to switch to snowy.
  14. I am thinking: -Pine Forest Set x2 (Evergreen) -Hills x1 (Glacier) -Crystals add on Anything I am missing?
  15. Live and over $30k already. What are thoughts on this one? The trees and corpse giant are the things that jumped out at me at first glance.
  16. Finished up those pieces with Earth Stone and added in a bonus piece while watching Haunting of Hill House tonight (the large LED cave entrance piece and topper). Next up is water for a few of the pieces and then drybrushing.
  17. Thanks! The (overly ambitious) goal is to get everything painted by the end of the year.
  18. These arent raft pieces. They are a suspension bridge from Dwarven Forge. I should dig out the Bones rsft to paint like this too, though. I spent longer than I wanted to getting a few pieces painted with Earth Stone. They are deceptively time consuming due to not wanting to get paint in the wrong places. Hopefully I can get the rest finished up with Earth Stone with another session and then water on a few pieces and finally the drybrush stage. That would put these Caverns Deep pieces at just about half done.
  19. Nope. Never had an issue. Took a short break from the caverns to get a rickety wooden bridge painted. Started with a heavy drybrush of Base Wood: Then a light drybrush of stucco + a little base wood over the darker wood and an emphasis on the ends of logs: Then Cavern Drybrush on the ropes:
  20. Nicely done! Question about your print: did you spend time sanding this or is that a representation of your print quality off the bed?
  21. I am debating how much water to work into the tiles. Currently, I am leaning towards only a few sculpts and limiting it to the ones that DF painted with water in their factory paint jobs. It will mean much faster completion on my end. Also, it should still look good.
  22. Next drawer was setup: And now has the Earth Stone phase half done:
  23. Thanks! I am really just basically following the guides that DF put out. I figure why fix what isn't broken. The drybrushing stage om terrain is always like magic! My lunch break finished this drawer off today! Two down and three to go for this batch. Going to let them dry a while and then put away this drawer to get the next ones out:
  24. Got the above drawer finished up with some painted water and gloss sealer: Packed that back up: Set out the next terrain drawers: Then got the earth stone and water done on these (just need to drybrush them):
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